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Alba Botanica Natural Hair Care

Alba Botanica Hair Care

Alba Botanica natural hair care products are made with ingredients from the earth and protect the enviromnent. Alba Botanica hair care was divivded in to three catagories Hair shampoo, hair conditoner and hair spray.

The primary purpose of shampooing your hair is to cleanse the hair and scalp. To effectively shampoo your hair you will need to remove all dirt, oils, makeup and skin debris without affecting your hair and scalps condition. It is a good idea to cleanse the hair and scalp regularly to fight off excess oil and perspiration that will mix with the natural scales and dirt to create a ground for disease-producing bacteria. You should only shampoo as often as you feel necessary. If you shampoo excessively you strip the hair of the protective oil that seals and protects your hairs cuticle.

The main objective of people who prefer to use these conditioners is to make the hairs full of life and very vibrant. Hair conditioners coat your hair with emollients that keep them naturally nourished and hydrated as the day goes on. The result: Shinier, healthier hair that is more flexible, is easier to manage, holds its shape better, and resists damage better.

Nowadays, both women and men have processed hair. Adding moisture is key to finding the right conditioner for color treated, permed, & relaxed hair. Sadly, treated hair usually suffers from oily roots to dry scalp and shaft, and sometimes split ends. So washing processed hair can be a demanding business. The trick is to cleanse the roots while moisturizing the ends.

Hair gel can also help add a little extra volume to otherwise limp hair, when worked through your hair in the same manner, although blow-drying will produce better results than not in this case. It can also be added to damp hair before styling, to help give your style a firm hold, or worked through scrunched curls for extra body and definition. And it might give you flashbacks to the eighties, but hairspray is a good product for holding your style, too. Spray your style lightly and evenly, to avoid an inconsistent, crunchy surface.If you're looking for a high-gloss, firm hold, you may want to invest in some styling wax. Styling wax allows you to comb defined textures into your hairstyle that will hold all day. Different waxes have different levels of shine and hold, so shop around to find that fresh, wet look or mega-hold you've been looking for. Just make sure to wash all products and hair accessoriesout thoroughly, so your hair can start out fresh and beautiful from the get-go the next day.

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