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Benefits of Scented Candles

Candles have always been a part of happiness. However, if they are scented, the charm of placing them in houses, restaurants, offices or probably using them occasionally to celebrate special events grow even more. Scented candles are the most popular type of candle purchased today. These candles can influence your mood and provide lighting. In home improvement, candles can uplift the look and aesthetics of any room, especially those that are beautifully designed.

One of the best advantage of buying scented candles is that there is no limit for the selection of fragrances that are available in the market. People can choose a fragrance of their choice depending on their tastes and moods. However, fragrances are available from Gingerbread, Coconut, Strawberry & Cream, White Musk to strong and spicy ones inspired from cinnamon, coffee or Liquor. If you are a floral lover, there is a huge range of floral scented candles also available in the market.

Scents of Candles Available
Nowadays, you can find almost any scent in a candle form. The most common scents sold in stores are cucumber melon, coffee, apples & cinnamon, white linen, fresh rain, lavender, vanilla, and cookies. However, there are many oddly scented candles available on the market for purchase as well.

Think fresh-cut grass, new car smell, or doughnuts. My suggestion is to try as many as possible. You'd be surprised which ones are most pleasing to you. Some may even bring up a bit of nostalgia. We link scents to a surprising amount of our life experiences.

You can also buy candles in the scent of your favorite perfume. Whether you like fruity, sweet, or clean scents, there is a scent out there for you.

How Candles Can Affect Your Mood
Coming home from work to a nicely scented home can set you at ease. By choosing fragrances that specifically cause peace in the mind, you can allow your mind and body to relax even further. For tranquility, good scents are white tea, green tea, lavender, vanilla, and ocean scents.

Studies have shown that sweet scents put us in the mood for romance. You might consider chocolate, coffee, cookies, or cake. Your loved one will melt away in your arms. To uplift your mood and energy, there are candles that smell of lemon, cinnamon, and fresh linens.

Therapeutic Benefits of Scented Candles
Aromatherapy has been found to treat a number of mental and physical health conditions, as well as to bring about positive environmental effects. Candles are the cheapest and easiest ways of incorporating aromatherapy into your lifestyle and experiencing the many health benefits.

How Aromatherapy Actually Works
Almost every organ of the body can be affected in a positive way by essential oils. Whether it is lavender or jasmine oil, marjoram or clary sage, each essential oil has its own special effect on the body. Some are anti-bacterial, others are diuretic or stimulate the adrenal glands, or are antiviral. When the oil from scented candles is inhaled, it stimulates that part of the brain associated with memories and emotion, called the limbic system. This part of the brain is linked directly to the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, and other parts of the body that regulate heart beat, breathing, stress, memory and other physiological processes. This means that the essential oils can have an immediate balancing effect on the emotions and the bodily processes.

How to Make Scented Candles for Specific Conditions
You can make scented candles to treat specific mental and physical health issues. Clary sage, rose, jasmine and grapefruit infused into candles, for instance, help soothe depression.

• Basil, juniper, sage and geranium oils can help in soothing anxiety.

• Lemon grass, nutmeg, peppermint and citronella oils have been known to be good for exhaustion.

• Basil is also good for nervous tension, as are vetiver, cedarwood and palmarosa.

• For insomniacs, jasmine, lavender, thyme and marjoram oils can be relaxing, and can be used to soothe the sufferer to sleep.

• Lavender is good for bringing about mental clarity.

Mint invigorates, rosemary De-stresses and citrus and jasmine help to soothe headaches. Ginger oil can help with nausea and eucalyptus oil is good for treating sinus problems and respiratory problems that come with colds, coughs and flu. Mixing many of these oils and scents together can enhance the benefits of the candles as well.

Scented Candles - an Excellent Gift Item
Buy scented candles to gift them to your closed ones and make them smile on their special occasions with its exuberant and scintillating fragrances. Apart from markets, these types of candles can also be bought from reputed and popular gift and shopping portals at affordable prices.

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