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Eo Hand Sanitizers and Liquid Soap Uses

EO Hand Sanitisers and Liquid Soaps

EO Hand Sanitisers designed specifically to help rejuvenate and maintain moisture whilst refreshing hard-working hands, this pair know how to pamper those mitts. Eo liquid and foaming hand soaps as well as bar soaps are an ideal way to give your hands a nurturing and thorough cleansing, while retaining their natural moisture. When soap and water simply aren't available, this line of hand sanitisers is perfect for removing germs and keeping hands clean. EO hand creams are just the right finishing touch to moisturizes and protect your hands from their environment.

Use Hand Creams and Moisturizers - For hand care, lotion is crucial, washing your hands frequently dries out your skin. A light, water-based, fast-absorbing lotion is a good choice for daytime use. For night you might prefer a heavier oil-based cream that can soak in while you sleep, leaving your hands soft and hydrated in the morning. If your work is hard on your hands or you’re tackling a lot of housework, start and end your day with a heavy hand cream for extra protection.

Massage - When you treat your hands well, your whole outlook can improve. Give yourself a quick hand massage when you apply lotion. Start with the fleshy part of your hand near the base of the thumb, then work each finger from base to tip.

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