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Men's Cologne And Aftershave Tips

Men's fragrances and colognes all too often possess a woody scent, are crisp or have musk scents. Exceptionally handful of men's fragrances have floral on the grounds that that may be related with women's scents, but a great many do have citrus combined while using the woody notes to offer an ultimate scent that is balanced.

Some fragrances are herbal, or have citrus undertones. Floral and hefty fruit scents are certainly not widespread, because they are perceived as as well feminine. A great many apparel designers have a person or even more men's colognes to accompany their goods. A good number of of those can be found at mid-level to high-end division shops together with boutiques. Cheaper, non-designer men's cologne can be found at drug suppliers. Although there are plenty of unique fragrances about the marketplace, these are not all acceptable for each guy. Variances in system chemistry induce colognes to scent varied on just about every gentleman.

Shaving for men is unfortunately a daily chore that cannot be neglected unless they choose to keep a moustache and a beard. Shaving can lead to various problems such as dry skin, burning sensation, cuts and nicks, etc. Men's shaving kit should consist of all the necessary items such as shaving oils, creams, razor, brush, aftershave, cologne, etc. Aftershave is one of the important and most essential products that you should have in your shaving kit.

What Is After Shave?
Many people get confused with aftershave and cologne. Both these products are entirely different in their functions. An aftershave comes in liquid, lotion or gel form and is mainly used by men after shaving. Aftershave for men generally contain an antiseptic agent that prevents infections in case of cuts caused by a shaving razor, menthol to soothe damaged skin, alcohol only in some aftershaves to close skin pores and prevent irritation caused by bacteria or dirt, moisturizers to hydrate the skin and essential oils or fragrance to enhance the scent. There are a whole lot of brands and varieties in aftershaves.

Tips for Buying the Best Aftershave for Men:
Although you cannot ignore the fragrance factor, it is not the only thing that you should base your aftershave purchase. The following tips will help you buy the best aftershave for men:

1. Identify your skin type: Aftershaves are designed according to skin types because different skin types react differently to aftershave.

2. Understand the different types of aftershaves: Aftershaves are available in lotions, liquids and gels.

3. Try before you purchase: Buy small trail packs in different fragrances rather than placing orders for large packs. Some stores keep testers in their counters which you can try.

How to Use Aftershave for Effective Results:
Aftershave can give effective results if your other shaving items such as shaving razor, brush, cream and shaving oils are of good quality. Follow these simple steps for effective results:

1. If you are using an aftershave liquid, then take a small amount on your palm, spread it and quickly dab it on the shaved area.

2. If you are using lotion or gel, apply small amount of gel/lotion on the face and smoothen it evenly with your palm.

3. If you have oily skin, you will require fewer reapplications if you want the fragrance to linger.

4. Dry skin will need more reapplications since dry skin tends to soak up the fragrance faster.

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