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Basics of Mens Hair Care

Men Hair Care Keep Hair Look Healthy and Radiant

Women generally spend hours and hours on their hair. Women also can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on hair products, hair coloring, texturizing, specialized treatments, and hairstyling. How can a man get the best out of his hair without spending a fortune or wasting his life away in front of the mirror?

Whether it's curly or straight, full or thinning, a short hairstyle or a long, flowing mane, hair plays a major part in a man's appearance. So understanding basic hair care and hairstyles is an important step in the grooming process. Luckily, good hair care comes down to four simple areas: washing, conditioning, styling and protecting. Follow these simple guidelines of men's grooming and hair care and look forward to maintaining a stronger, healthier head of hair over time.

Hair Washing: Regularly wash hair with a shampoo that is gentle enough for everyday use. Look for shampoos like MenScience Daily Shampoo that contain ingredients such as Panthenol and Vitamin E to strengthen and condition hair follicles.

Don't overwash hair. Washing more than once a day, even with a gentle cleanser, can often stress hair follicles, causing them to weaken and break. It can also provoke an oilier scalp as your skin tries to compensate for moisture being washed away. If your hair is very fine, or thinning, you may want to shampoo every other day to prevent stressing hair. The key is to keep hair clean and free of buildup, without damaging it.
Make sure to firmly massage shampoo into the scalp. In addition to working grime free, this also stimulates blood circulation.After washing, rinse all traces of shampoo away with clean, cool water. A buildup of shampoo can not only cause your scalp to itch, but can also dull hair and damage it.

Conditioning: Although not for every type of hair, adding a conditioner to your hair regimen can help if your hair is very dry or brittle. Conditioning helps replenish lost moisture levels and makes hair more manageable.However, most men should not need to condition hair if they treat it gently and use effective hair products. Too much conditioning or not rinsing conditioner completely away can create buildup and oiliness.

Hair Styling: You might not think you need it, but regular haircuts remove dead ends and stimulate healthy hair growth. And although it's different for every hairstyle, opt to see a barber or stylist at least once a month. Use products appropriate for your type of hair: oily, dry, thick, thin, thinning or curly. Ask your barber or stylist for some recommendations based on your specific hair type. If you suffer from oily hair, the best haircut for oily hair is one that keeps hair off the forehead and back. Oily hair follicles rubbing against skin can cause acne outbreaks and irritations. For a good acne prevention treatment, try MenScience's Acne Treatment System.

Change your hairstyle from time to time. What looked good on you a few years ago might not be making the cut these days. And something as simple as a different part or trim can give you a more youthful or polished appearance instantly. Keep any hair tools (brushes, combs, etc.) clean and replace them from time to time. Did you know that the simple act of brushing hair from forward to back can redistribute oils of the scalp and cut down on oiliness and dryness at the same time?

Men's hair styles constantly change, but for men with thinning hair or dealing with hair loss, a short hairstyle might be the best bet. If you wear your hair long, be sure to keep it well-trimmed and groomed. Even if you're going for an "unkempt" look, hair needs to be trimmed and styled on a regular basis to look good.

Protecting: Protect your scalp and hair from harsh chemicals and drying agents by rinsing your hair with cool, clean water immediately after taking a dip in the pool or ocean. This will prevent follicles from becoming dehydrated and damaged.

The sun can damage hair, too! If your hair is already thinning, or you've opted to shave your head, it's imperative that you apply an effective sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Choose one that is non-greasy and fast-absorbing with an SPF of 30 or higher (like MenScience's Ti02 Sunblock SPF 30). Wear a hat whenever you'll be in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Avoid products that contain alcohol, which can have a drying effect on scalp and follicles.

Before deciding a hair care routine you have to know your hair type. There are three types of hair. One is oily, second is dry and the third one is normal hair type. If you have a dry hair type then you will have to use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Oil is a natural conditioner and you can try this out as your conditioner. Conditioner clears the frizzes of your hair make it frizz free and smooth and shiny. For dry hair another thing is very important. That is, do not wash your hair everyday as it can make your hair more dry and dull looking. Wash it only when it is dirty. Shampooing everyday or every alternate day might not be necessary as it is for oily hair or for greased hair.

For normal hair use any good quality shampoo and conditioner that have a perfect balance. Always rinse your hair after applying shampoo and conditioner completely. If you do not do that it will give you an itchy scalp and dry hair. Do not be afraid of your hairstyle ruined off. Always use a small amount of shampoo on your wet hair. You can use warm water for shampooing but for conditioner it is better to use cold water. Massage the scalp gently and than rinse completely. Do not use the conditioner in the hair roots as it can cause hair fall. Just apply it on your hair and after 3-4 minutes wash it thoroughly. Hot water and cold water help the scalp to be toned up. After washing it dry it up with a towel or by a dryer. Do not rub your scalp as it can damage your hair cuticles and hair roots. Always shampoo your hair when it is necessary because excessive hair wash can strip your hair off the essential oil, which is necessary for normal shiny hair.

Combing hair is better than brushing your hair. Combing does less damage to your hair but brushing can cause more damages. Downward combing with a wide toothed comb is healthy. Trim your hair every six weeks. Trimming can help you to get rid of the split ends. Before using a blow dryer make sure you know about this properly. You must not do anything that can harm your hair texture. For styling use only good quality products. They have gentle effects on your tresses.

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