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Huggies Diapers And Types

Huggies Diapers - Gives Complete Protection to Your Baby

Huggies is a reputable producer of baby products for several decades. They are the second leading brand and are a market innovator. Their products are made to provide the wearer good comfort and support but not at the cost of quality. Parents are concerned about comfort, leak protection and skim friendliness. Huggies baby brand are produced keeping this in mind.

This company uses special materials and innovation to manufacture different kinds of diapers. They are well known for producing products that are extremely soft. The inner lining used in all their merchandise provides ultimate softness and also provides excellent protection for a baby's soft skin. Their offerings are also made with special materials that absorb all the moisture and keep your baby dry and happy. As the diapers keep the baby dry, the different materials also help keep rashes and skin irritation in check. The materials used also have a soft, cushioning effect for maximum comfort. Huggies introduces new offerings from time to time to provide the latest advancements.

Huggies is one of the most prominent names in the diaper world, sharing the market-leader position with its ever famous competitor Pampers. The disposable non-woven Huggies diaper comes with an absorbent material made with wood pulp that prevent leaks by turning the liquid in to a non-toxic jelly or gel. This indeed has made life much easier, as now with no chance of leaks, parents have one less thing to worry about.

Huggies offers five different varieties of diapers depending on the age and certain preferences of parents.

Newborns - As the name suggests, these diapers are for early days when the bundles of joy make entrance into their homes. With a cut-out intended for umbilical cord, these diapers come with a wetness indicator' to alert the caregivers as to when the changing is required. They come in 4 sizes starting from pre-term to maximum of 18 lbs babies.

Toddlers - Huggies Little Movers and the Snug and Dry type keep 16 lbs to 37 lbs babies dry, letting them explore and enjoy the world around.

Hypo-allergic - With aloe and vitamin, these natural and fragrance-free diapers are well-suited for the little ones requiring a little extra and special care; however, they have gained great popularity among all parents alike due to their natural cotton covering and pure make. From newborn to those around 27 lbs, all can have a great day and sound night with these diapers.

Night Protection - With 'snug fit' waistband, your kid can enjoy 12 hours of leak-free good night sleep without the danger of diaper moving from its place. These diapers are available to fit babies weighing 16 lbs to 35 lbs.

They have a wide variety of solutions for babies. Depending on a parent's needs and preferences, they can choose among solutions for newborns, active babies and those in need of extra leak protection. Most offerings come in a wide range of sizes. One of the selections, the Huggies Newborn Gentle Care, is available for babies up to eighteen pounds. Parents can also choose from the Huggies Over-nites, which is a diaper for the best leak protection for overnight, and the Huggies Supreme Natural Fit, which is available in sizes newborn to size 6.

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