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Playtex Baby Bottles Are Safe

Playtex Baby Bottles Are the Best

As a mother, your foremost concern is your child's well-being. It is but natural for you want to discover the ways there are to nurture your child, like determining which bottles offer the best for him, health and comfort wise.

The Playtex nurser is one the leaders of infant care. The baby feeding bottle is clinically proven to lessen spitting up, colic, and gas. This is a good supplement to breast feeding. If you are one of the mothers who are confused what feeding bottle to use for babies, then you only have to think of one thing - Playtex. The nipples and the liners are free from phthalate and bisephenol.

Playtex comes with the Playtex VentAire Baby Bottles and Playtex Nurser Bottles, just two among Playtex's baby bottle products that I consider the best for your babies.

Playtex VentAir Bottles

The VentAir has a bent design with a vent in the bottom that sucks air out as your baby feeds. This bottle is uniquely designed to eliminate the occurrence of bubbles in order to prevent your babies' digestion issues like gas and excessive burping. Its bent neck also allows your baby a firmer grip on the bottle as he sucks. It is leak free and the nipple that comes with it is just perfect your baby will love its feel and flow. The ventAire comes with a few more parts than conventional bottles. It comes with simple, easy to master dismantling and cleaning instructions for your convenience.

Playtex Nurser Bottles

Designed to hold disposable liners that contain your baby's milk, a Playtex Nurser Bottle looks like an ordinary bottle that doesn't have a bottom. It is actually a part of Playtex's feeding kit called the Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser system that is composed of the Playtex Nurser Bottle, the nipple, the ring that holds the nipple, and the liner that collapses to allow air to escape out through the nipple to ensure that gas and digestion problems are avoided. Playtex liners are disposable.

Playtex VentAire bottles and Playtex Nurser bottles and liners are BPA free. These are available in sizes well suited to your baby's feeding capacity. Playtex will never stop to aspire for the improvement of its products. As technology changes and as human ways continue to evolve with the onset of modernization, Playtex will continue to adopt and to evolve as this world changes, because Playtex considers itself as each family's partner in building a healthy and good mental and physical foundation for each member of every household.

You can trust Playtex. Its baby products come in carefully engineered designs. These are safe, certified reliable materials that will ensure your child with a risk free feeding experience which will then translate to a happy, fulfilled motherhood. Playtex Bottles are becoming more and more popular amongst mothers and families. It seems that everyone now adays will feed there baby with a Playtex bottle.

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