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Athletes Foot and Anti-Fungal Treatment

Athletes Foot and Anti-Fungal Treatment and Natural Remedy

Athlete's foot is a common skin infection caused by fungus. The condition easily spreads in public places such as communal showers, swimming pools, locker rooms, workout centers and socks and clothing. When the feet or other areas of the body remain moist, warm, and irritated, the fungus can thrive and infect the upper layer of the skin. Athlete's foot usually affects the spaces between your toes, but it can spread to your toenails and the soles and sides of your feet.

Symptoms of athlete's foot include:
• Itching, stinging and burning between toes
• Itching, stinging and burning on the soles of your feet
• Blisters
• Excessive dryness of the skin on the side and soles of your feet
• Toenails which are thick, ragged, discolored or pulling away from the nail bed

Often, athlete's foot responds well to topical over-the-counter treatments. More severe cases may require prescription medications. Other treatments include:

• Keeping the effected area dry and clean
• Wearing shoes made of leather or other breathable material. Material which does not allow the feet to breath causes them to remain moist, provided habitat for the fungus to breathe.
•Wearing absorbent socks
• Applying powders to help keep your feet dry.

To offer relief and treatment to people who are suffering from this skin condition, more and more companies offer a wide variety of athlete's foot product. Here are some of the most popular athlete's foot products available today.

1. Athlete's Foot Creams. Over-the-counter athlete's foot creams are probably the most common means of treating the skin condition. Since they do not need prescription, the products can be bought and used by anyone who suffers from the skin condition.

If applied properly in the right amount of dosages, these creams cannot only relieve the pain and the discomfort but can also treat the problem totally. Experts agree that Lamisil and Lotrimin, among others, are the most effective athlete's foot creams out there.

Just make sure that you understand and follow the instructions carefully before using it. These products may relieve the itchiness and soreness while destroying the athlete's foot causing fungi to prevent re-infection.

2. Athlete's Foot Powders. Apart from creams, athlete's foot powders are also one of the most popular athlete's foot treatment products out there. Proven to be an excellent and effective treatment for athlete's foot, athlete's foot powders contain anti-fungal properties to destroy the fungus that causes the skin condition.

Since the fungus that causes athlete's foot thrives in moist places, using athlete's foot powder can lessen the possibility of further infection because it will keep the dry. One of most popular brand is Mycil Athletes Foot Powder that contains highly effective ingredients to cure treat and prevent athlete's foot. It has anti-fungal properties, which kills the fungus and has an antiseptic to eliminate other bacteria present on the feet.

3. Athletic Socks. One of the simplest ways of treating or combating athlete's foot is wearing athletic socks. Preferably cotton, athletic socks can prevent further athlete's foot infection. Having enough number of pairs for changing once the feet gets wet can be an effective means of preventing of athlete's foot.

Make sure that you wear fresh socks before you exercise and change after. Also make sure that you wash the socks and dry them thoroughly after you use them.

4. Athletic Sandals. Wearing especially-made athletic sandals can keep you away from the highly-contagious athlete's foot. If you cannot avoid staying in public areas that has a facility used by many people, make sure that you protect yourself by wearing a pair of athletic sandals.

Some natural remedies for athletes foot

The first thing to do whilst at home is to take off your shoes and socks. I know this sounds like an obvious one but it is important to air your feet as much as possible whilst you have this problem.

Cotton Socks: Only wear cotton socks as any other material works against the skin and actually can make the problem worse. Change your socks daily.

Sandals: Wear sandals and try to avoid putting your shoes back on at all until the infection has cleared up. I see many people with this condition for ages, and they wonder why the infection is not clearing up. if you want a quick method, the first thing to do is buy a pair of sandals and do not wear your shoes again until it has cleared up. this will cut the healing time in half provided your feet are clean and dry at all times.

Tea Tree Oil: Why bother going to the doctor for a pharmaceutical remedy when the best natural remedies for athletes foot are in your household already. Tea Tree Oil is better than any prescription cream you can get in your local chemist and it is by far less expensive. Apply to the foot (at the end of your leg) 3 times a day and continue to do so for a couple of weeks after the problem has cleared up. make sure to do this as most often athletes foot can return with vengeance.

If you haven't got any tea tree oil around the home then I suggest you head on out to get some right this minute. Not only is this herbal treatment fantastic for athletes foot but is effective for many ailments you may have. It is always important to have this stuff around the home. Make sure that the product you purchase is 100% tea tree oil though.

Grapefruit Seed Extract: If you want to you can try this remedy as it has excellent anti-fungal fighting properties. Just apply to the infected area twice a day until the problem has cleared right up. As natural remedies for athletes foot go, this one is not as effective as the tea tree oil but still just as effective as anything else good old doc can prescribe give it a go.

Garlic: Not only is garlic an excellent vampire deterrent but it has great anti-fungal fighting properties like the above 2 I mentioned. You don't rub the garlic on your foot though, you ingest with your food. Why not combine this method with the tea tree oil or the grapefruit seed extract for one of the super natural remedies for athletes foot.

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