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Bones and Joint Care

Bones and Joint Health Supplement And Tips For Improving Joint Health

Bones are rigid organs that form the endoskeleton and are considered an important constituent of human body. They provide support, help us move, protect our inner organs as well as help our body in performing various metabolic activities. Bones and Joint care is strongly recommended for by medical physicians across the globe for better, healthier and longer life.

Natural health supplements or Bone nutritional supplements help to strengthen cartilage and joints resulting in improved flexibility, bone strength, and pain relief. Nutritional supplements for bone and joint care are becoming increasingly popular as efficient treatment of many bone diseases such as Osteoporosis and arthritis. Millions of people around the world undergo huge pain, inflammation and other irritating symptoms of bone and joint diseases daily.

Today, nutritional dietary supplements have become popular alternatives for curing major orthopedic disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis. It has been find out that the calcium in one's bones decrease with one's age and this leads to weakening of the bone structure. In such a scenario, nutritional supplements with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D have become quite popular in the market for maintenance of bone and joint health. On one hand where magnesium helps in the absorption of essential nutritive element Vitamin D in the body, calcium helps in joint support and bone formation. IN the similar vein, few other essential nutritional supplements are boron, silicon, cooper and zinc. All these dietary supplements provide distinct health benefits to the body.

These essential nutritive elements are highly important for the growth and development of bones and joints. Fortunately, today a wide variety of nutritional supplements for bones and joints care are available in the market. Deccan healthcare brings you a plethora of healthcare supplements for bones and joint care that will help you to stay active and pain free throughout the life.

Our bodies need a variety of calcium nutrient for a variety of functions including heart, nerve and energy requirements. Most of the body's calcium supply is stored in bones, where it also provides strength and rigidity to the skeleton. If there is not enough calcium circulating in the blood to supply the body's cellular needs, the body will pull calcium out of its "reserves" in the bone. If calcium intake is chronically low, bones will eventually become porous, weak and prone to fracture.
Joint pains occuring in various joints

Glucosamine Joint Supplement
The glucosamine joint supplement is the amino sugar which has exhibited moderate capacity to ease a pain of the osteoarthritis and reinstate the fractional movement to the affected joint. But, taking the glucosamine extracted from the creatures of sea may cause the allergy symptoms in persons who are sensitive to the shell fish. Persons who are already suffering from the diabetes may face elevated numbers of blood sugar if they insert glucosamine supplement that may even increase the sugar in blood for persons who don't have the diabetes. Breastfeeding or pregnant ladies are recommended to avoid taking this joint support product as well.

The chondroitin
This is the sulfate molecule which occurs naturally in a body and this is thought to offer the different thing from the glucosamine which is significant in the creation of the cartilage. But the effects of chondroitin are not recognized and glucosamine as well. You must consult your doctor before you take one of these supplements.
Nomal and OA Knee

Causes Of Joint Pains
• Wear and tear
• Injuries
• Weight, diet
• Lack of exercise
• Muscle loss
• Stress
• Heredity
• Inflammation of the joint
• Metabolic Disorders
• Bone Diseases
• Tumors and Cancer

Tips for Improving Bone and Joint Health
1. Lose weight - Carrying around extra body weight creates severe strains on your joints, particularly the knee joints. You can drastically reduce the amount of pain you feel in those joints by simply losing weight. In fact, losing as little as ten pounds of body weight can help improve the joint pain problems almost immediately.

2. Stretch first - If you exercise a lot, and particularly if you work hard to build muscle, you need to be sure you stretch first. Many bodybuilding and weight lifting related joint pain problems are caused by tendonitis, which is an inflamation or irritation of the tendons. This type of joint pain can be reduced or eliminated by stretching, because you'll warm up your tendons before working them too hard, and they'll be more flexible and able to handle the added weight or exercise loads you're putting on them.

3. Warm Up - This tip also applies to anyone who exercises or lifts weights regularly. Your body needs to be warmed up properly in order to work properly and avoid excess injuries. Warming up allows your tendons to flex and become more supple, allows the muscles to loosen up and work better, and gets the blood flowing through your body.

4. Change Exercises - Whether you're an advid or occasional exerciser, you might want to consider changing the type of exercise you do. Impact style exercising such as step aerobics or kick boxing is much harder on your joints, and can cause a lot more pain and problems. Change to exercises such as yoga and water based workouts to take the load off your joints and help prevent more pain problems.

5. Don't over exercise - Regardless of the type of exercise you do, or how heavy your workout is, your body needs time to repair. Someone who does hours of intense exercising daily will have more problems with chronic joint pain than someone who allows their body to recuperate. Your muscles, tendons and ligaments all need time to rest and repair after a hard workout. That's what causes them to strengthen over time.

6. Change Positions - Even if you don't workout, your job or daily routines could be the cause of chronic joint pain. Sitting or standing all day are examples of routines that can cause joint pain. Try to vary your routine a bit, to give both your body and your joints variety and rest periods.

7. Get Better Shoes - Women who wear high heeled shoes have 7-10 times greater chances of developing joint pain and problems. If you're in love with super high heeled shoes, at least try to vary the height regularly. Wear one inch heels for a day, then two inch heels another day and so on. It's best if you simply stick to heels lower than three inches though.

Likewise, if you wear tennis other other types of shoes, you need to make sure they fit properly. Your toes should not be cramped, and there should be the proper amount of arch support. Your shoes should also have some sort of cushion, particularly under the ball and heel areas of your feet.

8. Get Your Supplements - Making sure you're getting enough of the required vitamins, minerals and supplements is one of the best ways to help reduce, eliminate, and even prevent chronic joint pain. Calcium is important to keep your bones strong, and strong bones keep your joints healthy. You also need plenty of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Fish oil and flax oil provide omega-3 fatty acids, which work wonders for keeping your joints in optimum health, and glucosamine helps improve joint flexibility, as well as helping to rebuild joint cartilage.

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