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Foot Care

Daily Foot Care Tips

Foot care should be an essential part of a daily health care regimen. Feet work hard during every day while supporting the body during standing, walking or running. Being confined in shoes and socks that retain moisture, or in sandals-type shoes which roughen skin, feet are prone to problems such as bunions, a painful enlargement at the joint of the big toe; corns or calluses caused by pressure on the skin of your foot resulting in hard, sometimes painful, patches of skin; plantar warts, which result from an infection by a virus; and fungal or bacterial infections such as athletes foot that occur from an excess of moisture common in the foot area which allows the fungus to grow.

There are many over- the- counter products available to treat the common ailments of the foot. Lotions are used to treat dry and cracked skin, and often contain oils such as peppermint, to cool and soothe the feet and condition skin. Calluses can be treated using a pumice stone or similar device, which when rubbed gently on the affected area, removes the dry, dead skin so the fresh skin underneath is exposed. The alternatives to the pumice stone are foot files and loofah products that work much like the stone in removing old skin. There is a wide array of lotion and oil products available to use in combination with the files, stones, and loofah, making the sloughing off of dead skin more beneficial and easier to do. Liquid soaps and lotions also may contain pumice-like materials which exfoliate the feet. Prior to using these techniques, it is good idea to soak feet first in a bucket of water or utilize a store-bought foot bath to make the skin softer and removing hard skin easier. Foot baths are often electric and generate heated water and relaxing bubbles that bring relief to tired feet and legs and helps with the circulation of blood. Products such as foot powders and sprays aid in the reduction of moisture and help keep feet dry and odor-free while wearing shoes and socks.

Proper toe nail care is also an important part of maintaining foot health. Regularly trimming nails prevents painful ingrown nails which may lead to infections. Professional pedicures performed in beauty salons are often added to weekly or monthly foot care regimens. Pedicures typically incorporate massage, nail care, and skin care at relatively inexpensive prices. For treatments at home, salon style tools and products can be purchased and used for regular foot care maintenance.

There are a lot of foot help tips and exercises that you can do. On the other hand, there are few tips on wearing shoes and how to choose them correctly. To help you with that; below are some tips in choosing the right type of shoes to use foot care:

• As you grow old your feet will also grow and/or expand. This means that you also have to change your shoes every now and then. If possible measure your feet from time to time. Do this from 6pm to 7pm.
• In most cases, people's feet are not identical in size. So in choosing footwear always consider the larger foot.
• Bring your shocks and try the shoes with it when shopping.
• Walk a couple of times and take your time until you get a good feel of the shoes. This is one of the important parts in choosing and buying.
• Remember not to base your decision on the design. Always consider the level of comfort first.
• See to it that your foot's ball is comfortable when standing, running or walking.
• Do not assume that the shoes will expand or stretch as you continue using it.
• Make sure that the heels of your feet do not slide to-and-fro when walking.
• The upper part of the shoe should be made of soft bendable material to match the shape of your foot.
• Check if the upper part of the shoe is made of flexible, soft bendable material for easy walking or running.
• Check the cushioning and shock support of the shoes if they are at the right level you needed.
• If possible choose those that are low heeled because they are easier and safer to use.

A final consideration to take into account when looking for a good foot specialist is to keep in mind that many specialize in specific types of treatment. However, there is also foot care and wellness clinics that have a large staff of specialized foot care professionals that can help treat almost any type of foot issue. When many foot care services are offered in one place, you can go there now and anytime into the future no matter what issue you are having with your feet.

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