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Scented Fragrance Body Mist

Scented Fragrance Body Mist

A body mist is excellent for adding hydration to dry or rough skin, cooling and for providing a quick pick-me-up during the day or evening.  Choose the light, invigorating fragrance for you! A complete line of invigorating and exciting body mists to match every personality. Formulated to relax or excite, aromatic essential oils are refreshing without overpowering. What a cool, refreshing mist hydrates and soothes! Body mist for women will help you start the day out on the right step.

A good scent is a true sign of sophistication and class of the person. A person who smells good has won half the battle. A fragrance says a lot about the persona of the person. A good body mist is sure to kick start a sound romantic relationship. It can work wonders on the guy one intends it for. Men can use a host of the scintillating and mesmerizing musky colognes that are available in the market. They have such elements in them that are sure to set the ladies on fire. They make the person as irresistible as chocolate. They are so spellbinding that they are sure to sweep one off their feet.

Women are more attracted towards floral and aquatic fragrances whereas the men are more into the musk. The women are being attracted slowly from the typical flower aromas to a more strong and refreshing line of citric and oriental shades. There are types of scents for the day and for the night. One should have the sense to choose the appropriate smell according to their work environment and also according to their personality. It may sound bizarre because most people will just go to a scent store and test a varieties of deodorants. They would then just randomly choose the one that attracts them the most then. Subconsciously one is choosing the one according to their inner personality. An aroma says a lot about the sort of a person one is. There are some age old classic fragrances that are loved by one and all. They are such that they are widely accepted and this makes them a constant bestseller across the globe.
Beautifully colored shimmering scents to awaken your senses and those around you. Available in Different scents.

Aura Cacia aromatherapy Body mist - Use as a room freshener or for an instant aromatherapy pick-me-up, these non-aerosol mists contain 100% pure essential oils.
Aura Cacia Body Mist
Aura Cacia Cinnamon Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Mist - Evoke a romantic mood with this sensual combination of cinnamon and ylang ylang. Sensualizes the body. Entices the mind. Elevates the spirit.

Aura Cacia Lavender Harvest Aromatherapy Mist - Calming and Relaxing. Indulge in our quintessential lavender relaxation aroma. Relaxes the body. Quiets the mind. Calms the spirit.

Aura Cacia Ginger/Mint, Aromatherapy Mist -  Warming and Replenishing. Renew and revitalize with the unique spa benefits of ginger and mint. Energizes the body. Activates the mind. Refreshes the spirit.

Aura Cacia Patchouli/Sweet Orange, Aromatherapy Mist - Love, Peace and Happiness. Expand your horizons with our free-spirited patchouli and sweet orange blend. Perfumes the body. Expands the mind. Frees the spirit.

Heritage Body Mist -  It is a aromatherapy mist. Mist this sweet exotic fragrance into the air to enhance your environment. Also great for linens, hair and skin. The relaxed ambiance of a more leisurely time, stirred by the sweet breath of Spring, is evoked by this gentle floral fragrance. A perfume ingredient which has been utilized in virtually every type of commercial product, lilac regarded as an anxiety-reducing sedative, which promote security, love, ease and comfort. Cayce referred to this aroma simply as Nature's way of reflecting the beauty of its creator. As it represents the aroma, the sweetness, the beauty of its fragrance, then let the pronouncements, the manner in which the entity may lead, guide or direct others be in that direction.

Heritage Water Spray

Heritages Flower Water Spray aromatherapy waters are now made with Vor-Mag water which is water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that Heritage believe to be most beneficial.

Dove Body Mist - Hydrating mist leaves skin blissfully rebalanced and refreshed with the scents of succulent plum and pure sakura blossom. Infused with a hint of Dove moisturizer, it gives you a burst of long-lasting freshness anytime, anywhere.

Dove Body Msit

Try Dove go fresh Cool Essentials Body Mist with a hint of Dove moisturizer and the crisp, soothing scent of cucumber and green tea. Lightly mist anywhere on your body for an uplifting burst of long-lasting freshness. Try the matching deodorant for all-over freshness!

A burst of uplifting freshness to revive your skin and brighten your senses in the lush scent of nectarine and white ginger. And as a final touch, a hint of Dove moisturizer. Use with matching Dove go fresh deodorant for all-over freshness! Both found in the deodorant aisle.

Dove go fresh Energizing Body Mist with a hint of Dove moisturizer and the juicy, sparkling scent of grapefruit and lemongrass. Lightly mist anywhere on your body for an uplifting burst of long-lasting freshness. Try the matching deodorant for all-over freshness!

Degree Body Mist : It is a warm and seductive fragrance that is sure to stimulate your senses and keep pace with your active life. Also try the matching Sexy Intrigue antiperspirant. Lightly mist over body for a touch of long-lasting fragrance anytime, anywhere. A seductive fragrance with a touch of jasmine, rose and subtle hints of vanilla. A Sophisticated and Classic fragrance sure to delight your senses and keep pace with your active life. Available Scents are Classic Romance  and Sexy Intrigue Body Mist.

Degree Body Msit

Deep Steep's Body Mist : Leaves your skin refreshed and fragrant. Lightly mist over body after bath or shower, or refresh whenever a burst of fragrance is needed. It is 100% alcohol free. It add a splash of luxury to your daily routine. Available scents lavender chamomile, honeydew spearmint, Rosemary Mint and Grapefruit Bergamot.

Deep Steep Body Mist

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