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Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorants

Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant Deodorants

After a hot and uneasy summer day all you need is a refreshing bath, or to beat the heat, you can try Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant & Deodorant for an instant cooling sensation. It gives 24 hour protection against scorching heat, keeping you fresh and fragrant as a morning bud. For great relief, it never leaves any white residue or a white stain on your black dress when you spray it. The scent renewal formula locks its charming fragrance for long. Emit enchanting smell all day and feel fresh wherever you go. It's contoured top is designed for a woman's underarm.
Lady Speed Stick Deodorants
Lady Speed Stick offers a wide array of antiperspirant sticks and gels that keep women fresh and fight against yellow stains. It is a antiperspirant and deodorant provides 24 hour protection using micro-encapsulated fragrance technology. Throughout the day fragrance capsules release the clean fresh scents of Lady Speed Stick when odor protection is needed most. It also contains ingredients that work to reduce perspiration to give you 24-hour protection against both odor and wetness.

What's Your Speed?
Lady Speed Stick Staingaurd - Dare to wear black. Formulated to help fight yellow stains and white residue on clothes. You and your clothes are going to love it! You work hard to build your wardrobe. Staingaurd helps fights yellow stains and white residue, so you can keep your clothes nicer and longer, With stain defense technology. Available in Powder Fresh, and Daringly Fresh.
Lady Speed Stick Staingaurd

Lady Speed Stick 24/7 - Keep moving with confidence. Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant Deodorant can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle thanks to a unique formulation that provides 24-hour perspiration and odor protection plus it goes on clear and leaves no white residue on your skin. Just drop it in your handbag and get ready to head out with confidence. Non-stop protection for your non-stop life. It contains Micro-Absorber technology that neutralizes odors to help keep you smelling clean and fresh all day. Try Powder Burst, Fresh Fusion and Satin Pear.
Lady Speed Stick 24/7

Lady Speed Stick Teen Spirit - Fragrances as Fun as You. A scent for every spirit. All day extra effective protection. Long lasting fragrance formulated to leave no white residue on skin. Comes in Sweet Strawberry and Pink Crush.

Lady Speed Stick Teen Spirit

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusion - Fresh infused, natural scents provide protection from sweat and odor. It offers a range of inspired scents that lasts all dat long, plus wetness protection. Fragrances are Cherry Blossom, Crisp Cucumber, Wild Freesia, Rain-kissed Waterlily and Orchard Blossom.

Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusion

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry - Formulated to leave no white residue on the skin. Scent renewal formula for all-day protection. Invisible Dry for great fragrance with 24 hour protection. Gentle comfort edge applicator designed for a woman's underarm. Scents includes Shower Fresh, Powder Fresh, Shower Fresh Gel.

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