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Stephen Co - Keeping America Beautiful Since 1897

Stephen Co - Keeping America Beautiful Since 1897

The Stephan Company is a premier manufacturer and distributor of hair care, skincare and personal care items. Look for Stephan Company in the hair care, personal grooming and health-and-beauty aids sections of your favorite The Stephan Company remains one step ahead of the ever-changing hair and personal grooming products industry.

Among the well-known and respected brands that are part of The Stephan Company household:

Quinsana Plus Anti-Fungal Powder And Spray - It cures athlete’s foot and jock itch. With the active ingredient 1% tolnaftate, keeps skin dry and fungus-free and relieves the itching and burning of athletes foot. Application is fast and simple; clinically proven to prevent recurrence with daily use.
Quinsana and Wildroot

Wildroot Hair Groom and Hair Cream - The Natural Looking Hair Groom, Its Special ingredients such as lanolin help hair look neat and handsome. Especially effective for dry hair. keep hair in place, so it looks handsome and natural. Just massage in a little Wildroot, comb as usual and your hair will look healthy and well groomed all day.

Protein 29 Hair Conditioning Hair Groom and Clear Hair Gel - Conditioning Hair Groom hair tonic has a special protein rich formula that helps make hair easy to style and keep in place. It helps restore body that shampooing, blow drying, sun and chlorine can rob from your hair. Conditioning Hair Groom clear gel is a daily protein-rich grooming gel to keep your hair beautiful and in place with no sticky feel. Use only a small amount for all day hold and control.

Protein 29 Hair Conditioning Hair Groom and Clear Hair Gel

Cashmere Bouquet Powder
Pamper your skin every day with Cashmere Bouquet. Made with fine Italian talc, which is known the world over for its soft feel, Cashmere Bouquet absorbs perspiration and prevents chafing. Smooth it over your body after a bath or shower to give your skin that fresh and soft feeling all day long. As timeless and classic as all Cashmere Bouquet products but with a hint of lavender.

Cashmere Bouquet Baby Powder - It is a soft powder made from high quality talc and soothing Chamomile. This fresh powder, with only natural scents will keep baby's tender skin dry, smooth and comfortable.

Cashmere Bouquet Powder

Balm Barr SkinCare
Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Formula hand and body cream - A rich moisturizer with a concentration of cocoa butter, shea butter and Vitamin E that helps even the driest skin stay soft and supple. Helps prevent flakiness and chapping.

Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Formula Hand And Body Lotion - The high concentration of natural cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E and aloe instantly softens and soothes dry skin. This cocoa butter formula specially formulated, all-purpose skin lotion is light and never greasy.

Balm Barr Moisturizing Cream whipped - Lanolin, mineral oil and other emollients give this a light feel that’s never greasy. Use Balm Barr Moisturizing Cream daily to soften and soothe tight, dry, chapped skin. Great for sunburn relief.

Balm Barr Stretch Mark Cocoa Butter Massage Cream - Softens taut, tight skin. Use this stretch mark cream during and after pregnancy to keep skin supple. Use while dieting to restore skin’s firmness. Clinical testing proves that massaging daily keeps the skin soft and more pliable.

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