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Majestic Drug - Providing The Best Dental And Personal Care Products

Majestic Drug - Providing The Best Dental And Personal Care Products

Dental Repair and Denture Care
New Reline-It makes dentures fit like new, is easy to use, and available now. Everyone deserves sound, well-fitting dentures. Over time, your dentures will feel looser. D.O.C. Reline-It gives you the stability not offered by thick layers of denture adhesive.

DOC Denture Wipes are the easy way to remove adhesive from dentures and gums, quickly wiping away old, sticky adhesive. These Denture Wipes are the gentle way to clean dentures and gums instantly. Remove denture adhesive from gums and dentures instantly. Each box contains 40 disposable wipes. Also go through D.O.C. Repair-It 3 Repairs and Dentemp Custom Dental Cement.

•No Scrubbing
•No Brushing
•No Mess
Dentemp O.S

Dentemp O.S., dental first aid that is clinically proven to temporarily repair loose caps and crowns and lost fillings, while providing instant pain relief. Dentemp O.S. was developed by a dentist. It is easy to use, and the formula is safe and strong, so you can eat on it in 60 minutes. If you can't get to the dentist, get Dentemp O.S.

•Multiple applications
•Ready to use
•Eat on it in 60 minutes

Refilit - Lost fillings need fast attention, but you can't always get to the dentist right away. Get Refilit instead. Refilit is specially formulated to repair lost fillings while providing instant pain relief. If you have a lost filling, and you can't get to the dentist right away, try Refilit.

Refilit - Lost fillings

Recapit - Loose caps and crowns can be fixed without going to the dentist. Recapit is a convenient liquid that quickly reattaches loose caps and crowns. The fast-acting formula cures fast, so you can eat on it in 60 minutes.

Dental Health 

Senzzzzz Away Tooth Desensitizer - Instantly put your tooth sensitivity to sleep with new Senzzzzz Away! Senzzzzz Away is clinically proven to immediately eliminate your tooth sensitivity from cold, sweets and heat. Just one treatment is all you need to keep tooth sensitivity away for up to six full months.

Senzzzzz Away Tooth Desensitizer

Now you can use the toothpaste of your choice. Now you can get your teeth whitened without being concerned about the sensitivity side effect. Most importantly, now you can enjoy your favorite foods without pain.

Dentool junior 2 in 1 dental instrument - DentoolJr. packs a big punch for oral health with two professional quality stainless steel dental instruments in one ultra-compact body. Screw the cap onto the bottom and it turns into a stable, easy-to-use, full-size tool. With a perfectly sized pik for optimum removal of trapped food and a unique patented scaler for maximum plaque and tartar removal Dentool Jr. is unique, convenient and dentist recommended.
Dentool junior 2 in 1 dental instrument

Sword Floss makes it easier than ever to floss between your teeth, removing plaque and stimulating gums, promoting overall dental health. Available in regular and mint flavor, with 40 (forty) disposable floss picks in every package. Available in Sword Floss Cleanse Better, Disposable Flosses, Sword Floss Easy Flaossing, Mint Flavor and Sword Floss to removes plaque and stimulates gums, original.

Sword Floss

Personal Care

KutKit Styptic Swabs - Stop Bleeding Fast and Stop bleeding on contact. Shaving nicks, minor cuts, scrapes, and bleeding cuticles are no match for fast-acting KutKit Styps. Just snap and then apply a KutKit Styptic Swab to the injury site and the bleeding stops. KutKit Styps are safe, easy to use and completely sanitary.
Kutkit Styptic Swabs
Femystique is a sensual arousal gel featuring L-Arginine plus six additional exotic oils that will enhance a woman's sexual pleasure. Femystique is designed to heighten sensations and increase excitement for more explosive encounters.
Femystique enhance sexual pleasure personal lubricant

Mandelay Climax Control Gel is specially formulated for men, to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual pleasure. Whether preventing premature ejaculation or simply wanting to extend the intimacy and enjoyment with your partner, Mandelay is the perfect choice for every man. The benzocaine-based gel is safe, effective and starts working on contact.

Mandelay Maximum Strength Climax Control Gel

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