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Varieties Of Scented Candles

Varieties Of Scented Candles

A candle is a solid block of wax with an embedded wick, which is ignited to provide light, and sometimes heat, and historically was used as a method of keeping time.Candles can be decorative, scented or religious and are made of a variety of types of waxes and wicks. Paraffin candles are the standard and are derivatives of petroleum products. Candles made from pure beeswax burn more slowly than paraffin. Soy candles are a popular Eco-friendly option as the wax comes from soybeans and burns cleanly with no soot or black smoke. Fragrant candles are very popular with hundreds of choices in aromas, from lavender to relax to citrus to revitalize. Candle wedding favors are very popular keepsakes that are given to guests at the reception.

Decorative candles come in many designs. A unique decorative candle idea is the cork candle. It is a cool candle that can be put on the top of a wine bottle. This is an impressive idea that can wow your guests or spouse at dinnertime. Pillar candles with playing card designs on them make a great gift for a friend that likes to go to casinos or just play cards. They make the atmosphere at a home card game.

If you have a family member that travels a lot on business or for pleasure then a travel candle to light up the bathroom of the hotel while taking a relaxing soak is a nice touch. If the man of the house likes candles give him a candle for Father’s Day. Some candles for him are candles with a football, golf or fisherman’s theme. Decorative candles are a traditional party favor for birthdays, weddings, and showers. Candles for Mother’s Day include jar candles with Happy Mother’s Day on them, but if she likes candles there are many kinds of candles to give on that special day.

Some types of specialty candles are wedding and unity candles. Some specialty candles are liquid fuel and liquid paraffin fuel cell candles. They may be eight hour, thirty or fifty hour candles. Other specialty candles look like pies, cocker spaniels, turtles, ducks elephants or ice cream sundaes.

Variety Of Scented Candles

Christmas and Halloween candles are two categories of specialty candles. Some of the Christmas candles are red or red and white pillar candles and those with reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, angels, poinsettias, Santa Claus or cardinals on them and others may have joy, ho, ho, ho or noel written on them. The Halloween candles come in the floating type that have bats, pumpkins, and vampire teeth floating in them. Some other kinds of Halloween candles are skulls, ghosts, eyeballs, goblins, and other scary themes.

Specialty candles that come in alcoholic glasses are a big hit with people that like a bit of a different candle. Here are some examples: champagne or wedding flute, margarita, beer, martini, daiquiri, Irish coffee, and Pina colada. Some more unusual kinds of candles are those including sound, flame-less, and blended colors. Other specialty candles are lighthouses, castles, scenery, horsetail reed, and shell.

The arena of specialty and decorative candles is a vast and interesting region that a candle retailer should explore; it will prove a profitable endeavor. To get started just do a search for decorative candles and then specialty candles wholesale. That is the way to get these candles at low prices. After that a retailer can sell specialty and decorative candles, which are a good addition to their candle stock. This might be something you’ll want to stock

Taper Candles add elegance and sophistication to any formal event. Whether it be at a wedding, a reception table or just for a romantic candlelit dinner for that special someone, Taper Candles provide just the right amount of textured lighting for a dramatic presentation. Taper Candles make the perfect tabletop light for upscale restaurants and parties. These Candles are hand-dipped, and clean burning. Taper Candles have 100% lead free wicks and fit into any standard Taper Candle holder.

Aromatherapy candles are in constant use to help set the atmosphere and improve the ambiance in many situations. They can be used in any room of your home and provide a wonderful enhancement. Our sense of smell has been documented to directly affect our emotions. Part of our nervous system that helps to control our emotions is connected to our nose. Thus, the proof that using aromatherapy candles will have an effect on our mindset and our emotions. The key is in choosing the correct scent to match the emotion or sense you wish to evoke.

When it comes to aromatherapy there are many ways to get the most out of the aroma, but one of the most popular ways is through dispersing it into the air with candles. Aromatherapy candles aren’t all the same, they can be made in a variety of ways, with different ingredients. You can also burn them in different ways. There are many other types of aromatherapy candles available. Candles can be made with beeswax, soybean wax, vegetable oil or even pure essential oil candles are available. All of these are great choices. They are environmentally friendly because they are derived from natural plant sources. Along with these ingredients, they are also available in different styles, sizes, and scents.

The only way to get the scent in the air is by burning the candles, and you have different ways to burn your candles. One of the more popular ways is to use an oil burner, or the tiered bowl with tea lights, although more expensive, they make great diffusers. The scented candles are basically candles that are made from pure wax or soy wax that is infused with fragrant oils which produce an aroma when they burn. Although they have traditionally served the main purpose of lending the light combined with fragrance in a room, there are very many uses of candles these days.

It is undisputable fact that there is great aroma that comes from the scented candles. If you add that to the usual and traditional romantic nature that arises from the lighted candles, you will definitely come to the conclusion that the end result is something great. They can be used in various places, events, venues and settings such as bedroom, dinners, parties, weddings, etc depending on the event. You can mix the scented candles with aromatic ones.

The scented candles can also be used for refreshing the room. They are very helpful especially if you have pets at your home. If you light them, their refreshing and fresh smelling aroma will get rid of the bad pet odor. The thing that you need to do when you are doing this is to follow those safety practices which are important in preventing the outbreak of fire. You should ensure that the candles are kept away from pets and kids.
Scented Candles

Most of the scented candles also have the additional use and benefit of therapeutic effects. They are very important in relaxing the mind as well as mitigating tension and stress. This is the reason why most people light them in the bathroom when they are talking long bath for coping up with stress. They can also be lighted around the house especially around the evenings so that they can serve the same purpose.

The scented candles can also work well for decoration during events such as weddings, receptions and parties. You should ensure that you mix and match them with flowers or other candles that are not scented. You also need to follow designs and patterns that can make the venue to look otherworldly and extremely beautiful. As is the case with the romantic dinners, these candles are very important in setting the desired ambience while at the same time giving the venue a charming look.

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