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Gaia Skin Naturals

Gaia Skin Naturals

Gaia Skin Naturals creates natural baby products and organic men body products that are made with certified organic ingredients! A range of gentle cleansers, toner, moisturisers and body washes care for your skin without dryness or irritation.  The result is noticably softer, smoother skin so you look good and feel great.  All products are formulated with skin-softening organic oils, vitamins, active organic botanical extracts and are infused with the most divine pure essential oil blends that will leave you feeling like you have just stepped out of a day spa!

GAIA Skin+Body answers the call by harnessing the power of organic oils, active organic botanical extracts, natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and amino acids, to effectively combat dryness, calm sensitivities and retain moisture.

Caring for your skin should be a simple, inexpensive process, GAIA Skin+Body performs with the intensity of a cosmeceutical, minus the exorbitant cost. Using ingredients known for their skin beneficial properties, we aim to actually improve skin’s tone and texture and have targeted the everyday concerns women have expressed about their skin

• catering for sensitivities
• combating dryness, fine lines and premature aging
• minimizing sun damage
• maintaining young looking skin
• just being able to maintain healthy skin

The result is noticeably smoother, softer skin that looks good and feels great.   Free from artificial fragrance, they are naturally scented with fresh and feminine pure essential oil blends also chosen for the positive effects they have, not only on your skin, but your mind as well.
GAIA Skin+Body

Foaming Cleanser
Gently foaming and free from soap and sulphates, this sensitive skin formula removes dirt, make-up and impurities without causing dryness or leaving a greasy layer behind. Containing organic green tea, organic gotu kola and organic chamomile extracts.

Creamy Cleanser
A soothing, creamy consistency to cleanse your skin, removing dirt, make-up and impurities, without leaving your skin feeling dry. Suitable for normal/dry skin types.

Facial Exfoliate
This deep cleansing scrub gently polishes, smoothes and refines your skin's surface, removing excess oil and impurities, resulting in a clean, clear complexion. Made from super-fine crushes walnut shells and contains organic gingko biloba, ginseng and chamomile extract.

Refreshing Toner
Gently astringent, this refreshing toner controls excess oil and balances pH levels while it tones, freshens and tightens pores. Used to cool and hydrate, it is the perfect preparation for moisturiser or as a refresher throughout the day to renew your skin.

Facial Moisturizer
This light but nourishing moisturizer contains active botanical extracts and nurturing organic oils to help maintain skin’s hydration, elasticity and tone, leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft and healthy.

Intensive Moisturizer
This rich facial moisturiser has been formulated to provide long lasting hydration.  Deeply penetrating oils and amino acids help to retain moisture, skin tone and elasticity without an oily feel.

Natural Skin Care Trio Pack
Now try the non-drying, skin-softening soothing benefits of GAIA's sensitive skin formulas on yourself, or give to friends and family - see and feel the difference! This introductory trio contains Foaming Facial Cleanser, Refreshing Toner, and Facial Moisturiser.

Body Moisturizer
It’s amazing how dry skin can become, but you can keep it smooth and nourished with GAIA Bodycare Moisturisers to help maintain hydration, elasticity and skin tone. Available in Natural Scent Combination Pink Grapefruit And Jasmine and Lavender And Frankincense.

Body Wash
Soap and sulphate free body washes in your choice of two glorious scents. Containing organic avocado oil, organic gingko biloba and organic chamomile extracts, these washes are an ideal soap replacement to care for sensitive skin. Available in Natural Scent Combination Pink Grapefruit And Jasmine and Lavender And Frankincense.

Gaia Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter
The GAIA range is made in Australia and their newly launched “Pure Pregnancy is a range of natural, organic products that assists the body with the transition from pregnancy to motherhood.”

Gaia Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter Cream
Your skin can change significantly when you are pregnant and with hormones fluctuating, this can lead to skin dryness and sensitivities, not to mention being itchy from all that stretching. This rich cream is specially formulated to maintain moisture, suppleness and elasticity while your belly is stretching to accommodate your growing baby  - and it doesn’t leave the greasy residue like some butters can.

Deeply moisturizing and nourishing, it contains pure cocoa butter and organic shea butter, both well known for replenishing skin’s vital moisture, maintaining suppleness and reducing the possibility and appearance of stretchmarks. Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also send your skin into a spin! Changes that occur can go from one extreme to the other and leave you with very dry skin and a decrease in your skin’s elasticity which can lead to stretchmarks. Now you can buy a beautiful belly butter that is rich and nourishing but doesn’t leaving the greasy residue that some butters can.

Beautifully scented with our special blend of pure essential oils recommended for use during pregnancy, includes mandarin, tangerine and frankincense pure essential oils, helps smooth lines and scars, improving the overall appearance of the skin and fades any existing stretchmarks.
Gaia Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter

GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil
Targeting a specific area of concern, GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil promotes skin elasticity while your belly is stretching to accommodate your growing little one. Suitable for all skin types and all ages, it also contains pure organic rosehip - a rich source of vitamins, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin, especially when dry.

It’s the perfect blend of organic oils to smooth lines and soften scars, improving the overall appearance of skin and stretchmarks. GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil will leave your ‘baby bump’ soft, supple and smooth. The beautiful and gentle aroma of GAIA’s latest blend of certified organic oils, all suitable for use during pregnancy and recommended to use on scarring. Not only for your belly, it can also be used on breasts, thighs, arms – anywhere where more moisture, elasticity or extra toning is required.

GAIA Made for Men
GAIA Made for Men takes into consideration the specific requirements of male skin and hair, using carefully selected organic veggie oils, herbal extracts and pure essential oils. Known for their skin nurturing benefits, these ingredients help tackle typically male issues such as razor burn, in-grown hairs and maintaining a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth.

GAIA Made for Men is FREE from ingredients that are known to dry or irritate, particularly sensitive skin. There are NO sulphates, propylene glycol, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates or petrochemicals leaving you with just pure, natural and organic product.

A common complaint we often hear from the guys is that most of the natural skin care out there in the marketplace smells "girlie". Not ours - not a hint of lavender in sight! Certified organic lime, certified organic patchouli and certified organic spearmint pure essential oils bring you a fresh and invigorating masculine scent which will stimulate your senses.  

Soap & Sulphate Free
An effective hair cleanser that removes product build-up without stripping hair of its natural protective oils, leaving your hair and scalp feeling fresh and revitalized.

GAIA Made for Men Conditioner
This light conditioner nourishes hair, leaving it soft and shiny - without oiliness. Enriched with organic spearmint to invigorate and stimulate circulation promoting healthy hair growth.

Face & Body Scrub
Exfoliate and tone with crushed walnut shells, nourishing veggie oils and herbal extracts to leave your skin smooth and feeling fresh. A great pre-shaving product.

GAIA Made for Men Shave Gel
Enriched with organic avocado oil to soften, enabling your razor to glide easily across your skin and organic aloe vera to soothe any irritation. Ladies - this is great for shaving your legs and underarms!

GAIA Made for Men Shave Cream
This rich shaving cream is perfect for those wanting a creamy lathering shave or those with a thick coarse beard. It delivers great ‘slip’, minimizing nicks and irritations.

GAIA Made for Men Face Creme
A blend of organic oils and sunflower oil that is great after shaving or for general moisturisation. Containing a unique blend of calming organic extracts and nourishing oils it is suitable for sensitive, dry or damaged skin.
 GAIA Natural Baby Products
Babies are beautiful, so precious but they are all different and have different needs. Some have dry, flaky skin, some have chubby little fat rolls you just want to squeeze while others encounter irritation and nappy rash that needs comfort or soothing, or you may simply want a quality product to massage your baby.

GAIA Natural Baby developed a range of essential items that are most used within the first 5 years of a baby's life. Our aim is to keep baby skin care simple by offering you the basic items that nourish, nurture and gently care for your little one's skin without too much fuss or irritating ingredients. GAIA Natural Baby takes into consideration that a baby's skin is thinner than that of an adult, more sensitive and does not have normal barrier functions when they are born.

GAIA Sleeptime Bath 250ml
Gently cleanse and care for your baby's skin using our gentle body wash with a new calming scent of organic lavender and organic ylang ylang, ideal to form part of your bedtime routine and assist your baby to a peaceful night's sleep.

GAIA Baby Hair & Body Wash 200ml
A gentle ‘top to toe’ cleanser ideal for newborns and little ones who don’t have much hair. Enriched with organic aloe vera leaf and organic oat extracts, known for their skin soothing properties.

Baby Shampoo

Kind and gentle on sensitive little scalps, skin and eyes. GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo is extremely mild but effectively cleanses leaving baby's hair silky soft and shiny - has the added benefit of moisturising properties making it great for cradle cap.

Conditioning Detangler
A spray-in formula that can be used on damp hair as a conditioner or dry hair to help tame morning bed hair! With no need to rinse, this makes caring for hair easy and will leave little one's hair soft, silky and shiny.

Baby Moisturiser
A nourishing blend of skin softening oils, including organic evening primrose and organic shea butter, to leave your baby's skin velvety soft and smooth. Makes a great nappy change lotion.

Baby Massage Oil

Enhance the special time you spend with your little one through the gentle touch of massage. Made with nourishing sweet almond oil combined with the calming pure essential oils of organic lavender and organic chamomile - just beautiful!

Skin Soothing Lotion
This is a great calming lotion that can be used from top to toe on any areas that need soothing. Itchy, irritated skin conditions benefit most from this versatile product. Use as your 'bum cream' at every nappy change to keep little bottoms nice and soft!
Bamboo Baby Wipes
A baby wipe that uses an ultra soft eco-friendly bamboo cloth that is biodegradable in just 14 days.  Moistened with pure, natural, organic ingredients to gently cleanse and care for your baby's hands, face and nappy area, these skin friendly wipes are free from alcohol, sulphates and paraben preservatives.

GAIA Natural Baby Starter Kit
This beautiful set of miniature GAIA Natural Baby products is just perfect for giving a new mum, taking to hospital and for travelling - just the right size for your nappy bag! What a great way to try GAIA Natural Baby.

GAIA Natural Baby Bath Time Fun Pack
Make bath time fun with GAIA Natural Baby Bath Time Fun Pack - A cute rubber ducky to entertain baby while gently caring for their skin. Toddlers will just love this pack - what an ideal gift for the little ones!

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