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Incontinence Protection For Adults And Children

  Incontinence Protection For Adults And Children

Incontinence is a term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder (urinary incontinence) or bowel motion, faeces or wind from the bowel (faecal or bowel incontinence). Urinary incontinence is loss of bladder control. Symptoms can range from mild leaking to uncontrollable wetting. It can happen to anyone, but it becomes more common with age.

A wide variety of products are available for managing the leakage of urine associated with urinary incontinence. Your choice of a specific product depends on several factors, including:
• Amount of urine loss
• Comfort
• Cost
• Durability
• Ease of use
• Odor control ability
• Pattern of urine loss

 Incontinence Protection For Adults And Children

Four Types of Incontinence
Stress Incontinence: Incontinence that occurs during coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects or making other movements that put pressure, or stress, on the bladder. This results from weak pelvic muscles or a weakening of the wall between the bladder and vagina. The weakness is due to pregnancy and childbirth or from lower levels of the hormone estrogen during menstrual periods or after menopause.

Urge Incontinence: Incontinence after feeling a sudden urge to urinate with inability to control the bladder, such as while sleeping, drinking water or listening to water running.

Overflow Incontinence: Incontinence that occurs when the bladder is constantly full, and reaches a point where it overflows and leaks urine. This condition can occur when the urethra is blocked due to causes such as kidney or urinary stones, tumors or, an enlarged prostate. It may also be the result of weak bladder muscles, due to nerve damage from diabetes or other diseases.

Functional Incontinence: Incontinence that occurs when physical disabilities, external obstacles, or problems in thinking or communicating prevent a person from getting to a bathroom before they urinate.

The most common urinary incontinence products include:
• Absorbent pads: They're disposable and fit inside your underwear. Designed for women and men, incontinence pads are kept in place with adhesive strips. They trap 8 or more ounces of urine and keep it away from the skin, while also blocking odor. They can be changed throughout the day.

• Adult panties and briefs are much like everyday cloth underwear for women and men, but include a waterproof liner and built-in cloth pad that can absorb 10 or more ounces of urine. Reusable, washable, and typically available in a range of colors, adult panties and briefs come in day styles, as well as overnight styles, which are designed to contain more urine. Like absorbent pads, adult underwear for urinary incontinence is designed to be absorbent, keep moisture from your skin, and control odor.

• Adult diapers are a very common incontinence product and come in lots of styles. Some look similar to (and pull on and off like) elastic-banded underwear, but are designed to be disposable; others tape on at the sides like conventional diapers. Adult diapers come in a range of colors and absorbencies, including those for day (lighter protection) and overnight (heavier protection).

Protective underpads are disposable or reusable flat pads with an absorbent layer on one side and a moisture barrier on the other. In sizes designed to cover mattresses, chairs, or other furniture, these incontinence products help protect furnishings against urine leaks. Some pads offer anti-bacterial and anti-fungal finishes and adhesive strips to keep the pads secure. They also come available in a range of absorbencies.

Plastic pants fit over your regular undergarments and help protect against mild to moderate urinary incontinence leaks.

• Deodorizers, Moisturizers, Perineal Cleansers: More than 76% of people with incontinence that wear adult diapers, briefs or disposable underwear form some type of perineal skin related issue caused from irritation. The use of advanced skin care products like perineal skin cleansers, washes, moisturizers and protectants can help reduce this problem. Proper perineal care is essential to urinary health. Without proper care, the patient is susceptible to constant bladder infections and bottom bedsores. Proper perineal care also maintains the patient's dignity and keeps her feeling clean and in charge.

• Bed Wetting Alarms: Bed-wetting is the unintentional (involuntary) discharge of urine during the night. Although most children between the ages of three and five begin to stay dry at night, the age at which children are physically and emotionally ready to maintain complete bladder control varies. Enuresis is a technical term that refers to the continued, usually involuntary, passage of urine during the night or the day after the age at which control is expected. The use Bed Wetting Alarms helps in generating a highly alerting sound assuring quick response.It is a compact, moisture sensitive alarm device for bedwetters.

Keep Your Skin Dry
The most important consideration for any product is that it contain the urine while protecting your skin from breakdown. Don't keep a saturated pad in contact with your skin for long periods of time. Thoroughly clean and dry your skin. Remove all wet clothing and linen.

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