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Stockings, Pantyhose and Support Socks

Stockings, Pantyhose and Support Socks

A stocking is a close-fitting, variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg. Stockings vary in color, design and transparency. Support pantyhose are full length tights that improve your blood circulation by variably compressing the leg and forcing the blood flow deeply in to the leg. These support garments are useful for a number of conditions such as management of large scars, recovery from surgery, edema, and clotting of varicose veins. They are also of immense help to pregnant women, as they provide additional support to the belly.

Compression socks are usually knee-length socks that are woven in such a way that the compression level lessens towards the top of the hose. They are worn by those who are ambulatory, however, in some cases, they are worn by diabetics whose legs are prone to excessive swelling. We know these products have great advantages, but sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a pair which fits you the best. Some are too tight around the waist while some tend to sag at the crotch every time you sit or bend over. Some are uncomfortable for the feet and make the toes and heels go soar after long wear.

Stockings, Pantyhose and Support Socks

When we talk about prenatal care, one of the gravest issues to deal with is pooling of blood. This is a condition wherein blood starts accumulating in the legs of the expecting mother. This results in a number of issues such as pain in the legs, development of sores, edema, numbness, and many other similar problems of the lower limb. The root cause for this condition to arise is the inability of the blood vessels to channel oxidized blood back to the heart. Maternity pantyhose are a remarkable solution for expecting mothers to take care of this disorder without having to rely on medicines with harmful side effects. The fundamental compression pantyhose function on is quite simple; by applying a uniform pressure on the veins, these pantyhose are able to enhance the flow of blood, enabling the flow of oxidized blood back to the heart. This is the reason it is highly recommended for every expecting mother to wear maternal pantyhose during the pregnancy period.

Though it is undeniable that options such as maternal pantyhose, compression socks, therapeutic shoes, etc. are great aids for dealing with pooling of blood; however, as compression hosiery is available in a wide array of compression levels, it is extremely important that you know the level of compression suitable as per the seriousness of the condition. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you consult your physician before buying a pair of compression hosiery.

Men have found out there are numerous advantages to wearing pantyhose. They are sometimes now referred to as mantyhose. Health benefits are among the number one reason some men start to wear male stockings. When a physician recommends the wearing of compression garments in order to help increase circulation in the legs or to relieve the tired feeling of heavy legs, male pantyhose are often found to be much more comfortable than knee high, Waist High or thigh high compression socks. They also help relieve swollen legs. Many athletes also report that they experience better performance in their chosen sport when wearing male pantyhose for compression purposes.

Men who work in professions that keep them outdoors in frigid temperatures such as policemen on the beat, construction workers, taxi drivers and postal carriers find that stockings offer a layer of warmth that makes staying out of doors much more comfortable and offer more support. Some men wear hose next to the skin beneath a layer of wool or cotton so that perspiration can be wicked away much more quickly in both hot as well as cold temperature extremes. Men can wear stockings with or without regular underwear, just as some women do, and many men are finding they like the one-piece unit that can substitute for having to wear both socks and underwear. Designers are now offering men's pantyhose in the marketplace that is proportioned for the male torso so that they fit very comfortably without pinching or sagging. Some stocking styles even offer a fly opening to make using restroom facilities quicker and more convenient.

Men who at first were adverse to considering wearing men's pantyhose because of its association with cross-dressing or homosexuality soon find that the decision to wear pantyhose is primarily one of style, comfort or health. It is best to experiment with different sizes to find the right fit for the body.

When selecting a support pantyhose or a pair of compression socks always refer to a sizing chart that can give you a rough guideline on how to choose the ideal pantyhose size. Keep in mind that the charts are only a starting point for finding the right fitting. Next thing to consider is your waist line, if you are thin, you might not have to worry about the pantyhose edging down your waistline as you move about. However, if you are on the chubby side, you might want to consider buying pantyhose which is slightly larger, or choose control top for better support around your waist and belly. Coming to buying these aids; no matter whether you need to buy compression socks or maternity pantyhose view our

Compression Socks
Compression socks, also called compression stockings and support socks, are designed to provide support and increase circulation in the legs. Throughout the course of a day, gravity can cause blood to collect in the lower extremities causing leg swelling, phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, fatigue and leg cramps. Compression stockings provide graduated pressure to the legs and feet to improve overall circulation and prevent swelling that can occur as a result of medical conditions, long periods of standing, and long distance travel.

Support Sock Chart

Compression socks are often recommended by doctors for individuals with frequently swollen legs and ankles, varicose veins, insufficient circulation and thrombosis. The stockings are available in different ranges of pressure. It is important to consult with a physician about the level of pressure needed for specific conditions so the right type can be purchased and used correctly. Compression socks provide more pressure at the ankles and gradually reduce the pressure further up the leg. This graduated compression helps the body return more blood to the heart so there is less pooling in the legs. When they were first introduced they were marketed for patients who had undergone surgery and to individuals with circulatory problems. Today they are widely used for a number of reasons.

Support stockings are recommended for passengers on long flights to prevent deep vein thrombosis, swollen legs and cramps that commonly occur during travel. During long periods of immobility when it is impossible to move about and flex the legs, blood pools in the legs and may form clots which can be life threatening. Support hosiery is useful in promoting healthy circulation and preventing circulatory problems during travel.

Some athletes wear them for additional support when jumping and running. They are also being used in the workplace by employees who are required to be on their feet for long periods each day. Although compression stockings will not prevent varicose veins, they can be beneficial in relieving swelling, aching, and heaviness in the legs. Compression stockings are available online and in drugstores.

Support socks are available in a wide variety of colors and styles for men and women. They are usually made with lycra spandex and nylon, which creates the pressure that helps weak veins return to a normal shape and allow blood to flow more efficiently. They may also have a heavily padded sole designed to absorb shock and provide a cushion for the feet. With advancement in modern technology, many styles do not appear to be support hose. In earlier days of production, they mostly came in white and were very noticeable. This caused many patients to prefer not to wear them as they should, particularly in public with shorts, skirts or dresses. Now, they blend in and are much less embarrassing for patients.

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