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Use Makeup Brushes For a Flawless Look

Use Makeup Brushes For a Flawless Look

Getting yourself some good quality makeup in the proper formulas that match your skin type and tone is your first step. But how you apply them is yet another. Get yourself some good quality makeup brushes to add to your makeup bag to help you apply makeup as perfectly and flawlessly as possible. Of course, once you are armed with such brushes, it's important to know how to use them too! Here is a list of brushes you should have, and what to do with them once you've got them!

Choose the Right Brushes - There are literally countless brushes available for purchase on the market. Many times it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to buy and which ones to leave behind. Just like artists have their own specific arsenal of brushes, so should you. You don't have to own every type of brush on the market - just buy the ones that you'll actually use. The following 6 brushes are the general ones you should pick up:

• Foundation
• Blush
• Powder
• Contour
• Crease
• Angle

Gain an understanding of how your face is structured, and the type of skin that you have. This will help you decide what shape, size and length of the bristle you should consider buying.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are really the magic wands of the cosmetic world because using them can create a look both enchanting and flawless. Brushes using real hair can be made from all sorts of animals like sable, badger, goat, pony and squirrel. Real hair has the unique ability to pick up dry makeup with ease as well as spread it evenly onto the surface of your skin. Natural hair is often much softer than synthetic causing less skin irritation, although people have often switched to synthetics because of allergies. Real hair is significantly more expensive than synthetic hair, but it's a great investment. When cared for properly, brushes made of natural hair can last a very long time.

1. Foundation

Its densely packed bristles distinguish the foundation brush from other face brushes. The denser the bristles, the less chance that streaking will occur. Badger hair is often used in these types of brushes which you can see in the two toned color. Another brush used in foundation application is the stipple brush or duo fibre brush. This brush can be used with either wet or dry makeup.

2. Concealer
This brush, also known as the camouflage brush, is similar in shape to the foundation brush only much smaller and with softer bristles. Use this brush to cover blemishes, uneven skin tone, dark circles and broken capillaries.

3. Powder

This brush is large and fluffy so it can blend large areas of the face quickly and easily. Use this to set powder on your face, allowing your makeup to last longer. Kabuki brushes have a short base so it's easy to carry around. Flat top buffing brushes are great for blending mineral foundations. Fan brushes, looking nothing like powder brushes whatsoever, are great for applying powder in a thin coverage and sweeping away loose eye shadow.

4. Contour
The angled face brush allows you to sweep color into the hollows of your cheeks, temple and jaw line contouring the face for a slimmer look. It can also double as a blush brush. Blush brushes look like a smaller version of the powder brush.

Makeup Brushes

5. Eye Shadow
The soft dome brush is the perfect tool for blending eye shadows. Pack color onto the lid with a flat stiff brush and feather out the colors with a stiff dome brush. Pencil brushes can smudge eye shadows or liners for a smoky eye look or can be used to accentuate the crease.

6. Eyeliner
The bent liner brush is perfect for applying gel liners. It's the same thing as a fine point eyeliner brush only the metal tip just before the bristles is bent at an angle making it easier to control. Flat eyeliner brushes make it easier to wedge color into the lash line and also work great for coloring eyebrows.

Maintaining And Choosing Makeup Brushes

• Clean and Maintain Your Brushes - Imagine all the dirt, grease, oils and grime that your skin has on it after particles in the air settles on it. These are easily transferred onto your brushes, which can then be deposited right back onto your skin the next time you use the makeup brushes. Instead of continuously buying new brushes to ensure cleanliness, just regularly clean and maintain the ones you've already got. Just use soap and water for natural bristles, and a hand sanitizer for synthetic bristles. If you want to use the brush immediately afterwards, the hand sanitizer works best since it dries much faster. And make sure never to soak them in water for too long, which can damage the wooden handle and cause the glue to come loose.

For cleaning brushes is as follows:
Wet brushes in warm water, put a bit of soap/shampoo in the palm of your hand and swirl the brush around, work the cleanser through to the ends and rinse, repeat until the brushes are thoroughly clean.

Maintaining And Choosing Makeup Brushes

Washing: Squirt some shampoo in the water or on the side of the dish. Wash the dense foundation directly in the soapy water, so the insides will also get cleaned easily. With less dense brushes and eye brushes, either clean the using the palm of your hand or the side of the dish. Tip: if you don't want to run to the bathroom every time to change the water, have a glass of clean water next to you. Soak the dirty water with tissue or towel and change the water when needed.

Avoid splaying the brushes while washing, because it will ruin the shape of your brushes eventually. Instead move them from side to side like you would when painting.

• Dip brushes in a deep bowl full of water. The water will reach inside the ferrule loosening the glue that holds the bristles. Use a plate or anything shallow instead.
• Pull at the bristles when your squeezing excess water.
• Use newspaper instead of paper towel to dry your brushes. Newspapers are not very clean, it's unhygienic.
• Dry the brushes in brush holders, with bristles pointing

Don'ts do these to brushes

• Choose the Right Width For Specific Functions - Obviously, a wider brush covers a wider area, and a narrower brush covers a smaller area. Depending on the type of makeup you are applying, the width of the brush will matter. For example, blush on the cheekbones is usually best applied using a wider brush for more full coverage. For finer application, such as eyeshadow, a thinner brush is best.

• Brush in Circular Motions - Applying makeup by going side to side with your makeup brush can create a harsh look that you probably aren't going for. Instead, stick to a more circular motion when applying makeup with a brush to create a much softer look. When using a pointed brush, use round sweeps instead of digging with it.

Apply Eyeliner With a Brush - Most women are probably used to applying eyeliner with the pencil that it comes in. But you may not realize that you can apply eyeliner with a brush too for a more refined look. Use soft, dabbing motions when applying eyeliner to either the top or bottom lash line. Make sure not to use a lot of motion as the particles can essentially go everywhere. Use the flat side of your makeup brush to apply the eyeliner to the lower lid for a more dramatic look.

Here are some general words to describe the characteristics of various brushes:
• Head Shape: Dome, Slant, Angled, Square, Point and Tapered.
• Handle Length: Long, Short and Travel Size.
• Head Size: Fine, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
• Bristle Textures: Fine, Soft and Coarse (firm, stiff or dense).

Brushes are essential to creating amazing makeup looks. Some women may fear that having many makeup brushes automatically means you wear more makeup and that simply is not true. By using the correct makeup brushes you may take your collection from one to five brushes, but you are also allowing yourself to correctly apply each area of makeup. You can use these brushes to achieve a light daytime look or a smoky eyed night time look. The amount of brushes you have is not equivalent to amounts of makeup you use. Set yourself up for makeup success by equipping your makeup brush collection with these four brushes.

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Makeup Puffs And Cosmetic Rounds

Makeup Puffs And Cosmetic Rounds

The cosmetic puff is the most important tool to a makeup artist. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The puff has greatly changed from what it was years ago. It is usually made from towel cloth or wool. Nowadays, we see puffs that are made of spongy material. Though it is widely known for cosmetic uses, you will be surprised to know that puffs serve many purposes aside from applying makeup.

The most popular use of the cosmetic puff is it applies makeup. It applies the right amount of foundation in a person’s face. The foundation is the first layer of makeup that should be put on as this makes the face a blank canvas where the artist can paint on. Applying foundation will hide any uneven skin tones. Using the puff makes, it easier to apply foundation to the face and puffs applies foundation very rapidly on the face or on other parts of the body. If you made a mistake when putting on eyeliner or eye shadow, you can use the puff to apply foundation to hide your little mistakes.

The cosmetic puff can also be used to remove makeup. When you have made a mistake while putting on makeup, as mentioned earlier, you can apply foundation over it. However, if the mistake you have made is too noticeable, it is better to remove the makeup. This is done by wetting the puff and erasing the makeup. This is great when you have applied too much foundation.

The puff can also be used in other ways aside from using it on your face. You can use the puff to remove nail polish. The hairy puff is a good puff to use if you want to remove nail polish quickly. The puff can be used to clean your cosmetic products. Since it is small and soft, it can fit into small, tight spaces to clean some of your make-up tools. Cosmetic puffs, sponges, and other make-up applicators and dispensers are indispensable tools for women and make-up artists.

What kinds of make-up puffs are available on the market?
For those women who prefer loose powder makeup, polyurethane flocked foam puffs and cotton velour makeup puffs are perfect. These puffs come with satin, suede, or synthetic leather padded tops, with or without cross bands.

Handcrafted fluffy puffs and polyester and glitter puffs are great for applying all kinds of facial or body powders. They come in a variety of colors, with or without top bands, and with or without ribbons. These puffs come in a myriad of shapes including round, square, tubular, rectangular, and triangular.

If there is one thing that a makeup artist can't do without, it would probably have to be the cosmetic puffs. There are so many things that this little thing can do that you might be shell shocked to learn about all the different applications. In fact, depending on what it is that you want to do with your makeup; there are different varieties of puffs. It is essential to choose the right one and then stick with that so that you get the best results. Here are a couple of applications wherein these handy little things can be put to good use.

Applying Makeup
One of the things that the cosmetic puffs are renowned for would be to apply makeup. In order to work with foundations and ensure that the right amount has been applied on the individual's face, you will need to make use of the fine grained synthetic make up puff. This variety is perfect for this job as it provides the makeup artist to finely work on the skin and provide it with a coating that is ideal for the remaining makeup to sit on. The hairy face puff is made use of when you need to work with body powder. It makes the entire job extremely easy and swift.

Removing Makeup

When you have to get rid of the makeup, then you will need to make use of cosmetic puffs that can provide for some slight abrasion and gently get rid of the makeup. This can be achieved with the use of a classic cosmetic puff, which is just made of cotton and nothing else. By using this, you can gently work on your skin and eliminate any problems altogether related to over-applying makeup or something of the sort. You can also use them to get rid of nail polish and look completely natural.

Miscellaneous Uses
There are many more places where you might be able to make use of these cosmetic puffs, and depending on your needs, you should be able to find the right kind. Hence, don't worry about using the wrong kind, and as much as possible, double check the kind you are using before actually using it. Most cosmetic manufacturers will even tell you about the kind of puff to use with the products, which is what makes the job relatively easy to figure out. If you ever find yourself lost, then you should do some research and look up the details online just to be sure.

The most important use of a makeup puff is, of course, for applying makeup. From foundations and oil-based creams to powder and blush on, the cosmetic puff is essential for smooth and even application. Cosmetic puffs are also handy in the reverse for removing makeup. The classic cotton ball may not do the job very well. A puff with a little bit of abrasion to help remove the makeup is best. They can also be used to apply eye shadow, bronzer powder, remove finger nail polish, and even to apply medicated creams.

There are two kinds of powder - loose face powder and pressed face powder. The first is used to close up visible pores and to set your makeup. The latter is used for touch-ups during the day.

Here are a few tips that will maximum the effects of your makeup using cosmetic puffs.
• Always apply facial powder in a downward direction to minimize the appearance of facial hair.
• Apply foundation, then concealer, and then powder.
• Always shake off any excess powder from the makeup puff before applying.
• Make sure you apply powder evenly. A lighted makeup mirror is essential.
• Do not overdo. Too much of anything is not a good thing so watch the amounts of foundation and powder that you use.

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Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

It is important for you to remove all makeup before going to bed at night, do not be tempted to fall asleep with your makeup on no matter how tired you are. If you sleep with your eye makeup for it can get into your eyes and cause and infection, redness or irritation.

Taking off your makeup before bed gives your skin time to regenerate while you sleep. When shopping for a makeup remover, go for one that is specifically for removing makeup. It is also important to use two different makeup removers; one for the eyes and one for the rest of the face.

The eye area is very delicate and sensitive and so an eye makeup remover is better for removing eye makeup as they are usually mild, all around the home you will find items which can also be used to remove your eye makeup such as olive oil, fresh milk, baby oil or baby shampoo, the most convenient and less messy however are re-moistened disposable eye makeup tissues which you can get from most shops which sell cosmetic products. To remove eye makeup gently tap cotton bud or towel around the eye until towel is clean, do not pull or drag as the eye area is very delicate and such an action can cause irritation.

For the rest of the face, it is a very good idea to avoid oily makeup removers if you have oily skin as this can lead to breakouts, a makeup remover with alcohol as one of the ingredients is usually okay for oily skin but the best removers are water based and can be used by all skin types. There are lots of pads and cleansers available that will do the trick. Again, you want to achieve a balance between getting rid of your makeup and keeping your skin's moisture intact. If you don't remove your makeup, it can lead to blemishes and irritation, but if you scrub too much or dry your skin out, you can force your oil-producing glands to jump into hyper-drive, causing your skin to get oily. If you're worried about dryness, chose one that has moisturizing functions as well as cleaning. But if your skin doesn't have special needs, you might be able to go with a basic solution for your: baby shampoo. Its gentle formula cuts through oil without irritating your skin-and it even works on eye makeup.

Makeup Removers

You should never use soap to remove your makeup unless it is designed for that purpose. To remove your facial makeup, lightly soak a cotton bud in the makeup remover and start cleansing in circular motions towards the hairline. Then repeat the process until the cotton bud starts coming up clean, then rinse your face with cold water and moisturize.

Cleaning the face is an essential part of any woman's regimen, especially before she goes to bed. It can seem like a hassle, but it is a basic step that should never be skipped. For women who wear makeup, they need special cleansers to ensure all traces of makeup are vanished, especially if they want to avoid clogged pores and skin gone haywire.

Best for Oily Skin
Removing make up is especially important for those with oily skin. The cleanser must be able to remove excess oil, yet be hydrating enough to avoid stripping the skin of moisture. Total Makeup Remover wins the gold with its gentle yet effective formula.

Best for Sensitive Skin
Finding a makeup cleanser for sensitive skin is quite a challenge because there are so many harsh chemicals out there that can potentially do more harm than good to the skin. A makeup remover with the right skin protecting ingredients is the first thing to look for, but what good is it if it does not effectively remove makeup? Luckily, there is the Ecco Bella Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover. With its milk based formula and organic ingredients, the Ecco Bella Cleansing Milk is the holistic alternative for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions. It contains skin soothing Aloe Vera, vitamins A, C, and E which are powerful antioxidants and essential for skin regeneration, and essential oils with powerful healing properties. When it comes to dealing with sensitive skin, Ecco Bella Cleansing Milk is an excellent selection.

Best Remover Overall
Dermatologist's number one choice brand Neutrogena holds the best overall makeup remover: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. The ultra soft cloths work to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and excess oil while simultaneously leaving skin clean and clear without any of the residue. It is great for sensitive and acne prone skin because of the moisturizing and non-irritating ingredients, and it removes makeup effortlessly in seconds.

Makeup Removers

Skin Care Makeup Removal Tips

To remove lipstick, start from the corners and move into the middle. Your best option is makeup removing milk. Use cotton wool which is softer on the skin.

For skin care makeup removal for the eyes, start by removing your eyeshadow. Move in from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer. Use a Q-tip to get rid of any eyeliner. After that, remove your mascara. This can be particularly hard to get rid of, especially if it's waterproof. The skin around your eyes is especially delicate so make sure you treat it as such. Olive oil and vaseline are natural products and so particularly gentle. Cold cream and makeup remover towelettes are also affective. Use cotton wool which is softer on the skin and dab gently. Don't forget to also clean under the eyebrow.

To get rid of facial makeup, start from your nose and move to your temples. For the first step of your skin care makeup removal routine, cleanse your skin. Use a cleanser which best suits your skin type. Before putting it on, splash your face with cold water. Rub the cleanser into your skin and leave it there for five to 10 minutes, allowing it to soak in properly, before rinsing it off. Alternatively, you can use baby oil: this gets rid of all water soluble makeup including foundation, concealer and blusher. Avoid soap because this tends to dry the skin out. Don't forget to also wash the neck and behind your ears and if you have long hair then tie this back.

Apply moisturizer to make sure your skin doesn't dry out. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water to get rid of any excess oils that may have built up through the night. For total skin care, you can also exfoliate; this is very important for getting rid of dead skin cells.

Skin care makeup removal is very important for healthy skin. Always make sure to remove all make up properly before your normal cleansing routine.

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Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers

Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers

Contouring your face is a simple beauty secret that allows you to slim down your face and make it picture perfect. There are only three make-up tools needed to pull off the perfect contour technique: a blush, bronzer and highlighter.

If the skin is naturally tanned or olive, a bronzer will give a better result. Bronzers comes in all forms: sticks, gels, powders ad creams. The shade of the bronzer must not be more than two tones darker than the natural skin tone. The form can vary depending on the skin type which suits a person best. A bronzer could be glittery or shimmery but it must not be overdone or else people will wonder why there is a walking statue around the neighborhood. It should enhance beauty not dominate the complexion. Use a large sized soft brush with a rounded top. If it is too small and stiff, it will give blotchy results.

Bronzer is a great way to help contour the face since it should always be a shade or two deeper than your natural skin tone. There are many beauty stores where bronzer can easily be purchased from. Bronzer should be applied parallel to the jaw line to make sure that your cheekbones pop beyond the fleshy parts of your face. Bronzer should also be placed from the bridge of the nose straight down. This technique is used to make your nose look longer as well as thinner. It's important to blend the make-up at this stage to make sure your skin looks as natural as possible. At the end, apply a thin amount of bronze make-up on the jaw line and chin to elongate your face to give it a more model-like affect!

Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers


Choose a shade that's no more than two shades darker than your skin.
Fair: Choose a honey colored bronzer. Also, if you're fair and sunburn easily, peach or pink bronzers are another great choice. For pale skin, stay away from orange or amber-toned products, they will make your golden glow look too unnatural.

Medium: Choose a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer. Copper shades are also nice on olive skin tones.

Dark: Select an amber bronzer powder to highlight the golden undertones associated with most dark skin tones. Apply to cheekbones only, not cheeks.

Bronzers today, create a more natural glow and, contrary to popular belief, are not only for darker skin tones and can be worn year round. They mimic the warm golden cast of the sun. Some of the benefits of using a facial bronzer include attaining a tan-like look without the harmful effects (wrinkles, sunspots, sunburn and skin cancer) of the sun. The end effect is a fun, healthy glow that can enhance all skin tones. Best of all, it washes off at the end of the day and can be touched up at any given time.

Blush is best to make a brighter look. Use a cream or powder blush and practice blending techniques. One must find the right shade of blush considering the color of the cheeks. Blush should be applied carefully above the bronzer on the apple of your cheeks. Like the bronzer, the blush should be applied parallel to your jaw lines. Lighter colors are essentially better for making the apple of your cheeks stand out but, a darker blush can be used if it truly does not match your skin tone. A cream stick is great for applying the exact amount of blush needed to the angle of your cheeks.

Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers

Some people use both bronzer and blush as long as it complements with the skin tone. Darker complexions work well with bronzer to highlight features, but if you want to use blush, make sure to choose a pigment that won't get lost in your complexion. Deep roses and apricot shades look great on darker skin.

There are different ways of applying blush on the cheeks. It is done after you have applied foundation on your face. When you apply blush properly, you will help bring out the highlights of your face and bring out its radiance, no matter how ordinary or plain your face may be. The way you apply blush can be the decisive factor in bringing out your face's structural beauty. It can also add shape to a flat or long face, or make your face look less plump and on the narrow side.

Highlighter is meant to highlight. It’s pretty simple; wherever you place light, you making a feature pop, you’ll bring it out. And wherever you put dark, you’ll create depth. The only places you want to highlight are above the cheekbone & below the brow bone.

A highlighter is a classic secret that celebrities use to add the finishing touches to their contour faces. The rules for applying the highlighter to your face include adding some makeup to the bottom and top part of the lips to make them stand out. Cover a small bump on the top of your nose with the highlighter and run the highlighter over the eyebrow bones. To add misty glows to the entire face add a bit of the highlighter over the blush applied to the apples of your cheeks!

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Choose the Best Powder Foundation

Choose the Best Powder Foundation

Your skin tends to dry out as the years pass, and the aging signs like wrinkles, shadows and spider veins make the use of foundation important for great looking skin. Following is some information on the use of foundations and powders. Always be careful about using too much foundation, as it can age you even more. The more you attempt to disguise your wrinkles, the more they can end up standing out. You should always aim to use a light textured foundation that will hide any blemishes, but still make your skin appear luminous and light.

Make sure to always choose a foundation that will exactly match your skin color. Get advice from a beauty counter assistant if needed. It is always advisable to try any products on your jawline first, and not on the inside of your wrist as is often stated, the reason being that the inside of your wrist is usually a totally different color from your face. Use a foundation with a light texture only where it is needed. If the shade that you have chosen is a good match for your skin color, then you will not need to smooth it on everywhere. Always remember that youthful skin appears clear and fresh, which is what you should be aiming for. The more natural your makeup, the younger you will look.

Choose the Best Powder Foundation

Try to always apply foundation with your fingers, as this usually achieves good results, although you can use a damp sponge or a brush if you prefer. There is no right way of doing it, however try to pat the foundation into your skin, rather than across it. Powder is useful for setting your makeup, even more so if you have especially oily skin, or suffer from a shiny face. It will always help to lock in moisture, which is vital for your skin. Always pat the powder onto your skin instead of wiping it over your face, using a brush or sponge.

Makeup has been an extremely prevalent object in the lives of both men and women for thousands of years. With the implementation of makeup, individuals are provided with the opportunity to create a look that they wish to portray on a daily basis. It also provides individuals with the opportunity to cover any imperfections in order to create a perfected and matte surface that can be admired by friends, family, and strangers. The most important part of any makeup regime is the foundation, and so there are a variety of steps that can be taken in order to ensure that you select the best powder foundation for your personal needs.

Step 1: Find the perfect amount of coverage
Considering that powder foundation is primarily used as a setting powder to ensure that the liquid foundation does not streak and that the overall coverage is at the utmost perfection, finding the perfect amount of coverage for your powder foundation is imperative. There are a variety of different coverage options ranging from high to low. As an example, if you find that your skin has an abundance of dark spots/hyper pigmentation, finding a high coverage foundation will be far more beneficial.

Step 2: Select the appropriate formula
Based on your skin type, finding the best powder foundation will be based upon the formula that it is constructed out of. It is also important to choose the right formula for mature or younger skin. With the wide variety of different powder foundations on the market, individuals can find formulas that help to mattify oily skin or to help moisturize dry skin in order to prevent flakiness from occurring. With these formulas you can be assured that your face will maintain the perfect matte surface as possible.

Choose the Best Powder Foundation

Step 3: Find the perfect shade
The most important part of selecting the best powder foundation is finding the shade that matches your skin. Many individuals find that they purchase a foundation that matches their facial skin tone when it can prove to be more beneficial to match the foundation to the color of your neck. With a foundation that matches your neck you will be provided with the opportunity to create a flawless finish rather than having your face be a different color than your neck.

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Makeup Palettes

Makeup Palettes

Some people have described makeup palettes as being a woman's best friend. They might be right. For one thing, makeup palettes are never far from our side. With a makeup palette, it is possible for women to improve their appearance-like magic wands-with only the slightest of touches. The use of makeup can be employed towards improving the youthful glow of a woman in different ways. It can be used in enhancing the blush on her cheeks, drawing attention to the beauty of her eyes or defining the bones on her face. However, before women are able to achieve these results, they will need to learn the secrets behind the application of makeup. Obviously, the first step towards getting the right results is to work with the right type of makeup palette. The quality of a makeup set will go a long way in affecting the final results that a person can achieve. Good quality makeup palettes offers a rich host of colors that are guaranteed to blend in naturally with the skin tone.

Makeup palette increase your beauty, there are different kind of skins in terms of color and nature (There are five basic skin types, normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin ), consumers have different needs and requirement, cosmetics companies try to satisfy their clients by providing multiple choices of cosmetics product such as makeup palettes. Makeup palettes are ideal for beauty artist professionals and beauty conscious individuals who are serious about makeup looks. These are ideal for creating creative and professional flawless looks that are used on camera and film.

Makeup palettes have a variety of: eyeshadow, lip products and foundations. These sets usually have large quantities of colours this is what makes them so appealing to a beauty artist; these are the latest must haves by beauty conscious and make up artists. Every professional will always have some type of kit in their possession. The beauty of a makeup palette is you will always have colours that are matched to each season's trend and you will be able to create looks that are needed on different photo shoots and film.

Once people possess the right makeup palette, they will need to work on developing their application skills. The method of application used during makeup varies with each woman. This is hardly surprising. Since, people vary in skin tone, eye color and facial structures, special care will need to be taken towards enhancing the best features of a woman while minimizing or hiding the flaws. For instance, with the careful use of the right eyebrow makeup palette, a woman can easily draw attention to her eyes by making them seem bigger or smaller than they actually are. Eye shadow palettes can also be used in enhancing the colors of the eye producing a contrast that compliments with the skin tone or color of a lady's wardrobe. Blush makeup palettes on the other hand can be used in many other ways outside of adding a touch of colors to the cheek. When correctly applied, the colors on a blush makeup palette can be used in highlighting the cheekbones as well as the facial structures and features of a woman's face.

Makeup Palettes

When you see a makeup artist eye shadow palette for the first time you will be mesmerized by the colours. These kits are a artist's dream. The palettes come in different sizes; some have 88 colours, 120 colours and 180 colours. So there is a large selection of colours to choose from. Makeup artists find makeup palettes the easiest and least expensive way to go. Buying a variety of colors and makeup types in one makeup compact, will save you a fortune over a long period of time. You will have all colours and different types of makeup so you won't need to keep updating on products each time a new colour hits the market.

Women with round faces can make their faces appear longer with carefully applied blush touches. Naturally, the colors used in a makeup palette are bound to affect the final results. It is not every color found in a makeup palette that can be described as being right for use. Some makeup palettes possess as more as 120 different shades of colors. As a general rule, it is always advisable for women to work with colors that best complement their skin tone and eye color. The amount of makeup used should vary in accordance with the light under which it is being viewed. Soft applications are ideal during the day while darker and bolder colors tend to be more effective in the hours of the evening. In the end, a makeup palette might not be a magical pill that is guaranteed to make most women beautiful, but it certainly comes close.

To buy a single eyeshadow or lip gloss would cost you more but purchasing a palette of eyeshadow, foundation or blusher you can save a lot of money as you have already got every color in one compact. You can get 88 to 180 eye shadow colors at really low prices in just one makeup case.

Multi-purpose palette of five highly pigmented foundations can be used to correct unwanted undertones, highlight, shade and contour, and adjust foundation colors for a custom match. Clear acrylic case snaps closed and is compact enough to stash in any bag.

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Mineral Foundation - Look Natural And Glowing With Mineral Makeup

Mineral Foundation - Look Natural And Glowing With Mineral Makeup

Mineral foundation is the new makeup rage. Foundation is the first step in many women's make-up routine; it is used to smooth the skin out and to leave the skin in a uniform tone. This is a natural form of makeup. Most makeup is synthetic, it may contain some natural elements but the majority of the formula is manmade. This man made makeup can leave the skin irritated, dried out and looking a bit dragged out and sometimes can even make the skin look older. Mineral foundation is made from the earth. The majority of the formula is natural with a minority of it being synthetic. It is created from elements from the earth the colors are much more natural and it is actually healthy for your skin.

These makeup products are specially designed for those women who have very hyper allergic skin. It is also useful for those who suffer from acne, dryness and clogged pores which are caused due to the traditional makeup products. The makeup is much lighter than the makeup done by other beauty products. It gives more radiance to the skin and does not form sediment on the skin unlike other beauty products. The skin which is affected by the sun can be cured with the help of mineral makeup.

Mineral Foundation - Look Natural And Glowing With Mineral Makeup

The best makeup foundation is the mineral foundation. The powder is made of mineral and natural ingredients which ash the property to protect the skin from sun. The best mineral foundation powder gives a lot of glow on the face and stops dehydration and oil secretion of the skin. Once applied on the face, the face does not look artificial but gives a natural look.

It is used to even out skin tone and to cover up flaws. Skin naturally has different tones and colors and if there is a variance that is unmistakable, it really shows. Foundation leaves the skin one tone and camouflages the flaws. It is used as the first step in a makeup regimen hence the term foundation. Many women will not leave the house without foundation. It is like the primer for all other makeup that will be applied. It hides age spots and freckles on the face and other imperfections.

A majority of women are now switching to mineral makeup rather than sticking with traditional makeup. Since the popularity of natural food, lifestyle and remedies has emerged quite recently, the popularity of mineral makeup is also increasing only recently even though the products has been around for some time now. Here are the facts you need to know.

1. Mineral make up is all natural: Standard foundations and face powders are made from a combination of chemical ingredients and artificial pigments. In contrast, mineral make up is made from minerals, as the name implies. They also contain pigments that are found in nature. When you apply artificial chemicals to your face each and every day, you could be absorbing potential dangerous materials. By using mineral makeup, you're limiting your exposure to these ingredients.

2. Mineral makeup requires less product to get the desired effect: Mineral makeup uses pure pigments for color. Because these pigments are so strong, the colors in the makeup go a long way. You can get the same effect out of a small amount of mineral makeup than you can out of a large amount of standard makeup. The particles in the mineral makeup, normally mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and ultramarine pigments, are ground so finely that you can get great coverage with very little product.

3. Mineral makeup is preservative free and bacteria free: There are several different characteristics that make mineral makeup bacteria free and long lasting. Since mineral makeup is in a powdered form, it doesn't have any moisture. Although the ingredients are natural they are inorganic, which means they don't decompose. Since they don't decompose, they don't encourage the growth of bacteria and fungus like regular liquid makeup does. Liquid makeup lasts for six months, but mineral makeup can be safely kept for up to two years. There aren't any preservatives in mineral makeup because it naturally lasts a long time. Because of the lack of preservatives, it is very gentle to use and is appropriate for sensitive skin. In fact, many dermatologists recommend it for patients that have sensitive skin.

Mineral makeup offers a more natural look

4. Mineral makeup offers a more natural look: One of the major complaints with liquid foundations is that it can leave a cakey, thick layer on a woman's skin. Not only does this layer look unnatural, but it can clog pores as well. Mineral makeup fills in the color variations on a woman's skin by covering it in a fine layer of powder. The powder blends into the skin and produces a healthy "glow" that looks totally natural. Many women who have been disappointed by the look that liquid foundation gives them are pleased by the natural and light look created by mineral makeup.

When mineral makeup is applied carefully and correctly, can help to relieve many dermatological conditions. The makeup cosmetic minerals are non-comedogenic and non-allergenic and since these products rarely have any artificial preservatives, additives, binders and fragrances, these products can be used by those women who have skin problems, especially those who are prone to allergies. However, these products have to be tested out by each woman as there are no lists of allergens. Moreover, sheer cover mineral foundation can be used as a cure for different issues coming from the trials to combine the need for flawless makeup and the busy modern style of living. Mineral makeup lasts much longer than traditional makeup.

The fine particles do not crumble and fizz in the creases in the skin. You can even sleep while having your makeup on, if you need to do so, because your skin will be able to breathe through the natural layer of foundation. Another advantage is that you will not need to correct it after working out at the gym. Products which are made from earth minerals which are ground finely can be applied on the skin even after strong skin procedures such as laser or peeling, as many of the common ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties.

Here are some tips to get that flawless finish.
1. Choose The Best Shade For Your Skin: The best place to test for a match to your skin tone is along your jaw line near your neck. You can also use the fleshy part of your hand or your wrist. If you are unable to do a shade test, then take the sealed jar and match the shade closest to your wrist. If you are trying to cover up blemishes or uneven skin tones many professionals recommend that you go one to two shades darker. Don't worry unlike cream foundation it won't look dark. Mineral foundation brightens your complexion.

2. Properly Prepare Your Skin: All makeup goes on best when the skin has been properly cleansed and then moisturized. This is especially true with dry skin. You should always let the moisturizer soak in completely. If you have oily skin, rather than a foundation opt for a foundation primer.

3. Around and Around You Go: For the best coverage use your kabuki brush which is a shorter, denser brush. Dip your brush into the mineral makeup foundation, then push the bristles against the back of your hand to push the powder into the brush. Tap off the excess. Use continuous circular motions to apply your mineral foundation to your face, working from the t zone out.

4. Finish it Up: You can use mineral powder concealer where necessary. If you need a little more coverage just dip your flat concealer brush into your mineral makeup foundation, tap the excess off, and press the remainder into the trouble spot. If your skin is oily you should look for a matte finish, or consider using a mineral finishing powder on top of your mineral foundation. Apply the same way with light, circular brush motions. This will create a pore free natural matte finish. It also helps your foundation stay on longer.

5. Complete the Rest of Your Makeup:  Now just finish up your eyes, lips, and cheeks and you're ready to look and feel great.

Tips to get that flawless finish

Because mineral makeup is so good for the skin and offers a natural look; many manufacturers are carrying mineral makeup lines. You may need to try several different shades to get the right one but once you find that shade, you may never got back to old liquid make up. A large number of women are now going over to using mineral makeup due to the many advantages it offers. It is definitely worth trying out. Young women especially should try it because they can benefit from the natural healthy glow which mineral makeup foundation provides.

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A Silky and Mineral-Rich Loose Powder Foundation

A Silky and Mineral-Rich Loose Powder Foundation

Foundation in make up is exactly that - the basis for a beautiful face. For many women foundation is an everyday essential. However, that does not necessarily mean that all of them are applying the best covering for their skin. While finding the perfect shade of foundation can be a tedious task. Powder foundation primarily serve to control shine and prevent oil blotting.

To have a lovely and flawless complexion, it is essential to apply powder foundation after liquid foundation. Powder foundation are in two forms generally, either pressed powder on a pan or loose powder. They both can beautify and finish a makeup look to keep it last longer and avoid oiliness on your face. Loose powder usually has a more natural finish since its powder is finer than a pressed one. And most of them are translucent which doesn’t add any color.

Generally, powder foundation is for everyone because it works as a finish product to keep your makeup long-lasting. But it works perfect for oily skin since it absorbs the excess oil and keep you away from looking shine and oily. And it is also good for people who wear makeup for long hours. If you have dry skin, you might not need it.

Loose Powder Foundation

Face powder is a cosmetic powder applied to the face to set a foundation after application. It can also be reapplied throughout the day to minimize shininess caused by oily skin. There is translucent sheer powder, and there is pigmented powder. Certain types of pigmented facial powders are meant be worn alone with no base foundation. Powder tones the face and gives an even appearance. Besides toning the face, some powders with sunscreen can also reduce skin damage from sunlight and environmental stress. It comes packaged either as a compact or as loose powder. It can be applied with a sponge, brush, or powder puff. Uniform distribution over the face is achieved more easily when a loose powder is applied.

Applying Loose Mineral Makeup Foundations
Tap a small amount of powder into the top and swirl your brush into it (for best results we recommend using a Kabuki brush). Tap the bottom of the handle with the brush head facing upward on a hard surface (e.g. Bathroom counter). This settles the powder into the brush head. Firmly spread powder on clean, dry skin to evenly blend pigments.

For blemishes, a separate concealer is not needed. Use a shader brush to apply small amounts to the problem areas and blend well. For those with dry, flaky skin, loose mineral foundation can be blended with our specially formulated cream to create a cream foundation. First moisturize as usual, then tap a small amount of powder into the palm of the hand. Add a drop of moisturizer. Blend the two products together until a smooth, creamy consistency is achieved. Use your fingers or make-up wedge to apply.

A Silky and Mineral-Rich Loose Powder Foundation

Tips For Loose Powder Foundation
1. The brush! Unfortunately, the right brush is an absolute necessity when applying loose mineral cosmetics foundations. The best brush for mineral makeup foundation is a Kabuki brush. Kabuki brushes have a very high density of hair- short, firm, and soft to boot. Think of how hard it is to spread cold butter on untoasted bread with a plastic knife. This is what is happening when you're using the brushes (however expensive and high-quality they may be) that you already own. Even bronzer brushes that look similar may not have firm or dense enough hair to accomplish the task. The result? Too much makeup, not well spread, sticking in all of the wrong places, definitely not natural-looking!

2. Too much product on the brush: Mineral makeup is very concentrated. It is made up of pure pigment; the same pigments that cosmetics companies use to add color to pressed and liquid foundations. Because there is little if any 'filler" in this type of powder, it is imperative that you put just a little bit of powder on your brush and use that on one cheek. Buff it in well in a circular motion before applying more. How much is enough? If you follow the basic mineral foundation instructions found on the loose mineral makeup foundation product page, you should get the right amount on the brush: Basically, you press the head of the brush directly against the holes of the sifter, tip the whole unit upside down, tap the jar a bit, and then lift the brush off of the sifter. There should be a light dusting of powder on the brush head, and that amount is sufficient to cover at least one cheek, if not the whole face. You can always add another layer, so start with less.

3. The wrong shade: This is especially an issue with women of color. If you have a golden undertone, and the color you apply has a blue or neutral undertone, your face may appear grayish or pasty. It is not necessarily that the product is too light, or has the "wrong" formula for your skin, just the wrong undertone. Don't assume that mineral cosmetics don't "work" on ethnic skin. Be persistent until you find a shade that at least comes close. Blending loose mineral makeup foundation shades together, is as simple as shaking the jar, and blending one color with another may achieve that perfect shade that you're looking for!

4. Not enough "buffing": Have you ever watched someone (usually a guy!) buff a coat of wax onto their car? They buff for a long time! This creates a smooth, silky appearance that simply applying the wax would never achieve. Do the same with your mineral makeup foundation. Buffing with the brush actually brings out the qualities of the minerals. Use a firm (Don't be afraid to be firm, our brushes are very soft) touch, and in a circular motion, blend, or spread the makeup around the cheeks, down the jaw line, over the nose. Do this several times, and you will begin to see your face glow and your skin look flawless and utterly natural.

Over the years in many magazine articles saying that face powder is old looking and not for a fresh, young face. And while it is indeed true that too much powder settling into wrinkles and dry spots magnifies imperfection, nothing else refines a complexion if used properly. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are buying and using face powder:

1) Find the right color powder for your complexion. If your face powder isn't the right shade for your face, it will look like you have dirt smudged on your face. You will likely have some hit or miss in finding the right shade, but in trying to figure out what shade you are, first consider, are you fair, medium, or dark skinned? That will winnow the choices down somewhat. From there, look at the undertone in your skin. Is it pink, peachy, or olive? In any given line of powders, you will probably end up with just two to decide between if you know those two aspects of your skin tone.

2) Find the right consistency. Some powders are incredibly finely milled. They go on lightly and don't settle into wrinkles or dry spots. They can also be somewhat more expensive than drugstore varieties, so assess if you prefer a finer powder than what you find in the drugstore for the price differential. A very good mid-price range powder can be found in the MAC makeup line. There are a lot of choices too - there is a powder if you just want to control shine, one if you want to add a slight glow to your skin, mineral powders for more foundation-like coverage, sheer, and translucent powders.

A Silky and Mineral-Rich Loose Powder Foundation

3) Decide if you want to use pressed or loose powder. Pressed is obviously best for popping in your purse, and imparts more coverage. However, if you are looking for a light, refining look, use loose powder.

4) Use a brush instead of a puff. Oil gets trapped in puffs, which can change the consistency on the powder on your face. Brushes handle oil differently (especially natural hair brushes), and while they still need to be washed about once a week, they won't change the consistency or distribution of powder on your face. And a good powder brush (try a Kabuki Brush) gives a more natural appearance. You won't look like you are using powder - which is the point.

5) Use judiciously. You aren't try to look like you have powder on - you are trying to look like your skin is a better, less shiny version of itself. So don't pile it on your face in the first place, don't use it on dry or wrinkled spots (around the eyes, in the nasio-labial folds), and be careful when you are doing touch-ups during the day.

Powder can give your face a refined, pulled-together look. Follow the suggestions above and people will be noticing your great skin - not your powder. Normally powders are used during the day to freshen the make up; however, this is not your ordinary powder. The powder foundation is heavily formulated with foundation. If you feel this does not suit you then you can order the loose powder form for your skin. Just remember they are very dry and have no moisture hence they are suitable for those who do not usually apply make up.

One more thing concerning loose powder foundation is that it can be used to fix any foundation by adding a smooth finishing touch to your make up. One just needs to dip the applicator brush in the powder, tap it a little to remove the extra powder and gently buff it across the face. It works like magic.

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Liquid Foundation For A Naturally Flawless Look

Liquid foundation For A Naturally Flawless Look

Foundation makeup is the key to whether your makeup will look good or bad. The application of a foundation will help to smooth out your skin tone, conceal blemishes and give you a more healthy glow. Applying makeup without a foundation base can actually enhance unsightly skin problems, rather than conceal them. But before you head out to the store, here are some basic rules that should be followed when making your product selection.

First, you need to select the correct color for your skin tone. Often times, people choose foundations that are either too light - making them look pale and washed out - or too dark - which often leaves a line of makeup between the jaw and neck. Generally, you will look like you're wearing a mask. The foundation color that you choose must blend in with your natural skin tone.

Liquid foundation For A Naturally Flawless Look

Also keep in mind that your skin tone color will change with the seasons. In the summer, you will most likely need a slightly darker foundation color, as your skin will tan somewhat (even if you don't purposely suntan - you still need to go outside sometimes.) In the winter your skin will lighten again back to its original tone and you should use your natural base color foundation makeup.

Most women seem to prefer the liquid foundation base. It appears to be quicker and much easier to apply. As well, once blended into the skin, liquid foundation makeup appears more natural and lighter, giving the skin a smooth, even appearance. However, how it is applied can also make a difference. Applying too much will cause streaks and spots that look "heavier" then others on your skin. Using a makeup sponge rather than using a fingers can help a lot with creating a smooth, even appearance. Apply a small amount of liquid foundation at a time and blend in carefully.

A liquid foundation would be the ideal choice for most women because they have a versatility and blendability that easily suits most skin types. They are also easier to use and last for at least two years. These bottles foundations come in oil and water bases. If your skin is oily, you may opt for a water-based foundation that blends easily and gives skin a subtle glow. They contain a slight amount of silicon oil and emollient and offer breathable coverage for daywear. These are also the best foundation choices for most women of color. Oil based foundations, on the other hand, work well for mature and wrinkled skin. Though they are greasier and thicker than the water-based kind, they work very well for women who want to make their skin appear moist and dewy.

One of the biggest pros of liquid foundation is its manoeuvrable mar-free magic. It prettifies places powder can’t go, can’t cover, or can make oh-so noticeable, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pores, dry patches, etc. From mattifying to oil free, to combination, there is one that’ll provide you with the coverage you crave. Another liquid foundation pro: just a little goes a long way! And it’s perfect for giving you a dose of delightful moisture on a cold day or if you have dry skin.

Liquid Foundation

Another advantage of a liquid foundation is that it absorbs into the skin rather than sitting on top of it, so you get a more natural skin tone appearance. It also comes in a variety of bases to suit women with dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin types.

Liquid Foundation is usually what some people think of when they hear the word "foundation". Companies have been selling it for many decades, it comes in a bottle and goes on smoothly over the face. Not all liquid foundations are created in the same way, in fact, there are many different types ...

Different Types Of Liquid Foundation
1. Long Wearing Foundations are very good sellers particularly with the shiny skinned types. Long wearing foundations do not break down with the sebum on the face and last throughout the day. Applying them can be a challenge, as they set very fast, so work in one little spot at a time, blending in before starting another section. Use a creamy cleanser to break down the foundation when washing your face at night. Long wearing foundations are available for a variety of skin types, from mass merchant brands like L'Oreal to prestige lines like Dior.

2. Illuminating Foundations are big right now and are super for the woman with dry skin. These foundations give your skin that natural looking glow that it is lacking. Great for normal to dry skins, if you have oily, you are already "dewy" enough, it is not necessary to add more. Ladies past a "certain age" tend to love these products, because they bring back that healthy, youthful glow.

3. Matte Foundations are intended for combination to oily types so they are, of course, oil-free. This kind of foundation absorbs oil and will keep shine from coming through. It may be a heavier coverage, to cover imperfections. If you have dry skin and wear this type of foundation, you will find it feels uncomfortable on your face. Leave this to the oily skinned girls. Matte foundations are available in almost every line, from mass merchant to prestige brands.

4. Acne Foundations are usually matte foundations with some acne medication (specifically salicylic acid) in it to heal your skin as you camouflage it. These types of foundations are great for oily or acne skin. Don't use acne foundations if you have an aspirin sensitivity as you may also be sensitive to the salicylic acid. Look for terms like "acne " or "clarifying" on the bottle.

5. Anti-aging Foundations are often moisturizing foundations with firming ingredients and/or components to help minimize wrinkles and fine lines. They often have illuminating ingredients to give the face a healthy, youthful glow. They mostly offer medium to full coverage and are loved by ladies across the country!

6. Tints or tinted moisturizers provide very light coverage, some offer moisturizing ingredients so it is a one step process. These are great if you need minimal coverage and want a quick product to slap on in the morning. Unless you are using a separate sunscreen, ensure you decide on a product with a minimum SPF 15. Tinted moisturizers come in different levels of hydration including oil-free. Tints or TMs are a great option for teenagers or women with faces that just requires minimal coverage. When used in conjunction with a great cover-up, you'll be good to go. Tints and TMs are also perfect for women who don't know which color they are ... because of the minimal tint, it is simpler to match!

How to Apply Liquid Foundation Make Up
Place a small dollop of liquid foundation on hand. Use a make up sponge to spread the foundation on your face and blend it before it dries. Make sure you use a liquid foundation sponge so that you do not waste the foundation too much while applying as sponge tend to absorb large amount of foundation. Remember to blend your jaw line and hair line too. Always use a clean sponge every time or else you will be transferring bacteria from the sponge to your face. Some make up artist will teach you to use your fingers when applying foundation but I do not recommend it. The simple reason is your fingers contains lots of bacteria and if you are putting make up for others, they might not like it as it is not hygienic.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation Make Up

Next, make sure you apply the foundation evenly on your face and it matches your skin tone. Once you are please with the results, you need to apply the foundation on your neck too. It is good practice to have single color tone for your neck and face.

Finally, set the foundation for all day wear. If you have dry skin, set it with blotting tissues and use pressed powder for oily skin. Liquid foundation is a great make up item because it can hide your blemishes, scars and make skin pores looks even and smooth.

Foundations today have a lot of extra benefits, like built-in sunscreen or ingredients that fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Look for the many extras some foundation formulas offer, such as sunscreen or ingredients that hide fine lines.

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Best Age Defying Makeup Foundation For Women

Best Age Defying Makeup Foundation For Women

Foundation makeup is the base that sets the overall look of makeup. It helps to cover blemishes, imperfections and provides an overall smooth and finished look. If you have ever put on eye makeup and then left off the foundation you know how much foundation can make a difference in a smooth and complete finish and that without it often times the eye makeup makes the facial imperfections appear worse.

Get A Quality Brand
The quality of foundation really makes a difference as far as application and how it looks on the face and this is one makeup product where price does make a big difference. While there are cheaper brands, they are not recommended. The better and more quality brands contain skin protectors, moisturizers, provide a much better finish and coverage, have fewer chemicals and are overall better for the skin.

SPF Protection
Get a foundation with SPF sun protection, this is really important and especially in the summer, as the sun's rays can be very harmful to the skin.

Choose the Right Foundation for You
Women have different needs, at different ages. A woman of 25 will not need the same coverage as one that is 35 years of age or older. Foundation makeup comes in many forms, including age-defying and lighter coverage types. It is important to choose one that fits your needs. Also, there is skin type, if you have oily skin choose one that is made for oily skin, for dry skin an extra moisturizing one will work best and will help to prevent the problems commonly associated with different types of skin. There are also products that are made to last a long time. These types are great for those who will not have time for, nor the inclination to do touch ups throughout the day.

Most women don't have time to sit down and research which product best suitable to the face from their favorite brands. Luckily, we've done the research for you. Here are some of the best cosmetics for combination skin types at lowest prices.

1. Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation: The Revlon Age Defying Collection brings you the best cosmetics for normal and combination skin, including makeup, concealer, and foundation. The only makeup with Botafirm to relax and visibly reduce the appearance of expression lines. 95% of women saw an instant reduction in the appearance of expression lines. Instantly firms skin. Completely covers flaws. This light and smooth foundation provides flawless coverage while protecting against fine lines. Age-defying and long-lasting, this popular product is used by many celebrities.

Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation

2. Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Cream: All-in-1 Miracle Cream! Ultra-blendable and lightweight cream effortlessly glides on, instantly infusing moisture, refining skin's surface and providing protection from the environment. Skin looks and feels smooth, glowing & naturally flawless. Ultra-versatile beauty balm simplifies your morning beauty routine by delivering the benefits of Moisturizer, Foundation & SPF protection in one easy to use product!

Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Cream

3. Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Age - Defying Pressed Powder:  Light up your face with Covergirl's Advanced Radiance Age - Defying Foundation. Available in a variety of shades.  It contains a Silky smooth formula with skin conditioning and skin brightening ingredients which provides a radiantly beautiful finish. Use alone to help even out skin tone, or use with Advanced Radiance Makeup to help cover fine lines and wrinkles. Contains skin conditioning and brightening ingredients. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologically tested. Oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin.

Now let's talk about choosing the right shade that will help you to achieve a flawless skin. Never ever choose your shade in the store lightings. The lights play on your eyes thus letting you choose a shade far away from your original skin tone. It is best if you choose foundation in daylight. Try two or three shades and choose the one closest to your skin tone.

Now how to choose foundation if you have a sensitive acne-prone skin. Just read the labels and you'll know the perfect one suitable for your skin type. "Non-oily", "hypoallergenic" and "noncomedogenic" are the terms you should look for. You'll need "non-oily" because acne pop outs are frequent for those with oily skin, "hypoallergenic" for sensitive and allergic skin which reacts with every other cosmetic giving rise to acne and pimples and "noncomedogenic" so that it doesn't block your pores and allows your skin to breathe freely.

Girls are usually tempted to show off a flawless face in public and especially if you have acne, you tend to use heavy Makeup products, foundation makeup in this case, to hide all your imperfections. This makes matter worse as it blocks your skin pores leading to serious acne breakouts.

Tips for choosing foundation:

• Dark or dull skinned beauties wanting fairer complexion may choose foundation shade lighter than their skin tone. This would be the greatest foundation blunder. You'll look all made up and artificial. Love your skin color and choose the perfect shade to make your skin tone look flawless.

• Blending, blending and blending! This should be the key when applying foundation. It should be blended with your skin in such a way that others don't recognize that it is not your original skin.

• Sometimes any foundation color you try doesn't match your skin tone. In that case, you have to blend two foundation shades to give your skin the proper shade. It is an art but you'll definitely get it right with practice.

Applying foundation is an art and so it takes practice to achieve the look you want. There are many different looks you can go for, but here are some general tips that reach across almost every style.

Five Basics For Applying Foundation Makeup:
1. For hygiene, use a foundation brush or makeup sponge instead of your fingers. Make up brushes avoid adding additional oil and particles to your face that your fingers often will. This will help you to avoid getting pimples from your makeup.

2. Moisturize your skin before applying foundation. Starting by cleansing your face and washing your hands and then patting them dry, apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to your face and let it absorb in for at least 10 minutes afterward. Then, apply your foundation makeup.

3. Apply your foundation cosmetics in a brightly lit room where you can see very well, to assist you in noticing any parts of your face where the makeup hasn't blended in with your skin tone and that you need to touch up.

4. Remember that the goal when putting makeup on is not to make your face one, single, even color tone. Instead, pay attention to the difference in color between your face and neck the jaw line dividing the two and blend your foundation appropriately.

5. Apply your make up in this order:
• Eye wrinkle concealer
• Makeup foundation
• Then your blush
• Your powders
• Your eye makeup (shadow, liner,...)
• Lipstick

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