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Best Age Defying Makeup Foundation For Women

Best Age Defying Makeup Foundation For Women

Foundation makeup is the base that sets the overall look of makeup. It helps to cover blemishes, imperfections and provides an overall smooth and finished look. If you have ever put on eye makeup and then left off the foundation you know how much foundation can make a difference in a smooth and complete finish and that without it often times the eye makeup makes the facial imperfections appear worse.

Get A Quality Brand
The quality of foundation really makes a difference as far as application and how it looks on the face and this is one makeup product where price does make a big difference. While there are cheaper brands, they are not recommended. The better and more quality brands contain skin protectors, moisturizers, provide a much better finish and coverage, have fewer chemicals and are overall better for the skin.

SPF Protection
Get a foundation with SPF sun protection, this is really important and especially in the summer, as the sun's rays can be very harmful to the skin.

Choose the Right Foundation for You
Women have different needs, at different ages. A woman of 25 will not need the same coverage as one that is 35 years of age or older. Foundation makeup comes in many forms, including age-defying and lighter coverage types. It is important to choose one that fits your needs. Also, there is skin type, if you have oily skin choose one that is made for oily skin, for dry skin an extra moisturizing one will work best and will help to prevent the problems commonly associated with different types of skin. There are also products that are made to last a long time. These types are great for those who will not have time for, nor the inclination to do touch ups throughout the day.

Most women don't have time to sit down and research which product best suitable to the face from their favorite brands. Luckily, we've done the research for you. Here are some of the best cosmetics for combination skin types at lowest prices.

1. Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation: The Revlon Age Defying Collection brings you the best cosmetics for normal and combination skin, including makeup, concealer, and foundation. The only makeup with Botafirm to relax and visibly reduce the appearance of expression lines. 95% of women saw an instant reduction in the appearance of expression lines. Instantly firms skin. Completely covers flaws. This light and smooth foundation provides flawless coverage while protecting against fine lines. Age-defying and long-lasting, this popular product is used by many celebrities.

Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation

2. Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Cream: All-in-1 Miracle Cream! Ultra-blendable and lightweight cream effortlessly glides on, instantly infusing moisture, refining skin's surface and providing protection from the environment. Skin looks and feels smooth, glowing & naturally flawless. Ultra-versatile beauty balm simplifies your morning beauty routine by delivering the benefits of Moisturizer, Foundation & SPF protection in one easy to use product!

Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Cream

3. Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Age - Defying Pressed Powder:  Light up your face with Covergirl's Advanced Radiance Age - Defying Foundation. Available in a variety of shades.  It contains a Silky smooth formula with skin conditioning and skin brightening ingredients which provides a radiantly beautiful finish. Use alone to help even out skin tone, or use with Advanced Radiance Makeup to help cover fine lines and wrinkles. Contains skin conditioning and brightening ingredients. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologically tested. Oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin.

Now let's talk about choosing the right shade that will help you to achieve a flawless skin. Never ever choose your shade in the store lightings. The lights play on your eyes thus letting you choose a shade far away from your original skin tone. It is best if you choose foundation in daylight. Try two or three shades and choose the one closest to your skin tone.

Now how to choose foundation if you have a sensitive acne-prone skin. Just read the labels and you'll know the perfect one suitable for your skin type. "Non-oily", "hypoallergenic" and "noncomedogenic" are the terms you should look for. You'll need "non-oily" because acne pop outs are frequent for those with oily skin, "hypoallergenic" for sensitive and allergic skin which reacts with every other cosmetic giving rise to acne and pimples and "noncomedogenic" so that it doesn't block your pores and allows your skin to breathe freely.

Girls are usually tempted to show off a flawless face in public and especially if you have acne, you tend to use heavy Makeup products, foundation makeup in this case, to hide all your imperfections. This makes matter worse as it blocks your skin pores leading to serious acne breakouts.

Tips for choosing foundation:

• Dark or dull skinned beauties wanting fairer complexion may choose foundation shade lighter than their skin tone. This would be the greatest foundation blunder. You'll look all made up and artificial. Love your skin color and choose the perfect shade to make your skin tone look flawless.

• Blending, blending and blending! This should be the key when applying foundation. It should be blended with your skin in such a way that others don't recognize that it is not your original skin.

• Sometimes any foundation color you try doesn't match your skin tone. In that case, you have to blend two foundation shades to give your skin the proper shade. It is an art but you'll definitely get it right with practice.

Applying foundation is an art and so it takes practice to achieve the look you want. There are many different looks you can go for, but here are some general tips that reach across almost every style.

Five Basics For Applying Foundation Makeup:
1. For hygiene, use a foundation brush or makeup sponge instead of your fingers. Make up brushes avoid adding additional oil and particles to your face that your fingers often will. This will help you to avoid getting pimples from your makeup.

2. Moisturize your skin before applying foundation. Starting by cleansing your face and washing your hands and then patting them dry, apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to your face and let it absorb in for at least 10 minutes afterward. Then, apply your foundation makeup.

3. Apply your foundation cosmetics in a brightly lit room where you can see very well, to assist you in noticing any parts of your face where the makeup hasn't blended in with your skin tone and that you need to touch up.

4. Remember that the goal when putting makeup on is not to make your face one, single, even color tone. Instead, pay attention to the difference in color between your face and neck the jaw line dividing the two and blend your foundation appropriately.

5. Apply your make up in this order:
• Eye wrinkle concealer
• Makeup foundation
• Then your blush
• Your powders
• Your eye makeup (shadow, liner,...)
• Lipstick

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