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Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers

Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers

Contouring your face is a simple beauty secret that allows you to slim down your face and make it picture perfect. There are only three make-up tools needed to pull off the perfect contour technique: a blush, bronzer and highlighter.

If the skin is naturally tanned or olive, a bronzer will give a better result. Bronzers comes in all forms: sticks, gels, powders ad creams. The shade of the bronzer must not be more than two tones darker than the natural skin tone. The form can vary depending on the skin type which suits a person best. A bronzer could be glittery or shimmery but it must not be overdone or else people will wonder why there is a walking statue around the neighborhood. It should enhance beauty not dominate the complexion. Use a large sized soft brush with a rounded top. If it is too small and stiff, it will give blotchy results.

Bronzer is a great way to help contour the face since it should always be a shade or two deeper than your natural skin tone. There are many beauty stores where bronzer can easily be purchased from. Bronzer should be applied parallel to the jaw line to make sure that your cheekbones pop beyond the fleshy parts of your face. Bronzer should also be placed from the bridge of the nose straight down. This technique is used to make your nose look longer as well as thinner. It's important to blend the make-up at this stage to make sure your skin looks as natural as possible. At the end, apply a thin amount of bronze make-up on the jaw line and chin to elongate your face to give it a more model-like affect!

Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers


Choose a shade that's no more than two shades darker than your skin.
Fair: Choose a honey colored bronzer. Also, if you're fair and sunburn easily, peach or pink bronzers are another great choice. For pale skin, stay away from orange or amber-toned products, they will make your golden glow look too unnatural.

Medium: Choose a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer. Copper shades are also nice on olive skin tones.

Dark: Select an amber bronzer powder to highlight the golden undertones associated with most dark skin tones. Apply to cheekbones only, not cheeks.

Bronzers today, create a more natural glow and, contrary to popular belief, are not only for darker skin tones and can be worn year round. They mimic the warm golden cast of the sun. Some of the benefits of using a facial bronzer include attaining a tan-like look without the harmful effects (wrinkles, sunspots, sunburn and skin cancer) of the sun. The end effect is a fun, healthy glow that can enhance all skin tones. Best of all, it washes off at the end of the day and can be touched up at any given time.

Blush is best to make a brighter look. Use a cream or powder blush and practice blending techniques. One must find the right shade of blush considering the color of the cheeks. Blush should be applied carefully above the bronzer on the apple of your cheeks. Like the bronzer, the blush should be applied parallel to your jaw lines. Lighter colors are essentially better for making the apple of your cheeks stand out but, a darker blush can be used if it truly does not match your skin tone. A cream stick is great for applying the exact amount of blush needed to the angle of your cheeks.

Highlighters, Blushes and Bronzers

Some people use both bronzer and blush as long as it complements with the skin tone. Darker complexions work well with bronzer to highlight features, but if you want to use blush, make sure to choose a pigment that won't get lost in your complexion. Deep roses and apricot shades look great on darker skin.

There are different ways of applying blush on the cheeks. It is done after you have applied foundation on your face. When you apply blush properly, you will help bring out the highlights of your face and bring out its radiance, no matter how ordinary or plain your face may be. The way you apply blush can be the decisive factor in bringing out your face's structural beauty. It can also add shape to a flat or long face, or make your face look less plump and on the narrow side.

Highlighter is meant to highlight. It’s pretty simple; wherever you place light, you making a feature pop, you’ll bring it out. And wherever you put dark, you’ll create depth. The only places you want to highlight are above the cheekbone & below the brow bone.

A highlighter is a classic secret that celebrities use to add the finishing touches to their contour faces. The rules for applying the highlighter to your face include adding some makeup to the bottom and top part of the lips to make them stand out. Cover a small bump on the top of your nose with the highlighter and run the highlighter over the eyebrow bones. To add misty glows to the entire face add a bit of the highlighter over the blush applied to the apples of your cheeks!

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