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Sunburn Relief - Effective Sunburn Treatment And Prevention

Sunburn Relief - Effective Sunburn Treatment And Prevention

Sunburn is an actual burn to the skin caused by overexposure to the sun's UV rays. It can and does happen to anyone who is exposed to the sunlight for a long period of time. Many people get sunburn when they go to the beach or work and play outside in the scorching sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be quite threatening when exposed to for a longer period of time. They can result in the inflammation of the skin which is more commonly known as sunburn.

Sunburns are normally caused by the UV-rays from the sun, but it is also common and possible to get a sunburn from UV lights (tanning beds) and other sources. One of the most common symptoms of sunburn is itching of the affected area. Getting sunburn relief on the itching can be a daunting task.

Most sunburns are actually first degree burns, though sometimes they can be second degree. What most don't know, is a first degree sunburn can set in under half an hour in the sun. Having good sunburn relief readily available can save many restless, painful nights for those impacted. Most importantly, someone with a sunburn should remain out of the sun while the burn heals.

Sunburn Relief

Blisters, skin irritation, general discomfort and other symptoms will occur with a sunburn within the first eight to twelve hours. Normally, no sunburn relief will naturally occur until as far as four days after the triggering event. As the sunburn severity increases, other symptoms may include cluster headaches, stomach discomfort, and severe itching. Some of the side effects can be debilitating temporarily. To avoid this situation, sunburn remedies and relief need to be considered on hand at all times.

Effective sunburn relief begins with products formulated to not only cool burning skin, but those with active ingredients to heal the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers. Anesthetic properties relieve pain temporarily and can provide comfort and relief for sever sunburn, but effective treatment requires deep moisturization and healing for proper skin cell development. Ingredients such as Lidocaine, Emu Oil, Aloe and Menthol all have cooling properties and are known to provide pain relief while adding antiseptic and anti-inflammatory assistance.

What Causes Sunburn?
Simply put, overexposure to the sun's UV rays, primarily overexposure to UVB - considered the "burning rays" of the sun. Blistering and reddening of the skin is caused by increased blood circulation close to the skin's surface as the body defends itself from damage. Burns may begin a few minutes after exposure and may continue for days as Melanin in the epidermis absorbs UVA and UVB radiation. Though UVB rays can tan, they are the primary cause of sunburn and may lead to skin cancer.

Treating and Preventing Sunburn
Sunburn can be quite painful and needs to be taken care of immediately. Preventive measures are better than looking for a cure. Therefore, the next time you go out in the sun, take all the necessary precautions.

While avoiding direct exposure to the sun is the best prevention, wearing adequate clothing - long sleeved shirts, hats, and pants - is the best prevention for extremities. Light colored clothing helps reflect heat and the sun's rays. Sunscreen is recommended - SPF30 or higher is generally best for prolonged exposure. When applying sunscreen, be careful to get your ears, face, hands, feet and under your chin and neck. More often than not, well-meaning parents and sun bathers "miss a spot" leading to a painful burn - or at least, some very interesting tanning patterns?

Treating and Preventing Sunburn

If you have a sunburn, products that provide deep moisturization and cell healing are recommended. Emu Oil has been used to treat burns. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anesthetic, and antibacterial properties that help heal. It is trans-dermal in nature, meaning it penetrates deep into the multiple layers of the skin and is a "carrier" of active ingredients, generally improving their effectiveness. Menthol is also an anesthetic and helps block receptors providing a cooling effect to burns. Though temporary, the relief is welcome for severe sunburn. Aloe is also excellent at cooling while naturally healing. Who hasn't cut off a piece of Aloe to help with a burn at the beach? Aloe juice extract provides cooling and healing without the skin tightening effect of the of the plants fluids.

If sunburned, consider the following:
1. Drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated
2. Dab or pat a cool, wet compress against the damaged skin
3. For severe burns, use Lidocaine or Aloe Vera as a anesthetic and antiseptic
4. Avoid peeling, exposed skin can become infected
5. Apply a moisturizing cream for hydration. Hydration promotes faster healing and helps ward off bacteria

Sun Care Remedies

Home Remedies for Treatment of Sunburn
• If the sunburn is mild enough, then you can effectively use a cold and wet compress to correct the problem. This must be done for ten to fifteen minutes, thrice daily till the sunburn has healed completely. You can add some baking soda to the water to get better relief.

• Almost all creams available in the market are good enough for simple sunburns. You must make sure that vitamin E is an ingredient of the cream, though.

• For slightly more aggravated sunburns, you can have a tub bath in cool water. Be sure to keep the sunburned parts of your skin for at least fifteen minutes in the water. There will be better effects if the water is in constant motion, like in a Jacuzzi.

• f the sunburn has affected your cheeks and the areas under your eyes, then used tea bags or slices of cucumber, potato and tomato can be placed on those regions.

• Mix tomato juice in buttermilk, in the ratio of 1:6 by composition. Apply this on the sunburned parts. Both these sour elements will help the skin to be healed very quickly.

• You can take cabbage or lettuce leaves and soak them in cold water or refrigerate them. When they are cold enough, lay them on the affected parts of the skin. This will reduce the sunburns and heal them.

• Apply lanolin lotion to the skin before going out in the sun. This will act as a sunscreen and prevent your skin from the sunburns.

• For sunburns on the face, this is a very good recipe. Mix some barley powder in milk and make it into a paste. Add little olive oil to it. Then add honey and the white of an egg. Blend the whole thing into a consistent paste and apply it on the skin. This method is only effective for sunburns on the face.

• If your skin is tanning on exposure to the sun, then it is actually a good sign. Nature has provided us with this protection. The tanning is caused due to extra secretion of the pigment melanin. This makes the skin darker, which reduces the chances of getting sunburns.

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