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Benefits And Types Of Body Lotions and Creams

Benefits And Types Of Body Lotions and Creams

When caring for the skin, body lotions and creams are usually a helpful addition. Body lotions and creams help keep the skin hydrated and help to attain the goal of perfectly soft skin. However when deciding whether to use a lotion or a cream, it depends on the individual and how dry the skin is. Dry skin can turn to be a more severe skin disorder if not taken care of and body lotions and creams help the skin to stay soft and fight against dry skin. The severity of the skin and how dry it is, will determine whether a lotion or a cream or a combination is necessary.

Skin care comes in the form of protection from harmful free radicals or sun damage, but it is also about using body cream frequently to keep skin cells moisturized. Body lotion cream come in a variety of formulas and consistencies to provide you with the nourishment and hydration needed for your specific skin type - so always choose the best one for your needs. Whether the skin is dry or oily, proper care and maintenance is needed to keep it smooth and wrinkle free.

Both body lotions and creams are excellent at hydrating the skin and keeping it looking healthy and younger. Both work to heal and prevent dry skin by infusing it with moisture. Both are absorbed by the body into the blood stream and so it is important to make sure that whatever is going on your skin can be safe and healthy for your body.

Lotions and creams can be found with natural ingredients as opposed to being chemically based. It is important to know the ingredients of either the body lotion or cream that is being used and make sure that none of the ingredients will cause an allergic reaction in the body. Body creams are generally used for skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema as it can be spread over a small area of skin and can be used without wasting as much. Creams are particularly useful when the product does not have to be taken off the skin immediately as it is easily absorbed by the skin.

Creams for the body tend to be a better moisturizer and are better tolerated by the skin. Most are non-greasy which works well with most skin types and helps the skin maintain moisture. Eye creams and anti aging creams are also preferred over lotions targeting the same thing. Lotions are generally used over larger parts of the body and work well over parts which are covered by hair, such as the chest or arms. Body lotions are quickly absorbed by the body and provide a cooling effect and so are generally recommended for dry skin during the summer months.

Types of Body Lotion
There are many kinds of body lotions on the market. With body lotion for aging skin, for sagging skin, for dry skin, for blemished skin, for cellulite, and for stretch marks, it seems like there are a dozen lotions on the market for every skin complaint. All of the kinds of body lotion can usually be broken down into two main categories - lotions that are intended to keep healthy skin moisturized and work to keep the skin healthy and lotions that are intended to reverse some kind of damage that the skin has experienced.

Body lotion that is intended to keep healthy skin moisturized and well comes in both scented and unscented varieties. Sometimes the scented varieties also offer aromatherapeutic benefits. This kind of lotion is also made with a number of ingredients for addressing various needs. Some people, for example, prefer to only use organic products. For these people there are lotions that are formulated using all organic ingredients or a majority of organic ingredients.

There is more variation in the kinds of body lotion used to treat different forms of skin damage. Body lotion with aloe, for example, is a product that can be used to treat skin that has been burned either by heat or by prolonged sun exposure. Lotion that is made with cocoa butter is often used to treat skin is lined with stretch marks, which may be the result of pregnancy or weight gain. There are also lotions that can be used to help treat acne, which sometimes effects the skin on the back and shoulders.

Cellulite body lotion is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is normally used on the upper legs, thighs, and buttocks. Sometimes it is also used on the upper arms. Lotion that is intended to help firm the skin is also used in similar areas. While these lotions may help to make cellulite less visible and to make the body look a bit firmer, they are not miracle potions. Rather, they should be used along with a healthy diet and regular exercise to help reduce cellulite and tone the body.

Types of Body Cream
There are several types of body cream on the market today, each one being made specifically for a certain type of skin. Body butters and balms are generally great for very dry or cracked skin, while oil free formulas work well for oily skin that is prone to breakouts. There are also facial creams, foot creams, and hand creams that are made to heal and soften particular areas of the body.

1. Body butters are one type of body cream generally made for extremely dry skin. They can be used all over the body, and can be made from a variety of ingredients. Common body creams in this category are made from coco butter, Shea butter, or olive oil. Body butters are usually thick in nature, making them easier to spread around the entire body.

2. Medication body cream selections contain medication to help heal sore, dry, cracked or irritated skin. These may come in various types. They can be found in most retail stores, generally near the pharmacy or medication departments. Oftentimes medicated body cream does not smell as nice as other varieties, so it is a good idea to use them only when needed.

3. Perfumed body cream: It is the perfumed variety. This type is generally used as a mild moisturizer and as an addition or substitute to perfume. A variety of fragrances are available, many of them being available in the same scent as popular perfume brands.

4. Moisturizing body creams: Made for those who have oily skin or skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts. Although these are most popular as facial creams, they also come in handy for anyone who suffers from body acne. They work by leaving out materials and oils that can clog pores, while still including ingredients that moisturize the skin.

5. Specialized types of body cream include facial and foot creams, as well as hand creams. Each type is formulated to meet the needs of its specific body part. For instance, facial creams are generally light and non-greasy to avoid a dirty feeling on the face. Foot creams are usually very thick and oily to penetrate calluses and rough areas on the feet, and hand creams can fall anywhere between these two extremes to meet the needs of a variety of people.

6. All natural and organic body cream is another type that has gained popularity. Natural products can fall into any of the other categories, but they are usually made using all-natural or organic ingredients instead of synthetic ones. This makes them perfect for anyone who is environmentally conscious or who has very sensitive skin.

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