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Facial Mask For All Skin Types

Facial Mask For All Skin Types

Facial masks are a pampering, beneficial way to draw out impurities, exfoliate, hydrate, soothe or tone your face. A face mask cream is a type of product used to hydrate, exfoliate, and brighten your skin. Before venturing for the ultimate mask, it is first important that you determine your skin type so that you can purchase the most appropriate product. Keep in mind that creams tend to offer more hydrating effects, so these might not be your best choice if you have extremely oily skin.

Facial masks are a great way to add moisture to the skin on your face, help prevent acne or remove oil. There are a variety of facial masks available for purchase from different sources, but you also can make a facial mask for yourself. Not only are these masks usually less expensive, they also use ingredients that you might already have on hand and they are natural. To make a facial mask, you might combine ingredients such as olive oil, egg whites, egg yolks, oatmeal and honey, as well as lemon juice, coffee grounds or plain yogurt. Your skin type and desired results help determine which ingredients you use.

Facial Mask For All Skin Types

Before applying any face mask, it is imperative that you know your skin type. You can determine your skin type by reading the article "What Skin Type are You?". Once determining you skin type, select the facial mask that best suits you. For instance a dry skin type would use a facial mask that hydrates and moisturizers, while an oily skin type may select a mask that extracts excess oil from the skin. In addition, always apply your facial mask to clean skin and avoid the eye area. Facial mask can also be used on the neck, shoulders and arms. These areas are exposed to the everyday environmental stress and need pampering too.

Masks are perfect to bring back the glow to you skin.. Once applied it is best to sit back and relax and not use the facial muscles such as laughing or eating. The mask needs to dry so that it can do its wonders on the skin.

1. Clay Masks: Clay masks contain natural clay substances that deep cleanse by drawing impurities to the skin's surface as it dries and tightens. Clay masks are ideal for people with normal to oily skin who would like to absorb excess oil without stripping their skin.

2. Peel-off Masks: Peel-off masks come in gel, plastic, or paraffin wax subtypes, but they're not as absorbent as clay masks. Peel-off masks tighten the skin temporarily and some stimulate the blood supply. They are good for mature and dry skin.

3. Thermal Masks: Thermal masks are applied to the face and gradually heat up. They warm surface tissues and encourage the skin to breathe.

4. Cream Masks: Cream masks contain emollient properties that soften skin. They are ideal for people with normal to dry skin who want to rejuvenate their facial skin by adding moisture.

5. Radiance Mask: Radiance mask and luster and glow to lifeless, dull skin. They use vitamins and light diffuses to add glow. Radiance masks moisturize and tone the skin to give a more youthful appearance.

6. Hydrating Masks: It moisturize the skin. A hydrating mask is meant to hydrate the skin by restoring natural oils. Hydrating masks are recommended for those with dry skin.

7. Warm-oil Masks: It is usually applied in spas and contain almond oil, olive oil, or vitamin oil. They are excellent for dry or mature skin because they soften the skin and increase blood circulation to the face.

8. Firming Masks: It is usually gel or cream form. Firming masks do just as the name implies, it firms and tightens the skins surface. They are massaged into the contours of the face where elasticity is lost. Firming masks are usually used as an anti-aging anti-wrinkle masks as they tighten and firm the skin.

9. Natural Masks: Based on the rejuvenating properties of fruits, plants, and herbs, such as cucumber, papaya, and oatmeal. Product recommendation: Korres Thyme Honey Mask – This mask moisturizes and revitalizes normal to dry skin with natural thyme honey.

Homemade Face Masks
Homemade face masks can be created in innumerable combinations and can be applied cold, warm, wet, crumbly, or finely mixed. They can be left on the skin for either a few minutes or overnight to achieve the desired results. Some common ingredients of homemade face masks include fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, cucumbers, strawberries, lemons, and avocados; raw eggs in whole or part; honey, oats, yogurt, milk, and oils; and powders and spices from common sugar to turmeric. An assortment of medicine cabinet spot treatments and folk remedies is also used: toothpaste is believed to dry blemishes; aspirin can be ground and made into pastes for shrinking pores and exfoliating; and aloe vera may be applied to calm redness and cool skin sensitivity. Even hemorrhoid creams are used to reduce under-eye puffiness and milk of magnesia is used to prep and smooth skin for makeup applications.

Homemade Face Masks

There are several options when it comes to homemade face masks and the nice thing about using typical pantry items to create face masks? You can customize the mask to use ingredients that will help solve your particular skin issue.

1. Honey Mask - It couldn't be any simpler than this! Open your pores by patting your face with a warm, wet washcloth. Apply honey in a thin layer and leave on skin for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and finish with a cool water splash to close your pores. Honey is naturally antibacterial and a wonderful exfoliant, making it the perfect mask for those with acne.

2. Egg Mask - You may use the whites or the yolks in a face mask. If using egg whites, beat them with a fork until frothy, and apply to your face. Just leave it on your face until it dries and rinse with warm water. For the egg yolk mask, spread the yolks on your face for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. Egg yolk masks are great for moisturizing dry skin while egg white masks are an excellent remedy for oily skin.

3. Banana Oatmeal Mask - You may want to just sit down and eat this mask instead of applying it but if you resist making it your breakfast, your face will thank you! Simply mash up a whole banana, add enough dry oatmeal to make a paste, apply it to your face for 15 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. The oatmeal exfoliates while the banana softens and moisturizes your skin.

4. Avocado Mask - Instead of putting that avocado in your guacamole, save one half of it to use in a homemade face mask. Mix ½ of an avocado with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of Greek yogurt. Mix until smooth, spread it onto your face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and moisturize. Not surprisingly, it is the healthy fats in the avocado that contribute to supple skin, making it appropriate for anyone with dry skin issues.

How to appply Face Mask
Most face masks, whether homemade or bought, seem straightforward: Simply smooth the mask onto your face, then rinse off after a period of time. But properly applying the mask can make a big difference. Gently rub the face mask into your skin. The massaging motions will help increase blood flow, improving your skin's appearance. To get the most of your massage, apply light pressure to your jaw line with your fingertips. Slowly move upward until you reach your forehead, then start again.

Facial Mask For All Skin Types

Other benefits of massage include a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol, which can in turn lower blood pressure and boost your immune system, although this is more likely to occur if the massage covers more than your face. After the massage, let the mask set for about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the specific recipe instructions. Set a timer. When the appropriate time period has passed, rinse the mask off with warm water using a washcloth.

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