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Hands and Foot Skin Care

Hands and Foot Skin Care

While the skin on our hands and feet might not look the same as the skin on the rest of our body, it is actually quite different! The skin found on our hands and feet is hairless, quite thick and a bit rough as compared to the skin found on the rest of our body, because it is made to withstand the wear and tear of the countless daily activities that our hands and feet perform such as picking things up, holding things, catching things, walking, running, squatting etc and people also treat them badly while washing clothes, dishes, scrubbing floors and working in the garden. Which require a certain amount of friction, hence the rough skin with ridges!

Most people actually do not take the time to take care of their hands and foot, but also don't realize the importance of hand and foot care. They are very often treated roughly. Hand and foot are so beautiful and important but one probably feels no need of taking care of them. One must take proper care of the hands and foot.

Hand creams and lotions are different from face creams and lotions. It is thicker, contains essentials oils, water and often natural ingredients like fruit, herbs, flowers are added not only for their scented nature but to enrich the cream with the anti-ageing and vitamin ingredients that they may contain. The ingredients are held together by emollients creating a thick cream to nourish and protect the skin on the hands, providing the essential extra elasticity that the skin needs. The creams are deliberately greasy upon application but soak into the skin giving a delicate healthy feel.

Importance of Hand and Foot Care
For those who suffer from sensitive skin there are Hypo-allergenic formula suitable for all types of skin. The specific anti-ageing formula help reduce fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles from appearing whilst reducing those already in existence making them very appropriate for older person. Exposing the hands to harsh sun conditions, creams are available containing SPF to shield the skin from sunburn and the harmful properties of UV rays. This is very important as these rays can cause irreparable damage to any skin. Particular attention should be given to the hands when they are exposed to harsh washing and cleaning products making sure that they are well rinsed to remove any residue.

The way you care for your hands should be like the way how you care for your feet. Consider your feet and toes a delicate thing to pamper. Oftentimes these limits are overlooked, but we do not realize that these are the core foundation of our totality. These carry most of the hard loads of our body and when these are already strained, we hardly move at all.

Caring for the skin on our hands and feet is quite simple, as it involves simple little things that one needs to do on a daily basis to ensure that hands and feet remain cared for. Three simple steps to beautiful hands and feet- clean, exfoliate and moisturise:

1. Cleaning: While taking bath, massage soap more vigorously on your hands, feet, knees and elbow and also do not forget to clean in between toes and fingers. Cleaning your feet just before sleeping will not only remove dust and dirt but also help in getting sound sleep. Hand wash depends on the kind of work you are engaged in, but do not apply soap until unless necessary.

2. Exfoliate: Skin of our feet gets thickened at areas of constant pressure leading to formation of callus and if not treated can turn into corns. This thickened skin is made of dead skin cells compacted together. Exfoliation will help in removing these dead cells giving smoother look. There are two ways of exfoliation

Pumice stone: Rub pumice stone only on areas of thick skin of feet atleast once a week. The pressure of rubbing pumice stone should neither be too gentle or harsh, just enough so that it does not hurt. Provides for a wonderful and natural method of smoothing out rough skin and getting rid of the dead skin cells which keep on accumulating along with the dirt and natural oils on the feet and cause for a rough skin, especially around the soles.

Scrub: You can use harsher nut shell or pumice based scrubs on hands, feet, elbows and knees once or twice a week. Massage scrub for few minutes and then rinse off. We use Sandals and Shoes with comfortable soles and we end up with cracked feet and dry peeling skin! Scrubbing the feet with pumice stone after taking a bath or after soaking them in warm soapy water for 5 minutes helps get rid of the dead skin layer by layer, giving your feet a smooth look. Doing this for a period of 1-2 weeks will give you soft, smooth feet depending on the level of damage that has already occurred.

Hand and Foot Care

3. Moisturize: Skin of hand and feet has abundant sweat glands but lack oil secreting sebaceous glands, so they get dry easily.   Hands are frequently exposed to water, detergent and other house hold irritants that strips off natural moisturising factors; thus damaging skin barrier and henceforth dermatitis. So moisturize them after each hand wash, if this seems bit too much apply moisturizer atleast when you feel dryness or stretch in skin of your hands. Moisturiser your  to feet at least once preferably at bed time.  You can use petroleum jelly or bland thick creams (like Ponds, Charmis, Nivea or Neutrogena hand cream) or coconut or olive oil as moisturizer..

Similar to the hands, our feet need to be moisturized as well. Moisturizing the soles of the feet every night is important, especially if you are prone to calluses and cracked heels.

If you want beautiful and soft hands and feet then you should pay attention and fallow these hands and feet care tips.

1. Take on tub of hot water and put 1 tablespoon table salt, 2 lemon and washing soap. Now put you hands and feet in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Now rub you hands and feet with the brush to clean you hands and feet to make them clean, soft and beautiful.

2. Daily wash your hands and feet for two time with good soap and give them nourishment and moisture with cream or Vaseline. This also make your hands and feet soft and beautiful.

3.   Rub lemon peel on your hands and feet and wash with soap after that apply butter or cream on your hands and feet. Give your hands and feet proper care with masks. Masks make you hands and feet skin soft and elastic.

4.   Take 1 table spoon yogurt and 1 table spoon of basin mix them and make a paste. Apply this past on you hands and feet skin after 10 to 15 minutes wash them with lukewarm water and apply any care cream and lotion on your hands and feet.

5.   For dry hand and foot care make a paste of glycerin, Rose sap and lemon juice and apply this paste on you hands and feet. On drying wash with soap and water. This give you dry feet and hands skin moisture and elasticity.

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