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Skin Toner And Astringent For Skin Care

Skin Toner And Astringent For Skin Care

First, both toners and astringents have the same purpose. They serve as a cleanser. Both men and women can use toners or astringents. Nowadays, there are already lots of toner or astringent products that are designated for men which mean that men are becoming more conscious about their skin and to their whole appearance as well.

An astringent is a substance which causes biological tissue to contract or draw together. There are a number of uses for astringents medically, and many cosmetic companies also sell astringents for skin care. The term is also used to refer to tart foods which cause the mouth to pucker, such as lemons, pomegranates, and persimmons. Tannins, such as those found in teas and wines, are also astringents, since they cause the mouth to feel dry and constricted. Many of these tannins, such as oak bark, are used to produce astringent products for both medical and cosmetic use.

Skin Toner And Astringent For Skin Care

Astringents are used to firm and tone the skin, constricting the pores and creating a protective layer of firm tissue between the under layers of skin and the elements. A cosmetic astringent is sometimes called a toner, and it is usually applied after bathing but before the application of moisturizers. Aftershaves are also astringents. Using an astringent after shaving can help to reduce the pain of minor cuts while also soothing the skin.

A skin toner is a liquid or light lotion that is used in several different applications of skin care. Of these, the most common is to use a toner, usually with witch hazel or alcohol, to clean the skin and perhaps reduce oil and prevent acne breakouts. These are often called astringents.

Another type of toner used is called a tonic. This type typically contains a smaller amount of alcohol than do astringents, but it may still have that somewhat prickly or stingy feel that users often note when they place alcohol on the face. They also often feel cooler than plain water. Tonics do help clean the skin, and women or men who have combination type skin, with dry skin on the cheeks and more oily skin on the forehead and nose (called the T-zone), may prefer a tonic to an astringent. Some skin toners contain little to no alcohol. Instead, they might use citric acid, rosewater, or a variety of other ingredients to simply freshen the skin. This explains the names used for this type: fresheners or bracers. Using a small amount of acid can help give a freshening feel to the skin.

Skin Toner And Astringent For Skin Care

A toner or astringent, typically a clear or light-colored liquid, is used after cleansing and before moisturizing. Women are very much familiar with the terms toner and astringent. For us women, using toners and astringents are already part of our daily routines, particularly in our hygiene. We use them to clean our skin, most especially in our face. The differences between astringent and toner have to do with components, effects and the skin type indicated for use.

1. Composition of Toners And Astringents

Facial toners come in many different brands and are used on the skin after washing the face. Toners are made with ingredients such as salicylic acid, witch hazel, and benzoyl peroxide and often contain no harsh chemicals or alcohol. However, some manufacturers of beauty products make toners with organic ingredients.

Astringents basically contain the same ingredients as toners, but unlike toners, astringents are either chemical-based or alcohol-based and sometimes come in medicated formulations. They come in many different brands as well, but they don't need to be used after washing the face since they work by removing oil and dirt. Astringents made with organic ingredients are also available.

2. Astringent And Toner Skin Type Suitability

Toners are more suitable for use on dry or sensitive skin because they don't contain harsh chemicals or alcohol that can dry or irritate the skin. The harsh ingredients in facial toners can actually leave the skin feeling drier and even itchy, which can lead you to touching and scratching your face, which could lead to further skin problems.

Astringents are more suitable for use on oily skin or combination dry and oily skin. Since the alcohol in astringents helps to remove excess oil and dirt on the skin, it aids in giving the skin a matte appearance. Using a facial toner, however, may leave the skin with an oily appearance.

3. Benefits of Using Toners and Astringents

Toners is a cosmetic preparation, usually a liquid, used to restore firmness to the skin." They are primarily used to clarify the skin, keep the skin hydrated and moisturized, refresh tired complexions, reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin tone, and restore the skin's natural pH balance.

Astringents is a cosmetic that cleans the skin and constricts the pores." Astringents can tighten the skin's pores and help reduce acne by controlling oils and removing impurities that usually lead to blemishes and breakouts. Additionally, astringents work by removing dead skin cells, dirt and makeup.

4. Effects of Using Toners and Astringents
While some effects, such as removing the film left over from cleansing, are shared by toner and astringent, each offers slight differences. For example, toners can keep the skin hydrated and may contain herbal ingredients, such as citrus fruits, that reduce the amount of free radicals on the skin. Toners also are slightly acidic, which means they help to restore pH balance to the skin, which can help to reduce breakouts. Astringents may have a diminishing effect on the skin's pores, tightening the pores after application, which may create a tingling sensation on the skin.

Choose Best Toner Astringent
Toner astringents tighten skin pores, reduce oiliness and wash away dirt as well as soap and cleanser residue. Different types of toner astringents are best for different skin types. Toner astringents are made with alcohol or another astringent, such as witch hazel. The ratio of alcohol to water makes a difference - for oily skin, a high alcohol percentage is best, while people with dry skin should use one with low or no alcohol content. An astringent is any liquid or gel that causes the tissues in the skin to contract. It is used for wound healing and for improved skin tone and appearance. Tight, healthy pores are also less likely to absorb dirt particles and other irritants.

Alcohol is the main base for many toner astringent products, but some natural product lines use witch hazel instead. Witch hazel is a natural substance distilled from the bark of witch hazel trees. It is less harsh than alcohol while still having all the astringent properties. Witch hazel can also help stimulate healing. For dry skin, it is best to use a toner astringent with 10% alcohol or less. Normal or medium skin can benefit from a toner containing 20 to 30% alcohol. For oily skin a toner astringent containing up to 60% alcohol is suitable. Witch hazel and witch hazel-based toners can be used on all skin types, as long as it does not contain alcohol. Many less expensive witch hazel products include alcohol as an inexpensive preservative. Another natural toner astringent is apple cider vinegar, but it should be diluted and added to witch hazel or an alcohol-based toner to reduce the strong vinegar odor.

Choose Best Toner Astringent

Natural toners often contain a mix of distilled plant material as well, including rosemary, rose, cucumber, and aloe. Plants are chosen based on their healing and skin-rejuvenating properties. Cucumber and aloe are both well suited for dry and sensitive skin. Rosemary and lavender are stronger and better suited for younger or oily skin. Distilled rose water and orange flower water have gentle astringent properties.

Most toner astringent products are water-based liquids meant to be applied to the skin after using soap or cleanser and before moisturizing, but lotion toner astringents are also available. A lotion toner astringent is best suited for oily or acne prone skin. It can be used after a cleanser, along with a water-based toner or alone.

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