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Importance Of Cream Moisturisers

Importance Of Cream Moisturisers

Moisturizing products, which are made to hold water in the skin, often contain humectants and emollients as ingredients. Humectants, such as urea, glycerin and alpha hydroxy acids, work by absorbing water from the air around you. Emollients, such as lanolin, mineral oil or petrolatum, fill in spaces between skin cells to smooth the appearance of rough skin. Look for these ingredients in more than just lotions and creams cleansing bars, body washes and even deodorants can contain ingredients that moisturize your skin.

No matter whether your skin type is dry, oily or sensitive, you shouldn't skip the moisturizing step in your skin care routine. Leaving it out might quickly cause redness or flaking, and in time it can allow wrinkles and other aging signs to show up on your skin earlier than they otherwise might. Also, if you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, moisturizing regularly might help ease some of the irritation.

Importance Of Cream Moisturisers

To get the most out of your moisturizer, first prime your skin. While in the shower, use a loofah or an exfoliating body scrub a few times a week to exfoliate. Removing dead skin cells before adding a moisturizing lotion or cream may help your skin absorb the product and increase hydration. Then, within three minutes of getting out of the bath or shower, apply lotion to trap the moisture on your skin. By adding this step to your regular routine, you can ditch dry, itchy skin for good.

To ensure your facial skin stays blemish-free, look for moisturizers that are oil-free and noncomedogenic, or designed not to clog pores. Even if you struggle with breakouts, you should still use a moisturizer. In fact, applying a moisturizing lotion immediately after a topical acne medication can help to reduce dryness and irritation caused by the medicine. If the medicine is causing itching or stinging, however, then you might try applying the moisturizer first.

Choosing the Right Moisturizer
As we all know moisturizing the skin is an important part of a skin care regimen after cleansing and toning. There are many different types of moisturizers available in the market that promise youthful skin, so it is very difficult to choose the right one. What is the criteria for choosing a moisturizer which will keep your skin hydrated and delay the signs of aging? Well, it is definitely not the attractive packaging or the very reassuring words of the salesgirl. You should carefully read the label at the back of the package to find out about the ingredients in a moisturizer.

Once you know about the ingredients in a moisturizer and which of them are beneficial or harmful for your skin, you can make an informed decision while buying a moisturizer. Another question that people ask is, do moisturizers work? Yes, they most definitely work. Provided that you are using the right one that is most suitable for your skin type.

Importance Of Cream Moisturisers

Basically, a moisturizer is so formulated to provide a balanced moisture to your skin. This means that the dry areas will be well moisturized and oily skin will not be over moisturized. A heavy skin moisturizer can often clog the pores and leave an already oily skin, greasy. If you have a skin problems like acne, clogging of pores, choose accordingly. Also while choosing a particular brand or product, look for labels like, 'oil reduction', 'oil control', 'non greasy', 'refreshing', 'rejuvenating', etc. A water-based moisturizer in gel cream type is the best pick. While using an acne control cream, make sure you just have a spot treatment, as these dry out the dry skin completely leading to flaky skin. From the options available you can buy the best one with SPF for day time use. Using a moisturizer with SPF will ensure that your skin stays away from sun damage.

Moisturizer for Various Skin Types
Moisturizers are meant for maintaining the hydration level of the skin, without which the skin will lose its natural glow, suppleness and softness. Generally, there are four skin types - dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin. As each type of skin requires different level of hydration, the type of moisturizers for face needed are different. Let us understand each skin type and the moisturizers required for them:

1. Dry Skin: Dry skin is one of the most common skin types found. There are several causes for dry skin, from excessive exposure to sun's radiation, to wrong skin care products, to medications. Dry skin lacks moisture, thus, making the skin tighten around the muscles and making it painful and red, so increasing the need for a moisturizing face cream. While choosing a moisturizer for dry skin, it is best to select a cream based moisturizer. A cream based moisturizer possesses a thick texture that hydrates the skin without leaving the skin oily. The other option for moisturizers containing lactic acid or glycerin are also useful for dry type of skin

2. Oily Skin:
If your face is shiny and greasy even after washing, then you have oily skin. Oily skin is the result of high levels of sebum production in the body and because of this, oily skins are more prone to breakouts and acne. Many people have this misconception that people with oily skin do not need moisturizer for face, but it is not so, oily skin also requires moisturizing as much as any other skin type. It is best to choose moisturizers that do not contain animal fat, vegetable oil or mineral oil, that is, oil free moisturizers. Opt for face moisturizing lotions that are water based or gel based.

3. Combination Skin: Combination skin type can be oily, normal or dry all at once, or at random. The best option is to care for a combination skin with a varied skin care routine. The best face moisturizer for oily skin is an oil based moisturizer when the skin is dry, a water based gentle moisturizer when the skin has an oily texture, and if the skin is showing both skin types, then use an astringent before an oil based moisturizer.

4. Sensitive Skin: When it comes to sensitive skin, the choices for moisturizers for face are limited because not a lot of products suit this kind of skin. So, it's best to go in for natural face moisturizers that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc for keeping the skin hydrated and revitalized. For best face moisturizers for sensitive skin, select one that is fragrance free and hypoallergenic, that is, does not contain any harsh chemicals. Also, for this skin type it is advised to use face creams or moisturizers for face only when needed.

Beneficial Moisturizer Ingredients
The main ingredients in a moisturizer are water and oil. The ratio of oil and water that is present in the moisturizer is what differentiates one moisturizer from another. People with dry skin should choose a moisturizer that is oil based while those with normal or oily skin should choose a water based moisturizer. Some other moisturizer ingredients that are beneficial for the skin are hyaluronic acid and ceramides which not only help to plump up the skin, giving the appearance of a smooth line free skin, but also retains and draws moisture from the air, keeping the skin hydrated. Another great ingredient is neuropeptides that stimulates collagen production and improves the texture and tone of the skin. Vitamin C and E are also ingredients that are present in some expensive high-end moisturizers that have great anti aging properties. Vitamin E protects the skin and helps in cellular regeneration making skin smooth and wrinkle free while vitamin C improves skin elasticity and the production of collagen.

Importance Of Cream Moisturisers

Some active ingredients in moisturizers are vitamin C, aloe vera, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A. Your moisturizer should contain these ingredients to be effective which will help you to attain smooth skin.

Homemade Moisturizer for Face
There are other ways to go around skin problems, like using homemade facial masks and pastes; organic moisturizers; natural herb based products and so on. Make it a habit to use a good skin exfoliation scrub during your shower, and a good moisturizer to double the effect. Do it all the time to avoid problems like pimples, blemishes, oily skin, dryness and clogged pores. Experiment with the best facial moisturizer for combination skin types, and decide what works for you, and what doesn't.

1. Cocoa Butter Moisturizer: You'll need 1 tbsp of cocoa butter and 1 tbsp of jojoba oil for this face moisturizer recipe. You will also need a double boiler. Transfer the ingredients in this double boiler and place it over medium heat. Once the ingredients melt, add a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Now stir well on low heat and turn off the heat. Transfer it into a bottle and let it cool down. Apply this skin moisturizer twice a day for best results.

2. Egg and Milk Moisturizer: To make this natural face moisturizer take two eggs and 1½ cup of milk. Add two egg yolks to the milk. Beat it well so that they mix well and a paste is formed. Transfer it to a glass bowl and refrigerate overnight. Use this before going to bed daily.

3. Olive Oil Moisturizer: To make this, mix 2 tbsp of olive oil with 1½ tbsp of finely ground almonds. Store this in an air tight bottle. Apply this daily to have a wonderful looking facial skin. This makes the best night moisturizer for face. You can also use just olive oil as a moisturizer for your face. Believe me this is the safest and best moisturizer for dry skin and it works extremely well in giving you a soft and radiant skin. Make sure you use this before going to bed, as it will leave your face oily.

4. Yogurt Moisturizer: Here's a recipe for best moisturizer for dry skin. In a glass bowl take 3 tbsp of yogurt and add lemon juice extracted from ½ lemon, 1½ tsp of honey. Mix well and then add 1 whipped egg white to this mixture. Again stir well. Apply this natural moisturizer for face everyday before going to bed or 15 minutes before having a bath. This is a wonderful moisturizer for acne prone skin.

5. Strawberry Moisturizer: For this recipe you need mashed strawberries, vitamin E oil, vegetable oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Mix 2 tbsp of mashed strawberries with ¼ tbsp of each of the above mentioned oils. Blend the mixture well. Apply this moisturizer daily before going to bed.

Suggestions for choosing Moisturizer

• Facial skin care products do not have to be expensive. Many actresses and models use homemade mixtures and other items.
• If you see red patches or dry skin on face, this is the sign that you are not getting enough moisture.
• Drink plenty of water for beautiful, younger looking skin.
• Apply natural products such as yogurt and honey for a healthier skin.
• Also have an active lifestyle; exercising on a regular basis also promotes healthy skin and follow a balanced diet.

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