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Insoles and Cushion Inserts

Insoles and Cushion Inserts

The insole is a part of the shoe on which the foot rests. Nowadays, most of the insoles are removable. Insoles in shoes can not only add to the comfort of the user, but also are used to relieve heel pain. Many different types of insoles are manufactured keeping in mind the comfort factor. These are made for specific purposes like running, exercising, walking, etc. Insoles are shaped inserts that fit into shoes. An insole may be manufactured for sale in stores or it may be a custom made orthotic insert prescribed by a podiatrist, or foot specialist. Orthotics is the science of creating products customized to help foot problems and reduce pain in the feet. Corrective insoles can help promote proper body alignment such as by keeping the heel stationary in the shoe when walking. If the heels move around too much inside footwear, the result can be painful blisters or dry, cracked heels.

People wear insoles for many reasons. Some people work standing on their feet all day and want extra padding in their shoes to add comfort and cushioning. Others have issues with their feet sweating in shoes and may choose insoles that have a deodorized, mesh fabric top designed to offer cooling comfort to feet. Many people prefer the flexible rubbery texture of gel insoles in their shoes. A transparent type of gel insole may help women's high-heeled shoes feel a little more comfortable without the insert looking too noticeable in sandals or open-toe shoe styles.

Insoles and Cushion Inserts

Thin-soled shoes such as inexpensive canvas types can often be made more comfortable by adding an insole that has some foam or other padding. People with skin conditions sometimes experience foot pain when the skin on their feet rubs against the inside of their shoes. Orthotic insoles with heel cups may help keep the heel in place and reduce or eliminate the rubbing problem. A heel cup is a rounded indentation created in a shoe insert that gently cups the heel to help prevent it from moving side to side.

Depending on the activity that a person is intending to do, the insoles of varying thickness and comfort levels can be used. The following information on the insoles made for common heel problems like flat feet and plantar fasciitis. These insoles can also be used for running or jogging. Information on different types of insoles is presented below.

Different Types of Insoles
1. For Running
Running is a strenuous activity that puts a lot of pressure on the knee joints, heel and sole of the runner. It is important that the feet are appropriately cushioned by using proper insoles while running. The following insoles are recommended for running.

Superfeet Insoles
The 'Superfeet Insoles' are not just padding pieces but ergonomically designed foot beds that reduce the strain on feet. Most of the insoles we see are soft and provide a cushion to support the feet. Superfeet insoles on the other hand are firm. A deep cup is provided for the heel and arch to fit snugly.

• Spenco PolySorb Runner Insole
The specialty of 'Spenco PolySorb Runner Insole' is that it is good at shock absorption and also provides an extra cushion for stability. The 'closed-cell' cushions of Spenco insoles help maintain stability. The Spenco insert is suitable for both flat and normal feet. These insoles can also be used in shoes with removable foot beds.

• Airwalk Massage Insole
The 'Airwalk Massage Insole' is manufactured by 'Earth Therapeutics'. Textured surface of this insole stimulates the feet with the massage it provides. Foot blood circulation is enhanced by the regular use of these insoles. The cushioned gel heel and reinforced shell construction provides support and protects the feet.

2. For Plantar Fasciitis
The products mentioned below are best suited for Plantar Fasciitis - which is caused by inflammation of plantar fascia, a band of fibrous tissues that originate at the bottom of the heel bone.

• Spenco Thinsole Orthotic 3/4 Length Arch Supports Rx (43-240)
This insole product is suitable for people with plantar fasciitis because it absorbs shocks and provides support to the foot arch. The insole is covered in a nylon material which can be stretched in 4 ways, thus providing ultimate flexibility to the user.

• Superfeet Green Trim-to Fit (1400)
These insoles are effective in absorbing shock and providing maximum support to the leg. These are used in shoes where insoles can be replaced. Some of the other features of this 'Superfeet' insole product are the prevention of foot odor and reduction of bacteria. The antimicrobial treatment given to the top cover helps in reducing bacteria.

Insoles and Cushion Inserts

3. For Flat Feet
People suffering from flat feet need to take extra care of the footwear they use. Special footwear designed for people with flat feet are available in the market. However, the use of some insoles in regular shoes can also prove to be effective for people suffering from this condition. The flat feet insole reviews mentioned below should help in choosing the best product.

• Superfeet Black Insoles for Flat and Sensitive Feet
These insoles are perfect for people with flat and sensitive feet. Those who find it difficult to wear supportive orthotic devices can wear such insoles. These are recommended for tight-fitting and slim footwear. Although manufactured specially for low arch shaped feet, these insoles can also be used for all other arches.

• Sof Sole Graphite Orthotic Arch
Ideal for flat feet, the 'Sof Sole Graphite Orthotic Arch' helps in reducing the heel strike owing to its gel heel protection. A material called 'Impulse XL' absorbs the shocks and the design of a deep heel cup gives more stability to the leg. Therefore, 'Sof Sole Graphite Orthotic Arch' are also amongst the best insoles for heels. A thin and lightweight support is provided by the graphite arch of these insoles.

Rather than buying shoes designed for a specific foot condition, these best insoles can first be given a try, as most of them have proven to be significantly effective. A good insole not only offer comfort to the user, but also ensures that feet are very well taken care of.

Insoles for High Arches
High arch foot, also known as Pes cavus or cavus foot is one of the most common foot problems. It is a structural foot abnormality wherein the curved part of the foot arch that runs from the heel to the toe is very high. When the arched middle part, or the gap between the underside of the foot and the ground is more, the amount of pressure exerted on the instep as well as the metatarsal bones is more, and that affects the stability of the ankles in an adverse manner. It also leads to poor shock absorption.

The ball and heel of feet are burdened more while walking, standing or running. Though this condition might be inherited, at times, an excessively raised arch could also be attributed to neurological conditions. Well, whatever be the cause of high arched feet, the symptoms can be quite distressing. One might experience severe foot pain due to this condition. The best way to manage the symptoms of high arched feet is to use orthotic insoles. You can either buy the best shoes for high arches or insert good quality custom-made insoles for high arches in your shoes. This will certainly help in managing the symptoms of this foot condition.

High Arched Feet
Unlike flat feet or fallen arches, where there is hardly any gap between the underside of the feet and the ground, there is a wide gap between the underside of the feet and the ground in case of high arched feet. When a person affected by this condition walks, stands or runs, the heel generally tilts inwards. This makes the foot unstable and makes one susceptible to ankle sprains. One might experience stiffness, pain and tenderness along the arch while walking. Those who develop high arches due to neurological conditions might suffer from foot drop. Since the neurological condition causes the foot muscles to weaken, such people start dragging their feet while walking. Those who have high arched feet are also at an increased risk of developing hammer toes, claw toes and calluses. One might also suffer from knee pain or calf pain due to this condition. The best way to ease the pain is to use the best insoles.

Insoles and Cushion Inserts

Best Insoles for High Arched Feet
Orthotic insoles, are basically foot supports, that facilitate better shock absorption and even distribution of weight. Thus, they take the immense pressure off the soft tissues as well as the tarsal bones that are present in the mid foot. If you have been thinking of buying insoles, you might have already come across various brands. Well, the manufacturers will naturally make tall claims about their product to be the best. That leaves one feeling quite confused. If you can't make up your mind, you could consult a doctor or a podiatrist.

Some of the brands that offer insoles for flat feet and high arched feet include Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports, Superfeet, Lynco, Sof Sole, Arch Angels and Dr Foot. Spenco Arch Cushions come with proper heel and forefoot cushioning and also help in evenly distributing weight over the entire foot. These can be inserted in casual shoes and running shoes. Many reputed footwear brands have also introduced best running shoes for high arches. So, if you are an athlete, then you can insert insoles in your running shoes. You can also wear custom-made orthopedic shoes if the pain persists even after using insoles.

Cushion Inserts
Cushioned insoles are great for those of you looking for a solution to your foot pain woes. There are insoles out there specifically designed for comfort, sports, pain relief, children, women, men and gel. Each of these serves a purpose and comes down to your foot needs. You can use these insoles for any shoes from your work shoes to your high heels, there is an insole that will fit inside the shoe of your choice. Perhaps you need a more flexible option as you have many shoes that require insoles. You can choose a 3/4 length insole that is removable and can be used ina variety of shoes. Cushioned insoles will help alleviate foot pain and get you back on your feet in no time!

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