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Hair Dryers

Hair Dryers

A hair dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over wet or damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. A hair dryer blows out warm air to dry hair faster and aid in styling it. Countless movies, television shows and commercials have featured a row of women in a salon, hair in curlers, sitting under dryers and reading magazines. When the hair came out of the curlers, it required only combing to style. A hair dryer is a necessity for the daily grooming of your hair. It helps you get the desired style on your hair. If you have the skill, you can straighten or curl up your hair with the same hair dryer. Though your skill carries a lot of importance in styling of your hair, yet using a right hair dryer is equally important.

It is essential for hairdryer users to understand each different type in order to select the one that suits them the best. Due to the advanced technology used in modern hairdryers, the blow dryers of yesterday have become obsolete. The new and improved hairdryers of today use technology that have significantly reduced the overall time it takes to dry hair, after using the hairdryer the hair feels much more soft and smooth.

Hair Dryers

Here are some of the different types of hair dryers:
1. Traditional hairdryers or blow dryers include the same products which were also in use three generations ago. Although the outlook of the hairdryer now made is different from the traditional blow dryer, the internal parts of the hairdryer are similar to those of the blow dryer. The parts include a metal coil that produces heat and an electric motor which passes the hot air out of the nozzle of the dryer. But the results of traditional hairdryers were not the best ones; they left hair frizzy and rough because they couldn't dry hair evenly and thoroughly.

2. Ionic Hairdryers- Use the new technology of negative ions, which lock in the natural moisture of hair. It produces hair that is glossy, healthy and thick. With the use of negative ions, the drying time of the hair is also significantly reduced.

3. Ceramic Hairdryers- have solved the problem of uneven heating, as a ceramic hairdryer evenly and thoroughly dries hair. They also have the smart technology of reducing temperature when it gets too high. In order to achieve this, generally ceramic hairdryers have more than one heat setting. They can cost more, but it's well worth it to care for hair properly.

4. Tourmaline Hairdryers- are manufactured using tourmaline which is a mineral that gives out a large number of negative ions if warmed, the production of negative ions is far greater than that of a ceramic hairdryer. Tourmaline is used in other types of hairdryers as well, which clearly ranks it as the best one.

Choosing a hairdryer which suits an individual's hair the most is very vital because not all types of hairdryers suit everyone. When buying a hairdryer, user should always go for quality because a person's hair is very important and there should be no compromising when it comes to hair.

Choose the Best Hair Dryer
Many experts would consider a good hairdryer to be one with a high wattage, since it will typically put out more heat than hair dryers with low wattage. When choosing a good hair dryer, however, consider one with varying heat and speed levels, as well as a cold shot button. Good hair dryers will also usually come with a couple attachments, and they will usually be very lightweight. Newer ionic hair dryers may cause less frizz and flyaway hair, but they are usually more expensive than regular hair dryers. Wattage should be one of the first things to consider when searching for a good hair dryer. The higher the wattage of a hair dryer, the more heat it will put out. This will usually result in a fast drying time. Most experts recommend that most people, especially those with very thick hair, invest in a hair dryer with at least 1,800 watts.

A good hair dryer will also have a number of settings and adjustments. Users should be able to adjust the temperature of the air flowing from the hair dryer, for instance. The speed of the air flowing out of the dryer should be adjustable as well. Cold shot, or cool shot, buttons cause the hair dryers to blow just cool or room-temperature air. Most hair-care experts agree any good hair dryer should have a cool shot button. Not only is the burst of cool air better for the hair, but it also helps reduce frizz and hold a hair style. Depending on their hair type, some individuals will argue that a good hair dryer should come with a couple attachments. A diffuser attachment, for instance, is excellent for curly hair since it helps prevent frizzy curls. Airflow concentrators are narrow hair dryer attachments that are useful for straight hair.
People with very long or thick hair will often get tired of holding a heavy hair dryer. For these people, a good hair dryer will also be very lightweight. Hair dryers designed for professional use are usually more lightweight than standard hair dryers, although they will also often be more expensive. Along with lightweight hair dryers, professional hair stylists may also prefer ionic hair dryers. Standard hair dryers typically blow positive ions toward the hair, which can cause the hair cuticle to open up, resulting in frizz. An ionic hair dryer, on the other hand, is designed to blow negative ions toward the hair, which can help prevent less frizz and static electricity.

Hair Dryers

Each person's idea of a good hairdryer will usually depend on her specific wants and needs. While professional hair dryers may seem superior, they may also can be expensive. Most users will find that many standard hair dryers will generally suit their personal needs, as well as their budgets.

Features of the Best Hair Dryer
1. Nozzle: You will find hair dryers both with and without a nozzle. The one with nozzle focuses flow of air onto the hair. On the other hand, the hair dryer without a nozzle disperses the flow of air instead of concentrating it in one direction.

2. Setting: The best hair dryer for anyone must have minimum two settings. A cold or cool setting hair dryer will suit fine, thin, damaged or fragile hair. A heat setting hair dryer will suit thick hair.

3. Power: The hair dryers available in the market will range from 600 watts to 2, 000 watts. To make a decision to go for a hair dryer with low or high power, you need to know which type will better suit your hair type. If your hair is fine, thin or damaged, you need to use a hair dryer with power between 1, 200 and 1, 500 watts of air speed. Such a hair dryer is also suitable for if you have fragile curly hair. In case, your hair is medium straight and is neither fine or damaged, you can go literally for any range of power. Lastly, if your hair is thick and wavy and takes time to dry, then you need to have a hair dryer with 1, 875 watts.

4. Speed of Air Flow: You need to go for a low speed hair dryer if your hair is soft, fine and damaged. You need to use a high speed hair dryer if your hair is thick, coarse and takes long to get dried. A point worth mentioning here is that if a hair dryer is equipped with a flat or round brush to form a particular style with hair, you should go for a low speed one. This is because, the higher the watts of air flow, the faster is the speed of drying. As a result, the drying process involves higher risk of over blowing of the hair.

5. Diffuser: Diffusers assist the setting up of curly or wavy hair. A hair dryer with a diffuser makes use of the diffused air flow to help the hair strands acquire a natural shape. They are additional attachments which come in either short or long finger designs. A long finger diffuser is the one which appears to be elongated for lifting and separating hair strands.

6. Ionic Technology for Frizz Free Hair: You may find hair dryers equipped with double-port ionic features. They emit negative ions to neutralize positive ions. Because of this, such hair dryers promote shiny and healthy hair. Though ionic infused hair dryers generate frizz-free, static free, soft and shiny strands, yet they may cause flattering of the hair.

Features of a Cordless Hair Dryer
1. Portability: Portability is undoubtedly the most sought after feature of a cordless hair dryer. Since, it does not depend upon an electric socket for its functioning, you can pretty much use it anywhere you like. You can simply pack it in your gym back and use it to blow dry hair after a workout. You can also carry it in your office bag, if you intend to go for a party after work. You can also pack your cordless dryer while on a vacation. They are also available in their wall mounted versions. This allows you to save a lot of space in your dresser or bathroom.

2. Battery Operated Hair Dryer: It comes as a rechargeable devices. It is operated on a rechargeable battery. Thus, when the battery gets exhausted, you can simply plug it in an electric socket and charge it. This alleviates any need for a continuous supply of electric current or electric socket for that matter.

3. Lightweight: It is not as bulky as a hair dryer with a cord. This allows you a lot of comfort while using it. Besides, there is no long cord to come in your way. Its lightweight also offers you better maneuvering while directing the airflow at your hair.

4. Settings: They are the best hair dryers as they come with several advance settings such as temperature control, variable apertures for airflow, etc. Although, it is true that cordless hair dryers take some time to achieve their maximum heating capacity, there are some which may attain it in 60 seconds. The settings for a hair dryer vary according to their brand.

5. Safety: Cordless hair dryers are a lot safer than the ones with cord. Since, your hair cannot come in direct contact with the live current, the risk of injuries due to shock is alleviated. There have been incidences where people have sustained injuries due to hair dryer coming in contact with wet hair.

6. Dual Volt Hair Dryer: Usually hair dryers are set at a standard voltage of 220 volts or 110 volts. In US, the standard voltage for hair dryers is 220, while hair dryers in other countries operate on a lower voltage of 110 volts. Thus, if you are required to carry your hair dryer to some other country, then it wouldn't function. However, this problem is solved by the use of dual volt cordless hair dryer. This hair dryer is designed to work on both these voltages. Thus, you won't face any problem while using it overseas.

Regardless of the kind of hair dryer you choose, look for one with multiple speed and heat settings for the most flexibility in how you dry your hair. Attachments for the end that allow a focused blast of air or a diffused one will also turn your hair dryer into a more multi-purpose machine. If you have curly hair, look for a diffuser dryer or one with a diffuser attachment. This allows the air to be spread over a wider space, and can help keep your curls from flattening or frizzing.

Blow-drying your hair has many benefits. It gives you the freedom to style your hair without going to the salon. It also makes your hair manageable throughout the day; but if you plan to blow-dry your hair daily, pick the best among the professional hair dryers in the market. Choose the one that will not damage your hair. Remember, heat can get your hair into so much trouble. In addition, since you will be taking charge of your hair every day, you have to learn how to care of it. Invest in good protective hair products to avoid the heat from frying your hair.

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