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Best Electric Razors For Men and Women

Best Electric Razors For Men and Women

An electric razor, also called an electric shaver, is a device used to remove hair from a person’s face, head, or body. Unlike other razors that typically consist of only a blade or two inside of a safety casing, electric razors are run by motors. They usually have compartments into which users place batteries to run the motor; some are even rechargeable. There are some electric razors that plug in instead of using batteries, but these are less common. Electric razors make it possible for a person to shave without water. This is often referred to as shaving dry. When a person uses an electric razor, he rolls the cutting area over his skin, with the shaver turned on. As the electric razor moves over the skin’s surface, it forces the hair up and above the skin, making it easier to cut.

Perhaps the best thing about one of these razors is there’s less chance of injury. It is virtually impossible to cut the skin with an electric razor. Sometimes, however, shavers that are low on energy or clogged with debris can accidentally pull longer hairs out instead of cutting them. This can be painful, but doesn’t usually leave any visible injury. Some electric razors are even designed for safe use in the shower. Compared to the traditional razor blade, electric razors really are just about as effective. The only drawback is that blades aren't as readily replaceable but with most electric shavers featuring self-sharpening technology, you can go for months without needing to change your blade because they stay razor sharp for as long as possible.

Electric Razors

While electric razors can be safer and are often considered more convenient than manual razors, they do present some disadvantages. First, they typically do not deliver as close a shave as manual razors do. Next they may have to be cleaned on a regular basis, and sometimes they break. Additionally, those that are not rechargeable require a continuing investment in batteries. A person can opt for rechargeable batteries to save money, however. The great thing about electric shavers is that they're really small and compact. Many also battery powered. While it's true there are countless large 'rotary' models that look like an MC's microphone - there are also smaller, more compact foil based shavers that get the job done just as quickly. Generally speaking, the larger models tend to do just about everything. From trimming your sideburns to your nasal hairs, there are shavers that can even moisturize your skin at the same time!

Types of Electric Razors
There are two major types of electric razors for women - foil razor and rotary razor. A foil electric shaver consists of metal bands set in layers, that capture each hair before shaving out the length of that hair. When the captured hair are chopped off, the leftover hair are shrunk back below the skin. The rotary electric razor for women consists of a round blade, which have blades on inner as well as outer sides of the blade.

A rotary electric razor for women is best suited for longer skin hair in women. Electric razors need to be charged before using them. The charging takes about one or two hours and the operating time per charging is about 30 to 50 minutes. In some razors, the recharging time could extend till 8 hours too. But in these razors, the operating time will also be higher than the usual razors. Some electric razors have a battery indicator too. Few electric razors are also available with water-resistance and a quick charge mode.

How To Choose The Right Electric Shaver
Shaving everyday can be an agonizing task for those who have a sensitive skin that tends to irritate upon shaving. Electric razor can be a great option for such people, as it does not come too close to your skin, thereby protecting it from cuts and bruises. However, not every electric razor available in the market can suit your sensitive skin. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your needs before buying one.

1. Purpose of Shaving
Depending upon your purpose of shaving, you will have to choose from foil blade razor or rotary blade razor. Foil blade razor is most suited for people who shave everyday and have a sensitive skin. It consists of a thin metal foil which prevents the cutter from coming directly in contact with the skin. This prevents any damage to the sensitive skin. However, it is not recommended for cutting long hair. On the other hand, rotary blades have spinning discs that are equipped with floating heads which adjust to your facial contours and give you spectacular results. It can efficiently trim long hair. Foil blade razor and rotary blade razor have quite a few variations depending upon the number of foils and heads respectively.

2. Close shave
The first electric razor was invented by Jacob Schick in 1928, as a way for men to be able to shave on the go, whether or not there was water available. Nowadays electronic shavers come in two kinds - foil and rotary. Both are suitable for a good shave. But keep a few pointers in mind while making your choice.

3. Skin & hair type
If your growth is on the thinner side, a foil razor is fine for you. If however, you have problematic skin and a thicker growth, a rotary electric shaver is better. Either way, if you're planning to switch from a blade razor, give your skin 2-3 weeks to adjust, before you make a final choice. A lot of electrical shavers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so take advantage of that.

4 Travel light
If you're planning on doing a lot of traveling and need to carry your razor with you, look for a battery-powered one (as opposed to one with a cord) that comes in its own pouch and can give you up to seven shaves when fully charged. Also, to save power, look for one that you can keep switched off when not in use and that comes with a warning light if the charge is low.

5. Mobility
Mobility of the electric razor is an important factor for the ease of shaving. Plug-in or cordless electric razors offer maximum mobility along with better results. Battery powered electric razors also provide good mobility, but as mentioned before, their usage should be confined for travel purpose only. Corded shavers impede the mobility as their cord tends to get in between.

6. Budget and brand
If you're comfortable using a certain brand, and are familiar with it for a number of years, see if the same brand has electric shaving machines. These devices started out at $25 when they were launched, and while you can still get some cheap, don't compromise on quality. You don't want to land up with a nasty skin infection from cuts.

7. Wet or dry
Electric shavers can come as wet, dry or a combination of both. Dry shavers are better if you're going to be constantly on the go, while a wet one needs water as well as shaving gel/foam. If you're going to be shaving in the shower, look for a waterproof one.

8. Lotion Dispenser
Some electric razors come with a lotion dispenser, which makes the hair soft so as to produce desired results. This can be a useful feature for sensitive skin, which needs to be moisturized and protected. However, lotion dispenser may clog the electric shaver, making it difficult to clean.

9. Speed first
Super-speedy electric shavers run at around 14,000 cycles per second and feature two or more motors in the head. An electric shaver of around 10,000 cycles should also do nicely, even for thick growth.

10. Ease of Cleaning
Cleaning is very important while using electric razor. Sensitive skin is very prone to infections due to unhygienic conditions. Therefore, one must clean their electric shaver after every usage or at least after every 2 - 3 usages. Depending upon the type, its ease of cleaning may differ. Foil blade razors are easier to clean than rotary blade razors, however, the thin foil must be protected while cleaning.

How to Shave with an Electric Razor?
It is best instructed to wash your face before using electric shaver to get the pleasure of closer, smoother and convenient shave. The warm water is necessary to open the pores of your skin and make it soften to resume shaving process in a very convenient and comfortable way. You can also use pre shaving cleansers to increase the smoothness of your skin and then with your best selected electric razor you will have closer, smoother and cleaner shave. If you start shaving right after taking a bath will also increase the smoothness of your skin and you will enjoy much closer and best shave with an electric shaver of your choice.

People interested in using electric shaver for the first time will ask this query how to shave with an electric shaver if they have never used it before. When you are using it for the first time, make sure you make your skin soft first and then you can use the electric razor after enjoying closer and smoother shave. Electric razors can be used in dry and wet facial conditions depending on the technical features of the razors. You can even use shaving cream, water and other face cleansing products while shaving with your best selected electric shaver.

Electric Razors

When you are using the electric shaver for the first time, it is necessary to consult carefully about the manufacturer instructions if you want to use anything with your electric razor. Because it can be quite dangerous and irritating if you use shaving cream or water with electric shaver which is not compatible with such features. But one thing is very clear about electric shaver that they are free from all types of facial cuts and irritation and you will enjoy smother and closer shave. If you apply pre-shave lotion and shaving cream, it will be helpful in removing the excessive oil from your face for a closer and cleaner shave.

Everybody have different shaving techniques and you may have your own. Adopt a shaving technique that best works for you as you have already used manual razor which is manufactured with less consistency and sustainability in making your shaving process convenient. Some men believe that shaving against growth hair can be helpful in promoting a closer shave but some feel irritation when shaving under such conditions. Skin types vary greatly and electric razors are designed and manufactured considering different people in mind who want to have closer and convenient shave.

Electric razors have revolutionized the shaving process and you may know well how to shave with electric razor after carefully reading all the given instructions from the manufacturer side. After making shave with your electric shaver you will automatically learn the technique how to get the best shaves smoothly and closely after using electric shaver at second or third shave.

You can also apply aftershave lotion or moisturizer when you have completed your shave with electric shaver. You can also use products that are very helpful in reducing your hair growth for long lasting smoothness. From your favorite cologne brand, you will also be interested in buying best after-shave lotion to increase the smoothness and effectiveness of your skin after doing shave with an electric shaver.

Tips Before Buying an Electric Razor
• Always opt for a cordless electric razor and check out the ratings of an electric razor for women. The higher the ratings, the better the performance.
• Watch out for extra features like battery indicator, LCD displays, pivoting heads for body contours, water-resistance, and moisturizer dispenser.
• Look for what is included in your electric razor. Some razors include extra batteries, extra chargers, traveling kits and cleaning tools.
• Always trust a renowned brand. After all, you wouldn't want to play with your skin's safety in an attempt to get rid of body hair!

Some important precautions which should be remember when using Electric razors- it should not be used in a wet region. The possibility of electrocution is really high as they're electric-powered so it is better to use it in a dry area. Electric shavers are also of distinct kinds that's dry, wet, or each. Dry shavers are mostly for the individuals who are each and every time in hurry or who often travel from 1 location to other as these don't need water or gel and on the other hand, wet shavers work only with water or shave gel. Electric shavers are also obtainable as rechargeable, battery powered, or each. You can carry battery powered Electric shaver anyplace you go and it can be utilized without the batteries also.

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