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Hair Removal Products

Hair Removal Products

Body hair is a nuisance. Radiant, hair-free skin is cherished by both men and women alike. The only solution is to remove hair from the body, or at least from the exposed parts like hands, legs, face and neck. A hairy armpit, upper lip, arms, toes, legs and face lose their charm and attraction. As per the latest trend, it is considered to be of bad taste, weird, and at times downright nasty to sport body hair. Especially facial hair is a big No No! It is also preferable to keep the bikini line clean for that super-dashing look, especially when you are holidaying at the beach.

Best Facial Hair Removal Product for Women
Facial hair are by far the most annoying hair that you would want to get rid of completely and permanently. Moreover, they are impossible to hide underneath the layers of clothing, hence removing them becomes a must. Of all the facial hair depilatories available to you, we would recommended threading or waxing as the best way to remove facial hair. Waxing works well if you have excessive facial hair on chin, cheeks or have very bushy eyebrows. Threading is recommended for most women who only need to clean-up their eyebrows or remove a few strands of hair from chin. If you only wish to remove a few random hair here and there, then a pair of tweezers can do the job just as fine as any other hair removal product for women. Shaving facial hair is not recommended as it leads to coarse hair growth, which I believe is the last thing you want. Permanent solutions of hair removal can be considered if you wish to take care of the problem once and for all.

Best Product to Use at Home

Most women choose to get rid of unwanted body hair in the confines of their own home. Shaving is the most preferred method of hair removal at home. It is quick, less messy and most inexpensive hair removal technique. However, shaving is only recommended for removing hair from larger areas like legs and arms. Hair removal on sensitive areas such as armpits and bikini line should be done with great caution. Always use a good quality razor meant for women only. Similarly, invest in shaving foam or gel, so that risk of cuts is minimized. Replace your razor regularly.

Epilators are also a good hair removal product for home use. Since, they uproot the hair completely, the hair that grows back is similar to the original one. Unlike shaving, it does not cause problems such as coarse hair, ingrown hair and razor bumps. Epilators are easy to work with and can be used for sensitive areas such as armpits. Although, the initial investment is high, this product may last for years. Besides, hair removal creams and lotions are just as effective. However, pigmentation and darkening of skin are some problems associated with prolonged use of hair removal creams. Hence always use the best hair removal cream according to your skin type.

Hair Remover Products

Types of Hair Removal Products
1. Hair Removal Creams: These chemical depilatories have calcium thioglycolate or barium sulfide as their main ingredient. They react with the protein structure of the hair. This results in the dissolution of hair. This method is absolutely pain-free. The effect lasts for around two weeks and then the hair starts growing again. Depilatories to remove facial hair come with special formulations. Hair removal creams are the most sought-after hair removal product in the market. These are not only easily available, but also ready to use. Follow the guidelines that come with the product to get fairer and smoother skin.

Like all other skin creams, depilatories too undergo a certain set of dermatological tests before they are approved for use. However, you should be careful while buying one, as continuous use over a long period of time can have side effects such as darkened skin, allergies and rashes. There are a number of points that should be kept in mind before selecting a hair removal product.

Enquire about the most popular brand.
• Scrutinize the ingredients of the cream and make sure that you are not allergic to any of them.
• It is always advisable to opt for products that are made from 100% natural ingredients as these promise and deliver the best results and least side effects.
• Do perform a patch test. Even after you have chosen the best depilatory, a patch test is a must. It provides the assurance that it is safe for your skin, and would not cause any harm.

2. Eflornithine Creams: Ornithine decarboxylase is an enzyme present in the human skin. It stimulates hair growth. Eflornithine creams block ornithine decarboxylase. In its absence, metabolic activity in the hair follicle retards and hair grows slowly.

Eflornithine is not a depilatory or a hair remover. It only decreases the rate of hair growth. It does not give instant results; it takes around four weeks, or at times even longer, for the results to be visible. It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is safe to remove facial hair. It is available only on prescription by a dermatologist. Eflornithine creams are the best facial hair removal products available.

3. Razors: A razor is a hair removal product. Most men use it to shave facial hair. Nowadays, women also prefer to use it due to its convenience and low cost, along with the added advantage of it being pain-free. It should be used with care as the sharp edges of the blade can cause deep wounds. Care must also be taken to restrict the use to only the owner of the razor, as germs can be transmitted through razors that are used by multiple people.

4. Wax: Despite being painful, waxing is preferred by many women to remove hair because it makes skin smooth and soft and has relatively longer-lasting effects on hair growth. Waxes made from honey and waxing strips are widely available in the market. It is very simple and easy to use. Apply wax in the direction of the hair growth, cover it with the wax strip so that it sticks to the wax, then pull it out in the opposite direction of hair growth, in one go. You will feel a sudden pain which will subside soon. Relax for a few moments, and then perform it again on another area of the skin. Waxing leaves the skin dry. So, it is good to apply a moisturizing lotion afterward.

5. Permanent Hair Removal: Generally, there is always a wide variety of hair removal products for men and women available in the market. All of these hair removal products are very commonly used, but share a common problem of being effective only for a short period of time - not more than 3 to 4 weeks - after which the hair begins to reappear. To maintain soft, smooth and hair-free skin, the depilatories or razors are needed again. Buying them every month for several years can actually cost even more than a BMW!

Thus, looking for a permanent solution will, on the whole, be a lot more economical and hassle-free. This can be achieved with the help of laser technology. Laser hair removal works by sending energy into the pigment of the hair shaft. This energy is absorbed by the hair follicle. The follicle gets damaged by the heat produced during the process and hair production stops.

There are different hair removal creams for different body parts like the upper lip, arms, legs, underarms, bikini area, etc. The reason behind this is the different type of skin texture and sensitivity of the skin on different parts of the body.

The first and foremost step to choosing a depilatory cream i.e. hair removal cream, is to know your skin type and the body part on which you want to use the cream. Hair removal creams not only come in different variants for different skin types but are also categorized into hair removal cream for men and hair removal cream for women.

Coming to the importance of skin type, the function of the hair removal cream for the limbs is different than a facial hair removal cream. This is because the facial skin is much more sensitive and prone to damage as compared to the skin of rest of the body parts. Another example of the importance of the body part you want to use the hair removal cream on is the pubic region, i.e. pubic hair removal. The hair on the pubic region is there for a purpose, which is to protect the sensitive area.

Be it any type of skin, you should go for a hair removal cream that gives you the pH balance to your skin and also offers moisturizing. Epilation is a process which dries the skin. Ingredients responsible for depilation tend to cause burning sensation. However this sensation is not due to burning of the hair follicles as in the case of laser hair removal.

Hair Remover Products

In all depilatory creams you will find instructions saying the same that if you experience tingling or smarting sensation, it is not to be used and the product should be rinsed off immediately. This is because of the damaging effect of the hair removal creams on your skin. Many creams are known to darken the skin over a period of time. This is because of components like the variants of thioglycolate (calcium, sodium); which is acidic in nature, hydroquinone, etc. in the creams that temporarily whiten the skin, basically, functions as a bleach.

Types of hair which is present on our body.
1. Vellus Hair: Hair which is fine, short and barely noticed in comparison to terminal hair is called vellus hair and it is not affected by hormones. It is seen mostly in women and children.

2. Terminal Hair: Terminal hair is coarse, thick, dark and long. This type of hair is mostly seen on the face, chest, abdomen, legs, arm and feet of males and is affected by hormones.

3. Lanugo Hair: It is basically fetal hair and begins to grow after three months of the baby's conception. The soft and fine hair grows all over the baby's body and also at the same rate. Babies who are born prematurely have soft hair. These are shed about four weeks before the baby is due.

4. Hirsutism: Sometimes women suffer from excessive hair growth which is similar to the male pattern of hair growth like the mustache and the beard. The hair is thicker than usual on the limbs. It may occur due to the polycystic ovary syndrome or due to certain medications.

Techniques to Remove Facial Hair
There are many methods to get rid of facial hair. The easiest way is to apply a cream based product that ensures quick removal of facial hair. The techniques for removing facial hair will be explained briefly.

1. Shaving: It is the cheapest and by far, the easiest way to remove hair from body. You can do shaving on your own and need not visit a salon. Your shaving kit must have a razor, a shaving cream/shower gel and a hot running shower. But body hair removal through shaving is not long-lasting, let alone permanent. Hair grows back within hours and prolonged shaving may make your hair rough and coarse.

2. Waxing: Though, waxing is one of the most painful methods, some women swear by it. One of the many advantages of waxing is that it slows down the process of hair regrowth and also helps in removing dead skin cells. It takes 3 to 8 weeks for hair to grow back. In this procedure, heated wax is applied on an unwanted patch of hair, then a soft cloth is placed over the area and is yanked off in the opposite direction. Be careful not to overheat the wax or you may burn yourself badly. Removing body hair through waxing requires hair to be 1/8 of an inch long to get the maximum effect.

3. Depilatory Creams: It is also one of the quickest and the cheapest methods to remove body hair. These creams contain chemicals which have alkali and they burn the protein structure of the hair. Here also, hair needs to be of certain length to get the maximum effect and lasts up to 7 days. But depilatory creams may also induce third degree burns and skin rashes.

4. Electrolysis: If you want to remove body hair permanently, electrolysis might be a good option for you. But electrolysis is very expensive and may require a number of sittings. The process involves a combination of heat and electricity that destroys hair follicles.

5. Laser: It is another permanent hair removal procedure. Many women reported that up to 80% of their hair disappeared after two visits which proves that it is quite effective. But laser hair removal is also pretty expensive and painful and may require a series of treatments.

These are a few regular procedures to remove body hair. Some of the unconventional methods are:
1. Threading - If you want to shape your eyebrows and remove some of the unwanted hair in your upper lip or chin area, you can go for threading. Even the smallest and the thinnest of hair are removed by it but it is quite painful.

2. Bleaching - It is not exactly a hair removal method but helps to make the hair less noticeable. The process involves applying a chemical in the desired area to remove pigmentation.

3. Plucking - A pair of tweezers is required for the purpose. It is quite effective but can be very time-consuming.

4. Sugar Waxing - It is similar to the process involving heated wax with the exception that here a caramel-like substance is spread on the skin. This sugary substance is also easier to rinse off in water.

The process of removing hair from one's face can be painful and expensive so a woman needs to take care in finding an appropriate method for herself. When choosing laser or electrolysis she needs to take care to look for a professional who follows a high standard and who is well-known for good results on other clients.

Regular use of hair removal products can lessen hair growth, and lead to softened hair. However, a number of people have reported that regular use of hair removal creams and razors have darkened their skin. Thus, it is always safer to opt for waxing. Though painful, the benefits are worth it as it exfoliates dead skin cells and gives the skin a fairer look.

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