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Mens Hair Re-Growth

Mens Hair Re-Growth

Hair loss in males is a fairly common phenomenon. Though most men begin to lose hair when they touch the middle-age bracket, there are some for whom the condition might set in much earlier. This can not only be embarrassing, but also an indicator of other health problems. Males usually develop a receding hairline, which develops into the typical ‘M’ shape as they begin to lose hair from the lateral sides of the forehead. At the same time, a progressive bald patch develops on the crown of the head. When these two areas join, they leave the remaining hair in a horseshoe-shaped area.

Male hair loss occurs when the hair follicles shrink and produce increasingly finer hair. Finally, they yield no hair at all. The causes can range from genetic predisposition to changes in the levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Though it is also marginally present in females, testosterone determines the physical differences between men and women – including the degree of ‘hairiness’. For instance, an excess of it can cause an abnormality termed ‘hirsutism’, or abnormally prolific hair growth.

Close to 65% of males suffer from hair loss to some degree or the other. For those who do, it may have more serious ramifications than merely cosmetic ones. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School linked it to a higher incidence of heart disease. The study proposed that male hair loss on the front of the head indicates a 9% increase in such a risk, while hair loss on the crown indicates a risk factor as high as 23%. The options for treating male hair loss are presently limited to the use of oral finasteride, topical application of minoxidil, natural hair transplants, and the like.

Common Causes
• Illness - If a person is suffering from an illness or a medical condition like diabetes, thyroid problem, kidney problem or even polycystic ovary syndrome, there will be an increased hair loss.
• Medications - The side effects of certain medications like those for acne and cancer lead to hair loss. Diet pills can also lead to hair loss.
• Styling and Other Such Treatments - Continuous exposure to styling products and treatments such as perming, straightening and coloring can lead to hair loss.
• Bad Diet - A bad or poor diet can lead to hair loss. This is because the body does not get sufficient nourishment which obstructs hair growth.
• Interference in Hair Growth Cycle - When the body goes through some major change like childbirth, taking anesthesia or surgery, the hair growth cycle gets altered and can lead to hair loss.

Although hair loss is one of the signs of aging, and people who can carry it off well look good even if bald. But the major area of concern is hair loss at a young age, which definitely is not desirable. There are various causes that lead to early hair loss among men. Sometimes, it is a hereditary thing that leads to hair loss. Other causes would be your hectic schedule, work pressures, worries, hormonal changes, ignoring hair care, and lot of other things. In general, losing around 100 - 200 strands per day is normal, but anything beyond that should draw attention towards that problem. Thankfully, there are infinite ways to replace the gone hair, ranging from natural remedies to hair transplants.

Mens Hair Re-Growth

Hair thinning, damage and loss are conditions that can occur in both men and women for a variety of reasons such as over-processing, illness, hormones, hereditary conditions, and aging. There are, however, many different methods of natural hair restoration that are available to treat this common problem with varying degrees of success. These natural remedies include vitamin and herbal supplements, dietary modifications, shampoos, conditioners, oils, sprays, massage and other scalp treatments, all of which are designed to improve health and stimulate hair re-growth. Given below are a few hair loss solutions for men, so choose amongst the following that suits you the best.

There is a list of vitamins that considerably play an important role in hair loss treatment.
1. Vitamin A: This antioxidant is what helps in the secretion of healthy sebum in the scalp. Meat, dairy products, veggies like carrots, cabbage, spinach, fruits like peaches, apricots and fish liver oil are sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A administers the flow of retinoic acid(integral for growth and development of the body) in the hair follicle and is also present in many hair care products.

2. Vitamin B3 (Niacin): This is another vitamin that helps in scalp circulation. It is found in wheat germ, brewer's yeast, meat and poultry.

3. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid): Also known as calcium pantothenate this vitamin is important for growth and health of hair. It is chiefly found in egg yolk, milk, liver, kidney and potatoes.

4. Vitamin B6: Important for the production of melanin, this vitamin ensures that hair looks and stays healthy. It is found in whole grain cereals, egg yolk and organ meats, but if taken in large quantities it leads to numbness in the limbs.

5. Vitamin B12: This vitamin - found in fish, milk, eggs and chicken - helps in prevention of hair loss. B12 in itself is a part of the hair. B12 is chiefly present in non vegetarian food and vegans are especially deprived of B12 resulting in deficiency.

6. Vitamin C: For healthy hair, the vitamin C is integral. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and strawberries are the most common source for vitamin C. Other sources are potatoes, green peppers and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin C absorbs the iron content in our body and an average daily intake of vitamin C should be up to 2500 mg.

7. Vitamin D: Intake of vitamin D prevents hair loss effectively. It strengthens the cells along the hair shaft making it firm. Vitamin D is also dubbed as the sunshine vitamin, a large source of which is effected by sunlight. Vitamin D in food include dairy products, dark leafy vegetables and oil-rich seafood.

8. Vitamin E: This vitamin increases blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn promotes hair growth. Raw seeds, cold-pressed  vegetable oils, wheat germ oil, nuts and green leafy vegetables are a great source for natural vitamin E. It stimulates the hair follicles and increases the capillaries in the body.

9. Biotin: Commonly known as vitamin H, this vitamin prevents hair from graying and falling. Whole grains, liver, milk and rice are where it is commonly found.

10. Folic Acid: Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is a water-soluble component naturally found in the water content of food. Folic acids help increase the RBC count and production of DNA. Food sources include citrus juices, pork, green leafy vegetables and liver.

11. Zinc: Those suffering from zinc deficiency will often experience a bald patch and scalp disorders, which can be prevented by consuming food rich in zinc like low-fat roast beef, roasted pumpkin, dried watermelon and peanuts. Zinc is a very integral mineral in hair growth as it maintains the oil content in the scalp preventing dandruff and benefits by strengthening and repairing tissues along the scalp.

12. L-Methionine and L-Cysteine: They help in improving growth, quality and texture of hair and stop hair loss. These are easily accessible and can be taken as a part of the diet or as supplements. It is advisable to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before taking any supplements as the overdose of any can be harmful, resulting in side effects.

13. Choline: Choline is a nutrient which coordinates balance of stress. Choline when administered in its essence to bald patients, worked wonders for them. It is B-complex vitamin counterpart and when introduced with Inositol works on stabilizing the cell membranes caused by oxidized cholesterol deposit in the scalp.

Mens Hair Re-Growth

Natural Remedies
Many men swear by natural remedies to treat their hair loss problem, because they are safe, do not cause side effects, and are easily available. Plus, natural remedies are less costlier, and effective as well.

1. Oiling your Hair Daily- Create a mixture of Castor oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil, in equal proportions. To this oil mixture, add nettle root (bright yellow in color). Nettle root is known to regenerate hair growth, and the other ingredients speed up the hair growth process. Warm the oil mixture before applying, as it will help open pores and absorb it quickly.

2. Stress Management- Stress is considered one of the rare causes of hair loss. Practicing yoga or mediation everyday or thrice a week, would restore hormonal balance and boost hair growth.

3. Vitamins- Vitamin A aids the production of sebum in the scalp, that is needed for hair growth, whereas vitamin E regulates blood circulation and simulates the hair follicles productivity. Including vitamin rich foods in your daily diet also works wonders for hair growth.

4. Head Massage- A head massage by a professional, twice a week, can also simulate hair follicle back to life. The professionals actually know various points on your scalp, those when pressed or put through pressure, can regulate blood circulation in that area and encourage hair growth.

5. Hair Care- Following a protein-rich diet, exercising regularly, trimming your hair when required, and getting a hair spa once a month or a head massage, all of it amounts to increase in blood circulation, that results in hair growth.

6. Stop Over Brushing: Brushing, no doubt, promotes hair growth, but over brushing can damage and cause hair loss. Also, one has to use a boar bristle brush for effective blood flow to the scalp.

7. Diet: Poor nutrition is often the primary contributor to hair loss. One of the growing hair faster tips involves switching over to a healthy diet. How can one expect to grow hair back faster by eating junk food. As we all know, hair is made up of proteins, so it is essential to have foods high in proteins on a daily basis. Foods that contain a high amount of proteins are as follows

• Nuts (Almonds)
• Eggs
• Fresh fish
• Chicken

Washing the hair everyday is also not recommended as it can hamper hair growth. Shampooing the hair daily will remove natural oils of the scalp, necessary for proper hair growth. Instead, one should wash hair 2-3 times in a week. Using a herbal shampoo that does not contain any synthetic chemicals would be the best option. Buy natural hair care products that contain aloe vera, jojoba and citrus fruits.

The aforementioned healthy foods coupled with vitamin supplements (B complexes) can also provide shiny lustrous hair. Environmental factors such as air pollution and UV rays can also cause hair loss. So, while traveling in the scorching sun, one should wear a cap or a hat. This is the best way to protect hair from environmental damage. Finding the right solution for hair loss, and more importantly following the treatment religiously, is very important to mask baldness and the hair loss problem.

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