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Hair Mousse and Foam

Hair Mousse and Foam

Many are still unaware of the hair product called mousse. Have you ever wondered how to add volume to your thin locks? If you have always envied your neighbors lovely bounce and volume of locks, you can learn the secret behind it. You too can add volume to your thin mane. How? Mousse is a styling product used for thin locks to add bounce and also for naturally curly locks. It also has certain conditioning properties and is used to safe guard your shafts from sun, harsh winds, pollution, dust, etc. They can help you smoothen tangled locks too. Maintain beautiful tresses by applying a thin film of this product which forms a protective shield. It also helps retain the styling you have created all day long.

Hair mousse is a hairstyling product added to hair for extra volume and shine. It is often dispensed in an aerosol foam spray or in cream form. Hair mousse adds volume to hair and often provides both conditioning and hold, without any clumps or build-up. Hair mousse is purple while in the can and turns an off-white color upon coming in contact with the air. One of the lighter-weight hair styling products, hair mousse is applied to wet hair before drying and styling. Hair mousse may also be referred to as styling foam. Hair mousse can be used on naturally curly or permed hair to reduce frizz and define curl. Hair mousse is a hair styling product that is dispensed in an aerosol foam spray. It adds volume to hair and often provides both conditioning and hold. One of the lighter weight hair styling products, hair mousse is applied to wet hair before drying and styling. It may also be referred to as styling foam.

One way to determine quality hair mousse is by its expansion when dispersed into your palm. If it barely expands into its foam state, but rather remains mostly liquid, try a different brand. You should be able to dispense the product into your palm and have it expand from silver dollar size to about egg size. Quality mousse not only expands well, but is easy to easy to distribute throughout your hair.

Mousse and Foam

Use this product to give your hair volume, control frizz and flyaway, and to provide moderate styling control. If you are looking for strong hold to create molded or sculpted hairstyles, consider using hair gel, pomade, or wax instead. Additionally, if you are extremely conscious of aerosol dispensers and their effect on the environment, you can find lightweight, non-aerosol spray gels for styling that hold as well as hair mousse. Experiment with different brands and you will most likely find one to be a staple favorite.

Hair mousse is the most popular styling product used all over the world. It is used to add volume and shine to your hair. It is an aerosol foam which turns off-white in color after coming in contact with the air. It is the most effective way to add thickness to both, long as well as short hair.

Tips for Using Hair Mousse
After washing your hair, soak up the excess water from your hair and comb your hair. Now, take some hair mousse in your palm and rub your palms together. Apply the mousse in your hair to create volume. If you wish to add fullness to your hair, blow-dry it. On the other hand, you can air-dry your hair if you wish to have a wet-look. In order to apply hair mousse for wavy hair, you can follow the same process mentioned above, but, need to modify it just a little bit. You should apply hair mousse only to the tips of your hair and let it dry naturally.

Hair mousse is used to add volume. Men can use it to make thinning hair look thicker and fuller. Men should remember that it is easier to style and keep the hair in control with shorter hairstyles, than having a long mane. Nowadays, organic hair mousse for sensitive scalp are also available that contains very little chemicals. If you have sensitive scalp, you can apply mousse with a soft brush.

Try these suggestions for achieving hair styles using mousse.
Step 1: Play around with different products. Try more than just one mousse. There is an astounding number of mousse preparations available - for every kind of hair from chemically treated to natural. Experiment with various brands. There are also mousses that do not contain any animal ingredients and have not been through animal testing if you are concerned about animal rights.

Step 2: If you observe someone with hair that seems attractive, inquire what products they use. They will take it as a compliment, because imitation is the most genuine flattery, and they will gladly share their secret. Ideally, this is most effective with others who have hair similar in texture and volume to yours.

Step 3: Using mousse at the base of the hair will give it extra volume. This can be helpful to your hair if it is very thin or fine.

Step 4: To apply mousse:
- Put a little in one hand and then mix it with both of your hands.
- Put it on your hair and style it.
- To help your hair to hold longer, blow dry your hair.

Step 5: To achieve the most volume for hair that is shoulder-length or longer, lightly squeeze your hair dry using a towel. Try to get the mousse to be as close to the base of the hair as you can possibly get. Bend forward while you are hanging your head down. Start from your roots and brush your hair outward and blow dry the hair at the same time.

Step 6: If you have short hair, use mousse again at the base of your hair close to your scalp and brush it from the top to the bottom. For maximum lift and hold, blow dry.

Step 7: Mousse can help you hold the shape of your hairstyle or layers. Apply some mousse into the part of the hair you are working on. Fold the strands across the top of a brush by securing a section of hair with the brush, then rotate it. Using your blow dryer, blow your hair in the direction you prefer it to remain in, in order to secure that position.

Step 8: Vary the products. Experiment with putting mousse on your roots and spritz some gel on the tips or apply mousse to all of your hair when it's wet if you want it to look sleek and "wet". To put it another way, remember it is all about enjoying yourself.

Miscellaneous Tips
• The hair mousse should expand in your palm when dispersed from the tube. This is a test to determine the quality of the product.
• It is highly recommended to apply hair mousse to wet hair (not soaking wet) in order to get the perfect style. It should not be applied in large amounts at the same time.
• You can look for hair mousse that does not contain alcohol, as alcohol tends to make the hair dry and brittle.
• In case of dry hair, you can look for a mousse containing conditioner and oil.

There are many advantages of using hair mousse. You can have an instantaneous and long-lasting hair style, and also a different and trendy look everyday. It is convenient to use and carry. You can go for products with a specific fragrance which will be an added advantage to you.

Mousse and Foam

Right from curling, setting, conditioning, adding bounce, adding shine, making it smooth to maintaining them. It works well with both men and women. If you are planning to hit the pub floor today, just apply a little of add-on glitter mousse and get noticed on the floor. Make sure that you are choosing the right product for different effects. There are products particularly designed for curling effect, for styling etc. Use the curling ones to curl your locks while it is still wet in order to make it stay through out the day. There are some specially produced for conditioning effect, which is used to guard against harsh sun rays, dust and pollution. If you are too worried about your thin tresses, there is a solution now! Add-on volume product is designed for those with thin locks.

1. Curling,
2. Conditioning
3. Setting,
4. Adding shine and smoothness,
5.  Add volume,/
6.Maintaining hair, etc.

There is no harm in applying them every day. You can make your tresses look shiny and healthy. Add this product in your hair care item list and use it when ever you go for parties if you want a different look on special occasions.

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