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Hair Wax

Hair Wax

Hair wax is a hair styling product that is used to define hair into textured pieces or chunks and manipulate hair into multiple hairstyles. Hair wax is a thick, soft hair styling product that usually features beeswax, lanolin, or castor wax as its base. It often also contains vitamin E extract and lavender or mint essential oils to help nourish hair and give it a pleasant scent. Those who prefer using hair wax over gel, mousse, or hairspray often want an alcohol-free product that gives plenty of hold.

Many kinds of hair wax give hair shine and hold without creating stiff clumps or styles that look hard and unnatural. Using hair wax is generally as simple as spreading it onto the fingertips and spreading it through one’s hair. This product, which is very thick and contains some wax, has many names depending on the distributor. Some products go by the names of whip, glue or paste, while others are called putty or pomade. Regardless of the name of the product, they are all texturizers that contain wax and can be considered wax-based hair styling products.

Wax based products are different from water based products like gel and mousse because they don’t “dry.” They can create the same styles and give the same shine as a gel or mousse, but the hair will remain pliable, unlike gels or mousses which cause the hair to be stiff. The flexibility of wax-based hair styling products allows users to fix and restyle their hair throughout the day by just running their fingers through their hair. Because these products don’t have water in them, they don’t wash out easily. Regular users should be reminded to use a good quality clarifying shampoo to get their hair completely clean.

It is best to work with hair wax products on clean hair. These products may be applied on wet or dry hair; however, they work better on dry hair. It is important to not add too much product to the hair at once, because the wax will not come out of the hair without washing it. To define waves and maximize peaks in hair, it is better to add a little at a time until the desired look is reached. The application of the product will differ based on its thickness and packaging. Some hair wax products can be sprayed on, but most are applied with fingertips.

When applying hair wax, hair should be separated into sections with no more than a thumb-size dollop of wax rubbed into each piece of the hair. For a spiky look, the wax must be applied on the strands of the hair one small section at a time. It is also important to remember that different kinds of hair will require different amounts and different types of wax. Hair wax is not recommended to be used on thin or fine hair because it can leave the hair looking greasy and heavy. Textured hairstyles, on both men and women, will work much better with hair wax products.

Hair Gel or Hair Wax
Hair gel and hair wax are both styling products that help hair keep its shape and tame frizz. There are people who swear by each product, saying that either hair gel or hair wax is the only way to go when it comes to styling hair. To decide which product is better, users should examine how each should be used and its short and long-term effects on hair. Those who use hair gel often have problems giving their hair body and may notice that their hair dries out over time. People who use hair wax can only use it on dry hair, but may note that their hair has a pleasant texture and plenty of movement.

Hair wax

Many hair gels contain alcohol, an ingredient that can be very damaging to hair strands. When used over long periods of time, hair gel can cause tresses to become dry and brittle. This often leads to frizz, which then leads to the need for more hair gel. Those who want to use hair gel but don’t want to start this cycle should typically use a deep conditioning treatment on their hair about once a week. Washing the gel out of the hair every day should also help keep hair shiny and soft, rather than stiff and brittle.

The texture of wax is more thick, gummier and malleable than that of gel. Wax often has a white color, and many manufacturers release the product under pomade or paste. Hair gel has a very different texture. It is clear, goopy and feel much more heavier.

Unlike hair gel which contains alcohol, hair wax does not dry hard and therefore and can be more easy to use and sculpt with overall.

The look
Both sculpting products work best on a short haircut. While the wax will give the hair a softer more natural look, the gel gives a more solid hold. However, too much of the gel can give your hair a hard stiffed or "frozen" look while when too much of the wax is used, the hair can look greasy.

Both products are applied onto the hair using the fingers and fingertips. Gel, however, is preferably applied to dry hair while the wax can be used on both damp and dry hair. Gels are good if you want to add some weight to your frizz and wax is best if you want to sculpt some spikes or create a faux hawk.

What people like
Many people prefer wax over gel because it does not give the hair that crunchy or crusty look. Moreover, because wax doesn't dry, it doesn't cracks into flakes and doesn't leave residues like hair gel. But, because hair gel gives a better hold, some people still prefer the use of gel.

Tips for Using Hair Wax
1. Apply hair wax to the fingers correctly. Simply smearing a blob of wax through the hair is likely to create uneven distribution or make hair go flat. Instead, individuals should scoop up a little wax on the fingertips of one hand and cover those fingertips with the other. This warms and softens the wax. Once warm, the user may smear the wax evenly over the fingertips on both hands.

2. The method for using hair wax usually depends on the length and texture of a person’s hair. Men, for instance, typically have relatively short hair. For a neat, professional look, men should gently spread the wax over their fingertips and push their hands straight back through their hair. This gives the strands lift and hold, keeping them neat and tidy throughout the day. Gentlemen looking for a slightly messier look can simply ruffle up a slicked look with their hands, or gently pull up individual strands and let them fall against the scalp at random.

3. Women with short hair may use either of the above techniques to apply hair wax. Another technique involves pushing the fingertips against the scalp, pressing the hair between the fingers and pulling upward. This creates volume that often gives shorter feminine cuts lift and plenty of cuteness. Ladies using this particular technique may want to start at the hairline and work backward.

4. Using hair wax for long hair generally requires a combination of the above techniques. Men and women with long hair should style it before using hair wax.

5. Hair wax should be applied to the crown of the head by pressing the hair between the fingers and pulling upward. More wax may then be distributed through the rest of the hair using a very gentle finger-combing technique. This method usually works well for straight and textured hair, though those with coarse hair may need more wax.

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