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Abba Pure Performance Hair Care

Abba Pure Performance Hair Care

Summers make the hair oil, monsoons make them frizzy and winters make the dry. Season after season hair suffers the most. Knowing your hair type is the first step towards hair care and its improvement. Loving your hair will help you in taking care of them. Ironic, but true, that hair are the dead cells of our body, but it's the biggest thing we fuss over!

Hair care products are substances which have been formulated for use on hair. You may also hear hair care products referred to simply as “products,” especially in beauty salons. There are a number of different types of products designed for hair. A hair care product may be designed to wash, detangle, or smooth hair. Others are developed to keep hair in place, or to address specific problems with hair, such as split ends or dryness. Some are meant for daily use, while others are intended for more infrequent use and hair maintenance.

Abba Hair Care

Abba Hair Care
Abba Pure Performance Hair Care is a sophisticated and thoughtful hair care brand made with plant derived botanicals to create products that truly perform. Abba Hair Care commitment to purity includes a large range of products. Abba was one of the original natural haircare lines - before "natural" became the buzz word it is today. It always had a commitment to purity and we will continue to develop high performance products that are pure and natural. It strive to constantly improve formulas as they learn more about the fusion of science and nature. Abba purity promise means they are committed to provide products that are:

• 100% Vegan
- Gluten
- Synthetic Color Additives
- Parabens
- Phthalates
- Sodium Chloride
- Sulfates

This new ProQuinoa Complex is most strengthening formula yet. It uniquely combines the power of three potent proteins quinoa, barley and soy  renowned for the repair benefits they provide. It include ProQuinoa Complex in all abba products because the synergistic power of nature it provides is unparalleled.

Natural, beautiful hair is only achieved with natural hair care treatment. ABBA hair products are made with body-building botanicals and extracts to give added protection to every hair type. ABBA hair care products are pure and gentle enough to apply on the most delicate hair. ABBA has a variety of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments and holding sprays that each work to add moisture, create volume and repair damage to lifeless hair.

Abba Hair Care

Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo For Cleansing
A natural cleaning solution for restoring moisture to dry, stressed hair and scalp. Yucca and geranium extracts, combined with invigorating wild mint, gently cleanses, hydrates and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz and static.

Abba Pure Basic Hair Conditioner and Shampoo, Duo Pack
Abba Pure Basic Hair Conditioner: A natural treatment created as a daily, light-weight conditioner for all hair types. Energizing herbal ingredients combined with the fresh essence of rosemary and peppermint help add body, shine and softness to your hair while controlling tangles and static electricity.

Abba Pure Basic Hair Shampoo: A natural cleaning solution created as a daily shampoo for all hair types. This pH balanced formula combines coconut, cherry bark, and lavender to pamper and condition your hair while creating renewed body and shine.

Abba pure hair style pomade, Duo pack
Helps protect and hold all hair types without build-up or frizz. The herbal remedy of natural mica crystals and avacado lipids conditions you hair with heat protects, creating a natural style with incredible texture and shine.

Abba Gelsential Maximum Support Styling gel
A styling gel for all hair types. Provides maximum hold, volume, and shine without flaking. Offers heat protection from styling tools.

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